DATE                                   WE DONT KNOW OR CARE

DISTANCE                          LOTS AND LOTS

WEATHER                          WE LOVED IT



Something was up! we all knew it but for life of me I couldn’t figure out what it was …so there was only one thing to do and that was call a council of war and so I called Both Bob and Munchy to the front window to discuss what’s going on . So I said what shall we do? I don’t know replied Munchy lets go over the facts , Mick has been loading stuff into the car and has disappeared , only to return and load even more things from the  garage into the car only to disappear again, I know …….said Bob (with a smug look on his face) why don’t we just ask him when he gets back …..Duh! Good idea I said feeling a bit stupid, Just then Yvonne turned up and we all raced to greet her, I of course couldn’t wait and asked her “what’s Mick up to I barked at her” All I got from her is I will tell you all after I have had a shower……… why don’t you go and play in the garden Flynn while I get ready! Get ready for what I barked back …..Your find out soon enough was all I got back in the way of a reply .well that was it if I was getting high before now I went into hyper mode and just had to race around the garden, Bob and Munchy saw me racing around and just had to join in so for the next ten minutes we ran around the garden, barking at almost anything playing rough and tumbles and generally being daff , of course we had to stop as we were all out of breath and panting , time for a drink out of the pond and so it was noses down and a nice long cool drink from the pond , then as we were just about to start , Mick walked into the garden with Yvonne and informed us that if we were ready it was time to go , of course we were ready we all barked back but of course we didn’t have a clue what we were ready for , Then  mick lead us out of the house and we all jumped into the car , Yvonne didn’t jump but then she never does she sort of just flopped down onto her seat , we all settled down very quickly as we know Mick won’t even start the car till we have settled down but we still didn’t know where we was going but decided that it must be someplace good .

After a few minutes we stopped and Mick got out , we of course peered out of the window , Hey I said we are at the Caravan park and sure enough over the next ten  minutes Mick had connected the van up and we was off again , Hey wait Mick I barked this isn’t our van I barked , you’ve got the wrong Van , Mick just smiled and informed us that we had brought a new bigger van , Great we all thought , then Mick asked us to keep an eye on it and let him know if it dropped off ……………err !!! You are joking aren’t you? … we didn’t get an answer we decided that we would keep an eye on it for him but as the car drove along and we all snuggle down we naturally fell asleep.

We woke up as Mick drove over some rough ground , I quickly looked out the back window and informed Mick that the van was still with us , I’m pleased about that replied Mick coz I would hate to have to turn around and drive back to find it ……………………he is joking isn’t he I asked Bob.

Then Mick stopped the car and for the next couple of minutes we watched as Mick and Yvonne disconnected the van and quickly set it up, then it was charge as they let us out, great we all barked we are back at our favourite farm and spent the next ten minutes running around the field, Scooby the farm dog must have been watching because he came running across to say hello and we all had a great time playing and just running around.

Mick called us over and put down our water bowl in case we wanted a drink , then asked us to be good whilst Yvonne and him got the van ready , there was lots to do as it was new , we all lay down in the shade and watched as Mick and Yvonne put up the new awning , boy did they blame each other when things went wrong , in the end they had to take it down and start again , we found this really funny but didn’t dare say anything , eventually they got it all sorted and we said good bye to Scooby and went in to have a look at our new home , Boy it was posh inside , Yvonne had even brought us new fleecy soft blankets that we would sleep on , on our own beds , we like our own beds but really like sneaking and jumping up onto the big bed when both Mick and Yvonne was asleep . even the new  awning was big and had its own floor covering , and it even had a place for our toys and treats where we could get at them whenever we wanted , yes we like this and spent a while mooching around checking things out.

Yvonne made our tea whilst Mick got the BBQ going and we all had tea outside before it was walk time, yes we like it when we are away, after our walk we all snuggled down for the night, we all slept really well on our new beds snuggled in our new fleecy blankets, but we all woke up early and jumped up on the big bed and snuggled down between Mick & Yvonne just like old times.

Whilst we were away this time we had lots of adventures and was out every day visiting someplace different , as mick was feeling a little bit better he went out for one big walk with Bob for the day :-  and returned feeling a bit battered. Bob of course returned and was straight out onto the field and joined us for an hour or so of chase and play

Anyway a few photos from our days out ….Enjoy

Looking at Rabbit holes along the river Swale

Bob & Munchy racing back to get under cover from the rain


Just made it as the heavens opened up

Strange sheep at Muker


Heading along the Hay medows (they have been cut now)


Looking back, it was really hot today so we took our time and spent a lot of time under the shade or paddling


Bob was pointing out that he and Mick went up that gully on one of their walks


Bob dog


Munchy racing along, as you can see we love it down here


Time to head into the river for a cool down


Looking back

A good place for a sit down …did I hear treat time?


Time to head on or the tea rooms will be closed before we get back


Munchy thinking about another cooling dip


Our path back


Bob saying hello to the farm dog Scooby


Our new home away from home, we love it


Munchy thinking is it tea time yet?


Taken from another walk it was nice and cool here


Heading along the river Tee’s to see high force waterfall


A few more it’s pretty big and noisy

Taken from near Reeth on another afternoon wander

Looks like it might rain later


Looking up towards Fremington edge




Looking across towards Reeth …and the tasty treat shop


Heading back


Munchy running and playing in the grass, he just loves it here


Back at the top secret camp site and a rare photo of me Flynn


Bob trying to look like a cool dude


ME having a roll and stretch out on the grass


Same again


As we had the field to ourselves we can go mooching around


Thanks for reading