DATE                               27.03.07

DISTANCE                    5.4 MILES

WEATHER                    COOL AND MURKY



Sea walk

Not really sure where to start on this walk …………..the reason being I haven’t got any notes to copy up, fortunately I have done this walk a few times over the years so I can recognise the route but somehow I seemed to have either forgotten to write this walk up in my walking log along with a few others, why I’m not sure maybe is because I was going through a “bad time” at this point in my life or it could be I simply couldn’t be bothered either way it’s too late now , all I know is that I was accompanied as there are a few photos of me that where taken by a different camera .or could it be that I met someone who later e mail me the photos .one of life’s great mysteries , anyway the walk :- it either went very well or it didn’t I simply can’t remember so a few photos that I took …enjoy :-

Taken from the car park (on a dull misty morning) looking towards amble


A bit further along passing the edge of the golf course


Now on Warkwork beach


Now it would appear that I am on the coastal path looking down at the Birling Carrs


Approaching the small section of mud flats on my way towards “church point”

Getting closer


The mud flats


Boats in Alnmouth Harbour


Mud flats


Looking up towards the river


A few more photos from this area (I think that I must have stopped for lunch here)


Looking back at the old church


Now I must be on my way to the cross …a few photos



Now back on the beach …….and a few more photos


And finally a couple of me taken by some person unknown

Day after thoughts

None as I didn’t write this one up?