DATE                                  30.03.16

DISTANCE                         6.3 MILES

WEATHER                         BRIGHT AND SUNNY



Today our lord and master (that’s Mick if you didn’t know) informed us that if the weather was good tomorrow we would be heading up to Thrunton Woods for a day’s wander.

I should point out right here and now that Mick isn’t really our lord and Master it’s really the other way around , we bark and Mick comes running but hey we love him anyway .

The first thing Both Munchy and Flynn stated was …..not a hope in hell unless it’s a really nice day and we mean a really really nice sunny day , Mick went on to reassure them both that the forecast was good for a bright sunny Day and if the weather changed we would head straight back to the car, personally I don’t care what the weather is like and proceeded to call  them both a couple of girly dogs and reminded them that I Bob would get to eat all the extra treats and the roast beef if they didn’t go, I could see that they were tempted and went off I went to see Mick and let him know that we would all be ready first thing in the morning , and that he had better pack plenty of treats for us all, Mick of course thanked me then got busy sorting out all the stuff ready for the morning.

Come the morning it was li normal a bit of a mad house, Mick was rushing around like an idiot achieving nothing, I popped out into the back garden and rushed back in to inform both Flynn and Munchy that it looked like a nice day and they had better get there arses out of bed and get ready then it was a high speed run back into the garden to chase the fat Pidgin away , I like chasing the fat Pidgin , I would never hurt it but it’s fun to chase it , I really like barking at the fat cat that sometimes comes into the garden and sometimes we get to chase it over the fence which is great fun , but today I had to make do with the pidgin , Munchy and Flynn came running out to see what the noise was about then just as I was telling them we got the call from Mick then it was a full high speed charge to the front  door , Mick opened the door and we were off , well as far as the car anyway , Mick quickly threw his stuff into the front then we all jumped into the back and settled down , we all know that Mick won’t start the car till we have settled down then we were off ….I mean we was actually driving down the road , well  I wasn’t driving Mick was ……duh !you see I don’t have my licence yet.

Mick I barked don’t forget to stop at the sarnie shop, “don’t worry Bob it’s all taken care off I picked everything up earlier...Including your roast beef so don’t worry” and with those soothing words we all settled down for a snooze whilst Mick drove us to where ever we was going for the day .

It didn’t take long and before I even finished my dream I was rudely woken up by Mick telling us to get our acts together because we was here .

Err! Where’s here I asked?

“Thrunton woods” replied Mick, we of course have been here loads of times and simply love it, there is so much to see and explore and couldn’t wait to be let out, Mick of course went into his pre walk talk which for once he cut sort and just said “keep out of the fox shit or your be left to walk home” …………straight to the point but a bit rude I thought but we all barked back yes mick we will avoid all fox pooh now let us out and Charge we was off .

Mick did the unusual thing of calling us back in a couple of places and headed off in a different direction, where are we going? I asked after we changed direction a second time, “well said Mick I thought that we would have a look at the Cave apparently it is a hand-made cave, some old monk from the Nineteenth century called McCartney, from nearby Callaly made it and then used it as a solitary retreat” sounds ok I barked (to be honest none us really cared about the cave handmade or not) but all forestry paths are good to mooch around , we heard a couple of deer and could pick up there scent but we didn’t see any which was a pity because it would be fun to say hello , we stopped  

for treats and Mick made coffee from his jet boil, after all said mick we are not in a hurry , then we set off again .

We were joined at this point by a very dodgy looking person dressed from head to toe in combats even his face had paint on it, Mick didn’t seem bothered and soon the two of them was chatting away like long lost friends and we figured if mick’s happy we would continue on our way, we was busy playing hide and seek and our favourite game of war dogs, this is where we jump out and get each other then run away quickly before we catch each other , we tend to get Munchy a lot because he is the slowest but it’s all good fun so he doesn’t mind .

