DATE                             07/02/14

DISTANCE                     N/A

WEATHER                   DULL AND WINDY




Stormy Dogs

I was busy lying in front of the fire with Flynn and Bob generally snoozing around and doing nothing when mick burst into the house and yelled right you lot get your arses in gear we off out for a wander, great we all barked back and proceeded to run around getting very excited whilst Mick got his gear sorted.

Right boys seeing as the weather had been really bad and wet we only have a short window before the rain starts again so it’s going to be   a short afternoon wander. Ok we barked back we don’t care but let’s go, and so we headed off to the car as fast as we could go.

Mick decided to stop off at Cresswell and without wasting any time off we went , charge down to the beach , there wasn’t a great deal of the beach because of the tide but that didn’t matter we had enough to play on , likewise we wasn’t allowed to get to close to the sea because it was still very rough and windy , we hadn’t been to this part of the beach before and straight away found things to climb on , there was an old pipe running out to sea , we took it in turns to climb up on and then jump down on top of each other that was great fun , then we met up with a lady who gave us nice doggy treats to eat , they where yummy and so we where good for her and let her stroke us , which was nice .

Come on you lot we only have a little time before the tide comes in so off we went up along the beach , it was very windy and wet but that didn’t matter , we ran and played , mick did his best to keep up with us , then we had to stop there was a very fast flowing  stream coming down the beach , right hang on said mick , Mick decided that it was flowing too fast for us to cross so he picked us up and carried us over , sometimes he’s not to bad , I gave him a lick when it was my turn .

Once we where all across we managed to run for a bit then mick once again called us and told us it was time to get off the beach as the tide was coming right in, so it was off into the dunes and a walk back to the car at Cresswell. As it was we just made it before it started raining again.

Sometimes our walks aren’t as long as we would like but its better than getting wet.

As normal Mick had a small camera with him and managed to get a few photos enjoy

Me Munchy playing on top of a pipe at Cresswell


Bob peering over the edge


Flynn jumping up for a tasty treat


Me Munchy jumping up for a treat


Having a sniff around for any left over crumbs


A bit further along the beach, our way is blocked by this stream flowing down the beach


Hey Mick this looks a good spot for you to carry us over


Looking back down the beach it’s nearly gone


Looking up the beach, gulp there is not much left


Wait what is mick saying time to get off and into the dunes ………..sometimes he has a good idea we had better go .