DATE                           We dont know or care

DISTANCE                  lots but we dont really care

WEATHER                   We found it ok

START / FINISH          top sectret location


I was on Gard duty sitting (well actually I was snoozing) in the front bay window waiting for someone or something to enter the front garden when I saw Mick reversing Vick the van up on the driveway, great I thought and rushed upstairs to wake Flynn up and gave him the good news, Flynn of course was busy snoozing on the big bed and didn’t hear me approach so with one mighty bound up bounced on the bed and woke Flynn up, Hey guess what Flynn… Micks bought the van home that must mean that we will be going away soon ………..I hope so replied Flynn lets go and find Bob and tell him the News , Bob of course was by the front door waiting for mick ……..I’m so excited said Bob as we raced down the stairs to join him , Mick came in and for the next few minutes we raced around barking and playing until Mick informed us that we wouldn’t be going anywhere till the next day as he had to pack the van and get it ready and we had to be good so he could get on with it , Ok we all barked back we will try to be good and so as the day wore on we did try to keep out but it was really hard not to run and jump into the van each time Mick went in there , Naturally we gave mick lots of advice like …………..Don’t forget our treats , or make sure you pack some toys , err Mick have you packed our food yet , as you can tell we love going away someplace in the van , it means that we spend lots of time together often exploring new places and of course with mick having a BBQ most evenings we get lots of extra tasty tit bits to eat and of course we jump up onto the big bed when Mick and Yvonne have fallen asleep and snuggle down together .

Then right out of the blue , Yvonne showed up early and informed Mick if the van was ready why doesn’t she ring the site and see if we can get on straight away , hearing this we all run around again waiting for the news .

Five minutes later Yvonne informed Mick that it was ok, Mick replied that the van was ready and so it was all systems go.

We all know the drill by now and jumped into the back of the car and settled down for the trip whilst Mick and Yvonne hooked up the van and did their checks, Mick of course did his normal thing and asked us to keep an eye on the van to make sure it didn’t drop off whilst he was towing it (we still don’t know if he is joking or not) and sorted out a rota between yourself as to who would sit up and watch it from the back window “just in case” then we were off.

A couple of hours later we knew we was nearly there as it got a bit bumpy as mick drove across a grassy field then we stopped, Hey Munchy is the van still there asked Mick, err yes I barked back, that’s good replied Mick I would hate to think we left it behind someplace ……………..He is joking isn’t he I quietly asked Bob and Flynn.

Two minutes later mick and Yvonne had unhooked the van and charge we were let out.

Great I barked we are back in the farmers field we know this site because we have been here before and best of all we were the only ones there, let’s explore I barked, and off we all run, Mick lets us run and play here but we are not allowed to go into the farm yard without an adult, so we went to the entrance hoping that we would meet our friend Scooby who lives here , Scooby of course came bounding out and for the next hour or so we all played and mooched around whilst Mick and Yvonne set the van up .

It didn’t seem that we had been here for five minutes when Scooby was called in and Mick called us to the van for tea, we all raced back and sure enough Yvonne put our bowls down and we all woofed our tea down, there is something really nice about eating our tea outside, then of course we helped mick and yvonne eat there tea , after that it was walk time , we love our walks it seems a good way to finish our day , then it was back to the van where we would sit with Mick and Yvonne and get lots of strokes and cuddles, then when both Mick and Yvonne go to bed we wait till they fall asleep before we jump onto the bed and snuggle down for the night.

In the morning, after we helped Mick and Yvonne eat breakfast Mick let us know the plans for the next few days.

Mick and Bob wouldn’t be going on any big walks because Mick was still having problems with not only his “ARTY LEG” but with his stump as well and doing any long walks was just too painful, so it was chill out mornings on the farm just playing and having fun, then going for walk in a different area each afternoon with tea and tasty treats thrown in from one of the local tea room, then back to the farm just in time for our tea before we settled down for the night.

We went on several adventures each one was different, but because it was sooooo hot, mick picked walks where there was rivers to play in and cool down in and lots of shady areas so we dint get to hot

A few photos

Our field as you can see we had it to ourselves

Me (Munchy) and Flynn sniffing around


Bob having a sniff as well


Bob dog


Bob dog leading the way towards some old smelting ruins at old gang


Up close



Time to head down to the burn to get a cooling drink and a paddle


Looking down towards the burn


Now on a different walk me and bob mooching around

All three of us exploring


It’s nice and cool along here.


At Gibson Cave waterfall


Hay meadow from another walk


Now exploring along a very low river Tee’s


Very low


Me having a good sniff


Low force waterfall (we all had a sit down and treat stop here)


Another photo of these falls


Sheep, we barked at these and got told off


A few photos from a walk along the river Tee’s



Looking up towards Holwick

Now at Keld and another walk


Paddle time near a waterfall


The river Swale looking very low


Bob looking for something under that log

We paddled down here


Catrake force waterfall


Me running back to Yvonne


Slightly damp after my paddle


The waterfall


At Shot Lathe looking back

Looking towards Keld


Funny looking rock


Looking along the valley and saying hello to one of the locals



We had a great time away and can’t wait till we get away again, so till the next time  take care and thanks for reading .