On a high speed chase past Mick I noticed that he seemed to be getting a bit pissed off and so came to halt by his side and listened to what the strange looking man was saying , apparently he was giving mick advice about being an amputee …………that’s right this total stranger was busy telling mick what he should and shouldn’t be doing , I did hear mick asking him if he was an amputee and of course he wasn’t nor did he know any amputees then Mick asked him was he in the forces after all he was dressed in combat gear he reply was that he wasn’t but didn’t want to be seen by anyone  up here today  ………….well me and both Flynn and Munchy was rolling over laughing when he said this …..What a wanker couldn’t be seen indeed, we spotted him long before he joined us, anyway he was busy showing mick how he could hop and informed mick that he could still hop if he wanted to, Mick replied with his voice dripping in sarcasm well I didn’t know that thank you , this Walter mitty then went on to tell mick that he still had one leg and proceeded to hop around   showing mick how to hop , Mick by this time was really wanting to say something along the lines of f**k off , but thanked him anyway and explained that he didn’t relies that he still had one leg with a stupid looking expression on his face . all was lost on “Walter” (as we named him) who was busy telling mick some really wild tails about how we was been followed by some strangers right at this present time …………..let me tell you now I know who the stranger was and he was walking / hopping alongside mick .

Suddenly Mick suggested that if we are indeed being followed by strangers would our “Walter” mind leading them off on a false trail so he could get away, “Walter” replied that he would lead a false trail away from us and before he could he could finish speaking, Mick thanked him and informed him that it could be an old enemy from his day in the forces from overseas and that he had better be careful , Walter’s eyes lit up and told us all that if he didn’t wat to be seen no one would ever see him , well that set us all off again rolling over laughing  again , but once he set of back along the trail mick quickly called us and we headed off the track into the woods along an old deer trail , Mick was muttering under his breath about making sure we don’t bump into him again . Something about nutter and being let out on their own.

Being the biggest I scouted ahead and pick a good trail to follow which I know “Walter” would never find and after twenty minutes we figured it was safe to get back on the track again and hopefully our “Walter” had found someone different to bore to death or maybe the secret people who was following us had indeed captured him.

Micks good mood returned and so we wandered slowly up to Castle Hill were we stopped for a well-deserved lunch , Mick was as good as normal and soon we had a lovely lunch spread put down for us to scoff including some very tasty roast beef , we of course helped Mick eat his as well after all we don’t want a porky mick , after lunch we set off again to have a look at the cave , but you know how it is seen one cave you have seen them all , mick of course took a few photos then we wandered slowly back to the car , we met up with a few other dog walkers as we got nearer the car and said

hello and had a play then just as we got to the car park it started to rain , we all laughed as the heavens opened up whilst we sat nice and snug in the car ,

Mick walked about 6.3 miles with 1248 ft. of the ups and downs we of course did zillions of miles more

A few photos:

Taken right at the start of the walk


The Boys on the track waiting for Mick to catch up


Flynn waiting by some unnamed pond (the water doesn’t taste very nice)


Me (Bob dog and Munchy)


We might head up that way later


A good spot to stop for tasty treats and coffee

Sniffing and mooching around


Looking towards the distance Cheviots


Me doing a high speed run back


Old stone wall (so we are heading in the right direction)


“The Gate”


Waiting for Mick to catch up


Old dead trees


Close up

Now at Castle hill and old hill fort so we are told, lots of very old trees


Me (Bob dog) sniffing around


Old trees


Same again


Flynn, not happy as the ground is damp here


A gap in the trees and we can see the sandstone rocks on the other side, that is where the cave is


Time to go down


Me scouting ahead


And now time to start heading up towards the sandstone rocks


The entrance to the cave

Inside (it’s not big enough to swing a cat)


Looking back at it


Now it’s time to get to the top (its steeper that it looks)


Still heading up (I’m really getting my breath back now)


Good old Flynn has picked up a path of sorts for me


Stopping for yet another breather looking back down


Looking out of the trees


Not much further up now (I tell myself thinking it will be easer)


Another rest but the views start to open up a bit


Nearly there

I must really be nearly there now


Finally more or less at the top now


Another photo (really I’m still getting my breath back)


Now all I have to do is pick up a path or anything


We spot a camp that someone is building


Doggy photo


The views from Callaly crags


A few photos as we make our way along


That’s a long drop said Flynn

Me and Munchy (Mick is starting to get worry as it’s a long drop)


Looking towards Castle Hill (we was there earlier)


Looking up to a distant Coe Crag (not on our route today)

Overturned Tree


Err more trees


Back at the car park looking towards the new fishing lakes at the old brickworks