DATE                                        28.02.06

DISTANCE                               ABOUT 5.3 MILES

WEATHER                              COLD & ICY IN PLACES



Thrunton woods with Ian

For todays wander I would be accompanied by my friend and neighbour Ian, we had been out a few times so he knew what to expect with regards to my Walking ability , Plus he was a keen as I was to return to Thrunton woods and walk some of the forestry Tracks that we hadn’t walked along , so times and dates where sorted out , However the night before the weather had  treated us to a light dusting of snow then the weather turned really cold and the snow promptly turned to ice , and so it was on a bitterly cold morning we threw our gear into the car and set off , fortunately the local council had got there act together and had gritted the roads (what !!!They got it right) and we safely pulled up into the car park at Thrunton. gear was sorted , with me packing an extra top into the ruck sack (just in case) and off we went, the first thing I noticed was how much warmer it was once we got out of the wind (more like a breeze really)  and in amongst the trees .

However the ground was still frozen solid and the dusting of snow had frozen solid which much to my surprise made for excellent grip, not what I expected so my snow grippers stayed packed away in the rucksack. But whenever we took a step we heard a crunching sound that seemed rather load …………….I guess with all this noise we wouldn’t get to see any deer today .

The other strange thing I found today was how much the temperatures went up or down depending on whether we was in the woods or in open ground, we had decided to stop for a mini break in a bit of open land but within minutes Ian felt cold and so we moved on only to stop five minutes later in amounts the trees and we both unzipped our coats to cool off a bit, not that I feel the cold as such at the moment.

Our route today was a sort of go there and then go there to see where we would end up hopefully not getting lost in the woods, but to be honest no one can really get lost in these woods as there are plenty of gaps in trees that give excellent views of the surrounding area and once on the forestry tracks there are loads of sign post that the forestry people have place in all the right places pointing the way back. No our route for today was just to wander along and see what went where and to see if it’s possible to link up with another path. And as far as it went we where very successful, I added to my knowledge of this area, which would give me a lot more confidence when I return and start doing some much bigger walks, however I still had to get up to the crags, I knew one route up but at this time it was way above my capability, but the maps showed a other track heading that way from a different starting place, so may be for my next wander up here it would be a good starting place .

Hopefully given time I would get to explore all the area up here then start to make my own routes up …………something to think about .

We did about  5.3 miles all very easy and as normal a few photos :-

My walking companion for the day

Looking up towards the crags

Looking back along our track

The footbridge across the Coeburn

Same place just looking up towards the crags, there is a path that heads towards the crags from this point (one day soon I will attempt it)

Looking back, lovey in the sun but still cold

Newt, it takes some spotting but we saw a few in this ditch

Again looking up at the crags

Same again but a bit further along

Looking towards Long Crag

Looking down towards the burn

Small unnamed burn, showing signs of the cold

Starting to head into the tress last look back

Icy track

Ian having a pose in the sun

Now at Thrunton Crags looking towards a snow capped Cheviot

Me walking very upright but using a pole (well it is a bit slippery in places)

Nearly back at the car park and it starts to shower us with a sleet and snow shower.

Day after thoughts, Today was a very easy wander around Thrunton woods, we stuck to forestry tracks all the way, my knee was on a higher setting but it didn’t take it out of me as much as what it did last time I upped the settings, maybe I am getting used to it ……….either way it’s too early to say for sure , I was very pleased with my walking style today , mostly walking upright without swaying or leaning all over the place ……………was it because the surface was icy in places ? and I was being extra careful again it too early to tell but it’s something to think about ……do I walk in a more control / correct fashion when the ground is icy ?

Stump wise I had no problems what so ever and had no aches or pain so all in all a good day in the fact we explored new tracks, I didn’t fall over, and I felt good about everything yep … a good day