DATE                                          09.11.14

DISTANCE                                 WE DONT KNOW OR CARE

WEATHER                                 COOL BUT DRY

START / FINISH                        CAR PARK (FREE)

Weetside Park

For Todays adventure it’s my turn (Flynn) to write about it, and what an adventure it was, I had been mooching around the back of the settee looking for suitable places to hide my tasty treats so the others couldn’t scoff them when I overheard Mick and Yvonne talking …………….I  heard the word “walk”  and straight away I started to pay attention, Yvonne was busy telling Mick of a new walking place one of her friends had recommended , sounds good replied Mick how about taking the Boy’s there this afternoon , Yvonne who we all know is a bit of a hack when it comes to walking was making up various tails about how she hadn’t got time , it was to cold , it was too wet when Mick simply said it would do her good to get some fresh air into her lungs and that was it sorted , I of course couldn’t help myself and went running round the settee and jumped onto her lap and added my bit in as well “ come on mum it’s a lovley day “ I woofed  then Bob and Munchy came bounding in and wanted to know what’s up , I told them that we would be heading out to someplace new this afternoon , great ! Was the reply.

We all love going out to new places , there is always so much to see and do and who knows we might meet some other dog’s to speak to or play with there might be stuff to chase or something strange to sniff …………………it was all to much for us and we just had to have a mad chase around the room , then a race around the garden , I think that we where on our third or possibly four lap around the garden when Mick stuck is head out of the door and called us in “ come on if you want to go” we didn’t hang about straight in the back door , high speed run through the house and straight out the front door where Yvonne was waiting by the car , we all jumped in a quickly settled down and waited for Mick to catch up.

“Where are we going then I asked” a place called High Weetslade replied Yvonne, apparently it’s an old A former colliery site, this reserve has been extensively landscaped to create a wildlife haven on the edge of the city with a hill, grassland, scrub, reed bed and woodland areas. The highest point is 95m above sea level and views are possible of the North Sea, the Cheviots and Newcastle city. Prominent on the hill top is the drill head sculpture, a reminder of its mining past. At the foot of the slopes to the west are three developing reed beds, home to many common damselflies and dragonflies. The park lies to the north of Gosforth Park and lies on a strategic wildlife corridor. The Seaton Burn runs close by and it is hoped that the habitat improvement on site may result in species such as otter and great crested newts arriving. Many birds are present such as grey partridge, meadow pipit and skylark. At the end of August, flocks of goldfinches can be seen pulling the seeds out of the large stands of teasel. The site is managed by NWT on behalf of the Land Trust (she didn’t really come out with all that, that what was printed on the web site.)

Sounds great I replied and settled down for the rest of the journey , which didn’t take long , then before we knew it Mick was letting us out with the normal , be good , no barking do as you are told and remember that I can only walk slow so take your time . Before I could jump out to join Bob & Munchy Yvonne stopped me and made me put on a new walking coat, this is because I know you feel the cold Flynn she said, err! Thanks Yvonne I barked and run off to join Bob and Munchy, they naturally took the piss out of me but I didn’t care I was nice and warm.

After what seemed a life time waiting for Yvonne to get out of the car and get ready we where off, there was lots to see and do and once we where clear of the car park Mick lets us run, we naturally tried to race every where all at once, there was loads to see and sniff plus there was a few other dog walkers out, can we go and play? I asked Mick yes of course you can replied Mick but only if the other dogs want to …………..Don’t be a pest called Yvonne  …………..don’t worry we wont be ! we all barked back and we spent most of the afternoon playing and meeting other dog’s that where in our general area , Mick made Yvonne walk to the top of the hill , she did nothing but moan all the way up , but was pleased when they found an empty seat to sit on , naturally Mick produced some tasty treats for us all and even Yvonne seem to like the view , then it was off back down the path heading for the car , we had spent most of the afternoon walking here , Mick was telling Yvonne it would be a good place to come when its been raining a lot because the paths where very good . We thought it was good because we made lots of new friends.

As normal a few photos from today enjoy:

Me looking rather smart in my new coat


Bob having a sniff


Home made bird feeders


Munchy getting ready to run off into the undergrowth


Yvonne pointing out where we are (the you are here gave her a clue)


Old rain way tunnel (will check this route out another day)


One of the ponds


Same pond just different spot


Me and Munchy




Low flying plane


Approaching the sculpture on top of the hill (Yvonne moan about getting up here)


Close up!

Looking back towards the pond


Part way down looking back up before we head back to the car



Thanks for reading