DATE                             06.06.15...... TO ......ERR ......SOMETIME .....OK......WE FORGOT !

DISTANCE                    WE DID LOTS

WEATHER                   NICE AND WARM

START / FINISH          ON A TOP SECRET CAMP SITE  (if we tell you we will have to kill you ...just kidding!)

Something was up .......I knew this the moment we got back from our afternoon walk along the beach , Normally the first thing  Mick does is put the kettle on and make a cup of coffee but today was different ,he made no attempt to make a cup!! …………..strange we all thought…. and huddled together to discuss Mick’s strange behaviour , we was of course in the front window , where we all like to lay down , this is one of our favourite places , we can see and bark at anyone walking past and its nice and warm especially when the sun is out ,Normally  we would all settle down and have a little nap for an hour or so ……after all we are still very small and young but Mick’s behaviour wasn’t right …..Go on Flynn!!!!Said Bob &Munchy you’re the oldest so go and ask Mick what’s happening, ok I said and left my warm comfy spot in the window and walked into the kitchen to speak to Mick ……..err Mick what’s going on I barked , nothing said Mick nothing at all , why don’t you go back and have a little snooze , ok I barked back ….after all it did sound like a good suggestion and it was nice and warm in the window and I was feeling a bit sleepy naturally Bob and Munchy where fast asleep when I snuggled down between them .

Then before we knew it Yvonne was home, we naturally run to the door to greet her and say hello, now normally she would stop and spend a few minutes talking to us and making a fuss but today she just looked at Mick and said ready, he replied that he was and before we knew what was happening we was led outside and straight into the car. What’s going on I barked …………you see was all the reply we got and before we knew it we was being driven down the road.

This was just to much and so we decided to have a council of war meeting in the back , both Bob & Munchy couldn’t think of any reason why both Mick and Yvonne where behaving differently and all I could think of are we going to the vet’s ???   I don’t mind the vets but sometimes they give us an injection and we really don’t like it so I really hoped it wasn’t that.

It wasn’t long before we stopped, both Mick and Yvonne got out but they didn’t let us out but by standing up and putting our paws on the window we could see out, they where hooking Vicky Van up to the car, Greatttttttttttt we all barked we where going away on an adventure that’s why they where behaving differently, sometimes they can be very sneaky.

It wasn’t long before we where off again, we settled down feeling very happy that we where all going on another trip, we all love going away in the van, it means that we spend loads of time with both Mick and Yvonne and get to see lots of new things and places but best of all we know that we can sneak up onto the bed when they are both fast asleep and snuggle down without getting kicked off. We was all too excited to sleep but we where nice and warm and snuggled down and still quite tired so we all dropped off to sleep.

The back door of the car suddenly opened and Yvonne Said ok you lot out you get and please keep out of the way while we set the van up and please be goodddddddddddddd or that’s what I think she said because we where off, we straight away recognised the site, it was where we where before and once again we had it all to ourselves and spent the next ten minutes running around and playing in the field


we love it here , then Snoopy the farm dog ran across to see us and we all had great fun racing around , then Mick called us and informed us it was tea time , we said our goodbyes to Snoopy and said that we would see him in the morning then raced back to the van , both Yvonne and Mick had been very busy setting the van up and had even managed to put the awning up and arranged our toys and beds nicely tucked away in the corner , but best of all was our tea was ready all laid out in our bowls on the grass just waiting for us , now this is the life I said to Bob I could get used to this.

Mick of course busy cooking there tea on the BBQ and we all knew that there was going to be a few tasty tit bits heading our way a bit later on. Both Bob and Munchy finished there tea and then went for a mooch around the field, this is one of the reasons we like this farm, we are allowed to roam all over the field but mustn’t go into the farm yard unless we are called across by the farmer or of course Mick or Yvonne, but the field is massive and there is loads to do as well as chasing the birds that fly in and land.


In the next field there are sheep , I ran across to Bob and Munchy and we all went to say hello to the sheep , they don’t say much but that doesn’t matter and we don’t stay there long or bark at them because we will get told off.

Then it was a race back to the van as both Mick and Yvonne had finished there tea and we knew that there was a few tasty tit bits for us. Then it was walk time and time to settle down for the night, this is my favourite time of the day as I get to snuggle down with either Mick or Yvonne whilst they chill out.

