DATE                                      24.02.06

DISTANCE                             ABOUT 5.5 MILES

WEATHER                             BRIGHT BUT COLD



Thrunton Woods

I had a day off (a well deserved day off I might add) and as luck would have it my better half was off as well so as we had  talked about getting out the night before all depending on the weather  it was with some trepidation that I put my nose against the window first thing in the morning  and peer out, much to my delight the weather looked ok despite the weather forecast the night before saying that it would be pants , now I had the small problem of getting Mrs hack out of bed without putting her in  bad mood , Yvonne is well know for being a bit on the grumpy side first thing in the morning , so rather than mess about I decided that the direct method  would be the best approach , curtain pulled wide , blinds open and I was going to pull the quilt off her but fortunately common sense kicked in and I said “good morning dear” in my sweetest voice , it’s a lovley day lets get out to Thrunton woods for a wander .(we had talked about walking some of the other tracks in the woods for a while now & hoped it might lead us to other parts of the forest that we haven’t explored yet) and then quickly left the bedroom.

By the time I had made coffee Yvonne came strolling down the kitchen ,” right you sort the gear out and I’d  make porridge” …………who was I to complain , Yvonne porridge is much better than mine so I went and got the rucksack ready , naturally we would only be taking one rucksack and guess who would be carrying it , I have tried to play the “look I am a cripple shouldn’t you carry it” card but got nowhere , I suppose the only good bit of news was if I pack it……. it shouldn’t weigh too much ,as Yvonne tend to throw in everything including the kitchen sink .

 Anyway breakfast was made, I had strawberry jam on my porridge (very tasty), gear was thrown into the car and off we went, the drive up to Thrunton woods didn’t take that long and before we knew it we was pulling up in the main car park , gear was sorted and put on and off we went. Naturally I had the ruck sack.

I hadn’t even thought about what route we would be taking , Today was all about walking along some of the many forestry tracks to see where they went , what sort of condition they where in and looking for future routes i.e. how we could link some of them in with other tracks that we knew .

Because it would be mostly easy walking today, I decided to up the resistance on my knee up a bit, this in theory should help me walk that little bit faster but would make it a bit harder to walk (if that makes sense) but I figured after the amount of walking I had been doing the last week or so I would be ready and if things went tit’s up I could always take it back down.

The walk today didn’t revile anything that we didn’t expect to find by looking at a map , all the forestry tracks  where in good condition but its nice to actually see because the last thing I wanted o do is plan a walk in this area only to find that the track stops and its impossible to go any further , and I really do like this forest because its quite local , there are loads of different types of terrain for me to practise on , and dare I say it there are some pretty impressive hills and crags to go see  they are a bit out of my league at the moment but ….sometime in the future !

Plus and this is a big plus for me, I had found out that I have real trouble walking in strong winds so all the trees provide lots of shelter if required and the miles and miles of tracks don’t get water logged so it makes an ideal place to come and practise on when the weather has been or is bad.

A few photos from today mainly of err trees and forestry tracks:-

My better half Yvonne complete with neck warmer hat (she looks a bit like a smurf)


Heading along on of the forestry tracks (at this point we didn’t have a clue where we where going to end up)


Looking at ………….lots of trees


And some more trees


Looking along the track


Yvonne has dropped behind me and is busy yelling at me to get upright


More trees ………no we saw a deer but it buggered off before we could photo it

Further along a different track, a very distance Coe crag on the skyline


Looking back


Me, I must admit that I am feeling tired, the extra setting on my knee is slowly wearing me out.


Coming up to a junction on the track…… do we go left or right?

As the ground is so wet we decide to use these rocks to sit on for lunch


Now heading along a different section of the forest (it’s a lot damper here)


My face said it all, I am tired the extra resistance on the knee has really taken it out of me, but it’s a good thing because it’s helping to strengthen my stump muscles.


Now on the small road leading back to the main car park, looking up towards the crags


Last look back towards the area we had been walking in


Me with a silly smile on my face simply because we are back at the car.



Day after thoughts, we both enjoyed the walk today and discovered lots of forestry tracks and deer trail that could link up together to make some belta bigger walks in the future.

I was tired , the extra bit of resistance on the knee did enable me to walk a bit faster ………..but it was hard work a sort of lots of extra effort for very little gain in speed or was it because I normally walk that little slower ………….something to think about . but after a hot bath and something to eat I was fine so no harm done , we found a few other track’s that we didn’t get to walk along so next time I am up that way I have new stuff to explore …………..I know I am sad at times.


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