DATE                                13/06/16

DISTANCE                       ABOUT 6.1 MILES

WEATHER                       HOT AND STICKY


Well as you all might have guessed by the lack trip reports I have been having problems with not only my Arty leg but worse still my stump has been letting me know big time that it’s well and truly pissed with me. I don’t know what’s changed or why but I am finding that I can’t wear my leg for long without stopping and taking it off and removing the seal in liner and then twenty minutes later I am getting that burning sensation which quickly gets unbearable if I don’t do something , I have been doing what I normally do , padding the socket out ……..removing the packing …….packing it out in a different way …………removing the packing …………..trying different creams and lotions on the sore spots .nothing seems to work , I am beginning to think that I have somehow managed to move a nerve and trap it somehow or I have got a huge bruise under the skin  right where I weight bear , naturally I can’t see it for myself and I am somewhat limited on who I can ask , I mean it’s not like I can stop someone who just happens to be passing , drop my shorts remove my leg and seal and ask them to look under my bum cheek for signs of damage or anything is it ? And how do you actually go about asking anyone? …..excuse me sir / madam would you mind looking under my left  bum might have to lift it slightly to get a clear look and tell me what you see ……………..I’m certain that I would end up

  1. Getting arrested
  2. Getting filled in and wake up on the ground after a good kicking
  3. Finding a lifelong friend (yes there are some weird people out there)

I have asked my long suffering better half to have a look (lucky girl gets all the nice jobs) and I get is that it looks sore or its very dark …………………..hello dear I know that …………….and with that comment I normally get told to look at my fat arse myself .

So if any of you readers fancy the job please get in touch with me.

Anyway getting back to walking, I had found that if I took it slow and didn’t do any fancy jumping or hoping around over ditches etc. etc. it wasn’t that bad and seeing as we was stopping on my favourite caravan site (its top secret place and I’m not letting anyone know its name so you can’t book it) it seemed a shame not to try to get out for at least one walk.

I mentioned it to my better half, explaining that it would be a nice slow easy walk but sadly she informed me that no….. The country side smelt funny and she would stay in the van with the two little pups.

So that left just Bob and me, next problem is where to go, there are zillions of walks around here but due to my problems in really needed something nice and easy ………..after a quick think Bob dog suggested why not do Surrender Bridge so that was that, gear and food was quickly sorted and thrown into the car and off we went, parking was by the small roadside layby where I just about managed to squeezes on ……….looks like a lot of people had the same idea as me and Bob dog .

Gear was sorted and off we went, first problem was someone had nailed the access gate shut, not a problem as me and Bob dog can walk across the grated roadway, but a fellow walker with a big Labrador couldn’t and he couldn’t pick the dog up and carry it either, so he decided to kick the gate open, this was proving to be rather noisy and he wasn’t getting anywhere fast so I offered some help and between us we managed to get the gate open , he then went on to inform me that this is a regular thing done by the local farmer to “stop the sheep from escaping from one section of moorland to another” in reality it’s to discourage walker and there dogs from being in this area , he also went on to say that he was going to report it to the park access people again .

We walked along the path together for a mile or so which proved to be rather entertaining simply because we must of past a dozen A4 sheets pinned to every post warning us that we were being monitored by CCTV and that the area was a SSSI and NO DOGS WHERE ALLOWED (Strange because my o/s map showed a public row) which sent my fellow walker into a frenzied where he would rip the signs down and stuff them into his rucksack with lots of swearing and ranting , of course all the signs are pure crap it’s all about one thing and that’s the grouse shooting ……….it’s that simple , the landowner doesn’t want people in the area disturbing his birds so they can shoot them at a later date …………………..and looking at all the shooting stells  that are dotted around this area it looks like a bit of a no win situation for the birds .

At one point I was hoping that we would bump into a gamekeeper or landowner just so my walking companion could get to grips with them because he was positively foaming at the mouth by this stage  and working himself into a right old rage but sadly before that happened we parted company .

My rote for the day took me and Bob along an easy cart track following the Mill Gill /Old Gang Beck past the ruins of “old Gang smelting Mills then along past Level Ho (another old ruin) then up to the top of Great Pinseat at 578 meters would be the highest we got to today then it was down via Wetshaw Bottom then onto Barras road back to the car all should have been easy walking and my plan was to have loads of rest stops where I could stop sit down and remove my Arty leg and try to sort out any problems that I might have had , but as they say with regards to the best made plans ………………….mine went right out of the window , it was hot and humid and of course there wasn’t a breeze so every time we stopped we got eaten alive my midges or plagued by fly’s , so what should have been an easy walk almost turned into a non-stop race to get round .

One thing that I did notice was on the walk up to Great Pinseat how much the terrain was changing, when I first walk this route years ago it was almost like a Luna landscape where they had been dumping spoils from the smelting mills as a result it was almost barren and ghostly white and it’s been like that ever since the mill closed down so I was informed at the time , however this year I couldn’t help but notice that nature has finally started to reclaim huge areas so I fully expect within the next few years it all to be covered in a heather or grassy coating which is rather strange because it was one of the things that I liked about this walk ………..the ruins and the ruined landscape (if that makes sense )

Anyway I walked about 6.1 miles with 867ft of the ups and downs, Bob of course did loads more

A few photos:-

Taken from where we parked up looking towards an old ruin that we would mooch around at the end of this wander


Looking along the beck


Old ruin on the other side


Old Gang smelting Mill


A few more photos


Looking back


 Passing the shooting huts


Again looking back at the ruins


Approaching a dark scary tunnel

Looking back at “a pack horse bridge”


Part of the peat storage area?


Bob dog checking out some more ruins a bit further along


Bob having a cooling paddle and drink


Two tunnels


One seems to be used as a dumping ground


The other one is clear , I had been told that it is possible to walk down these tunnels and they are open a few times a year but I don’t know if that is true or not


Bob waiting for me to catch up


Again Bob waiting for me as we start the slow uphill section to Great Pinseat


Bob racing back to let me know he has found the stone cairn at the top


Looking back, nature is slowly reclaiming this area


Now on the other side heading back down


Not a bad view


Long abandon truck or vehicle, I fully expect this to totally disappear each time I pass here


Bob dog having a sniff around


Old sheep stell, by this time we are getting eaten alive by midges


Heading down, bob of course is still leading


Looking towards what I think is Fremington edge on the horizon


Our next ruin to visit


Bob still running and jumping around


A few photos of these ruins as me and Bob mooch around

Last look back as we head back to the car


Day after thoughts

So much for my carefully thought out plans, I was sore, hot and bothered by the time I got back, the local wildlife didn’t give me a minutes peace however after a cooling shower things wasn’t so bad but come the morning I ached when I got up and my stump was killing me and sadly it stayed like that for quite a few days, it is obvious that my fitness is really low now and with the leg not fitting correctly I’m in for some hard times.