Because it’s such a nice evening the door is open so we can come and go as we want, I was just about to drop off when Munchy let us know that there was rabbits in the field, he was watching from the window, great we all barked and went hurtling out, we love chasing the rabbits, of course we will never catch them but its good fun chasing them &  we think that they like it as well because they keep coming back for more , we did get to meet and chat with some young rabbits once when we  were here , but there grown up parents told them that they mustn’t talk to us anymore.

Then before we knew it Mick was calling us back its time for bed you lot. Right ok we barked and raced back, Yvonne very carefully put us to bed and covered us up with our blankets, we of course pretended that we went straight off to sleep  but really we were all waiting for Mick and Yvonne to go to sleep then we jump up on the big bed and snuggle down with them.

For the rest of the holiday, we had great fun, lots of adventure walks with Mick, lots of fun playing on the field with both Yvonne and Mick.

Mick had a couple of really big walks planned so Bob would go off with him for the day as they were far too big for either Munchy or Me so it was our job to stay with Yvonne and keep an eye on her for the days, we didn’t mind as Yvonne is very easy to look after, but we did have to nag her to take us for a walk along the river ………….sometimes she is such a hack but we love her anyway.


A few photos from this trip enjoy


On this walk Mick had a very cunning plan, he wanted to see if he could link up with another walk he had done along Fremington edge the idea being that he could get dropped off at Reeth and walk up and along Fremington edge link up with where we would be going today and walk back above Langthwaite over the Booze Moor…………means nothing to me but hey a walk is a walk and so we set off, once we were clear of the road Mick let us off the leads and off we went running along the track , there was a few sheep around but they wasn’t bothered by us so we didn’t bother them , we did meet up with a few other walkers and had a great time chatting with them , there is nothing we like more than being made a fuss off , one kind lady even gave us a bit of biscuit ..very tasty it was too , we had a mooch around some old mine working and Mick seem to sort out what he wanted to sort out so that was good , the only bad bit of the walk was there was one section where Mick had to put us on our leads …something about pheasants and Grouse shooting but once we had past Mick let us off again a few photos enjoy :-

Taken right at the start of the walk ……and we are off!


Bob waiting for Mick to catch up


Looking across the valley

Looking towards the old scar or working whatever they are called, the rocks where sharp in places so we kept on the grass

Looking along the track , we kept on the grass most of the way

Looking down into the valley

Heading back to the track looking back at the scar, we didn’t like it up there as the stones hurt our paws so we kept on the grassy bits

A bit further along the track

As far as we are going today, Mick has sorted what he wanted to get sorted, looking across at Fremington edge

Looking down the valley towards Reeth

Fremington edge, you can see the track that mick came down now on an earlier walk

A few more photos as we make our way back

We had to go on our leads here ....yuk !!

Look at that sheep , just standing there watching us

I think that Mick walked about 3 1/2 miles we of course did loads more but none of us liked walking on the sharp rocks , Mick said that he was sorry and would make sure it wouldnt happen again

Map from another walk we did


For this walk we were heading back into the forest known as the Stang, we have been here before but simply love it there are so many rabbits to chase and play with plus there are lots of big birds that we can chase and they fly away, but they are so stupid the fly back again so we can bark at them and make them fly again they must be a bit stupid but best of all is there are loads of new and strange smells to check out , and of course we can run and play hide and seek in the trees  and of course there are lots of water filled ditches to jump across and if you don’t make it you get wet , that is really good fun when someone falls in …….a few photos from this walk enjoy :-

Looking along one of the many “fire breaks” its good fun jumping across the ditches


Sniffing around


Both Munchy and me (Flynn ) have found something

Munchy about to try to jump one of the ditches


He failed and is now in the water and mud


A wet and muddy Munchy


Bob leading the way


A clearing and lots of rabbits running around charge ….let’s go!!!


We are not sure what this is, Mick thinks that it is for feeding the Pheasants


A few more photos as we wander around


Thanks for reading , we cant wait till our next trip away

A couple of photos from Bob's big walks with Mick

Bob at Gunnerside :-

Bob at Muker :-