DATE                          05.12.06

DISTANCE                ABOUT 4.3 MILES

WEATHER                MOSTLY DAMP



Once again I found that I had a day off ………..a well-deserved day off even if I say so myself, the only problem I had was where to go, everywhere would be soaking simply because we had had almost nonstop rain for the last week or so .but according to the weather forecast it should be cloudy but dry with the odd shower today soooooooooo I had to make the most of it and get out someplace , I could of course head up the coastline someplace , but it can get a bit windy walking along the coastline and as I have found out I don’t do very well in strong winds plus I have spent quite a bit of time on our coastline so I felt like a change , the Cheviot hill seemed very appealing but I know how wet and boggy they would be so today I would head off into the woods , that meant a choice of two areas, I decided on Thrunton woods , this way if I stayed on the forestry tracks they should be quite dry and firm , the trees would give me some shelter from any wind that might or might not pick up during the day and its quite near so the early dark nights shouldn’t be a problem.

As my better half was at work today it meant that I would be billy no mates and be on my own, so I left a hastily written note to my better half explaining where I was going and what time I hoped to be back ……………and to start panicking if I don’t return home .

Gear was sorted , thrown into the car and off I went ……….as normal it didn’t take long to get there , then it was gear sorted , boots on and off I went .

My route for the day? What route? it was a case of head off in any direction and just see how things got on, no set route no set distance but hopefully back at the car before it got dark …………..yes I did have a head touch and a set off spare battery’s, but they were for emergency’s one other thing I had learnt the hard way was when it’s really dark I have problems walking, I guess I rely on my eye sight a lot more now , there was a time where I had no problems walking in the dark , now if I can’t see the ground I really start to panic when I come to place Arty leg down, my brain knows that the ground is still there but it really goes into overdrive and isn’t happy with the situation , even walking with torch on can prove to be tricky , so yes I will be back at the car park before it gets dark .

For the route (see map above) it was like I said I just went whatever direction I felt like , but it was all easy walking and I didn’t need to use my hiking poles , however that all changed when I found myself heading up a rather steep , slippery path up onto Thrunton crags , once I had got up there , (and got my breath back ) I quickly put the poles back in the ruck sack , I am trying to build up my core strength and one of the best ways is to walk “unaided” so I’m told . It goes without saying that I walk a lot slower when I don’t use the poles and I’m not so stable but it’s something that I really need to work on.

Lunch was had sitting on one of the memorial benches that are scattered around these woods, then for the rest of the afternoon I was treated to some seriously heavy downpours that came and went very quickly, hardly worth getting my water proofs on before the sun would burst through the clouds again this lead to a few rainbows and even a double rainbow at one time (is there such a thing as a double rainbow?) but by this time I was heading back towards the car , I only walked 4.3 miles , most of it on well used path and tracks , all easy walking and apart from the steep climb up I didn’t use my poles so I feel as if I achieved something , as normal a few photos not that good because I kept getting water on the camera lens .

Taken from the main car park, still dull and grey


Looking into the trees, they have been thinning out the trees here (looks like most of the trees are dead


Looking out towards the very misty Cheviots


Cattle in a waterlogged field


Now heading back into the forest


Looking back along the track


Looking towards Thrunton Crags and three walkers, these where the only people I saw today


Unnamed small pond


Looking up towards the crags, I decide to head up that way


A bit further along


It’s starting to rain now


Getting on to an older less used path


Now it’s really starting to pore down


Not sure what this is but it looks good


The start of the path that will take me up onto the crags


A gap in the trees


Looking down the hill


Still heading up


Looking back down


Now on the top footpath and the views open up


Looking back along the path


Looking down onto the forest


The sun and rain create a rainbow


Wow a doubler


Back to just one again


Looking down over the forest as the sun comes out

Taken at max zoom looking towards the Cheviots


And the rainbow appears again


Blue sky!!!


With a rainbow


Time to head into the trees again


The path that leads back to the car park


Day after thoughts

Before you get worried I made it home in plenty of time before it got dark , my better half hadn’t even found the note that I left (why do I bother ?) so all was good in that department .

I had no problems with Arty leg and no sore spots so that was all good, walking without any hiking poles did make things a bit harder and of course a bit slower but seeing as I was on my own that really doesn’t matter so all in all a good day and I think that I needed to get out and get some fresh air into my lungs..Yes a good day ……thank you