DATE                              22.02.06

DISTANCE                     JUST UNDER 8 MILES

WEATHER                     COOL BUT DRY




Much to my surprise , we where both up quite early this morning , strange considering we had had a busy weeks walking  ,being out in the fresh air and all that exercise …………..may be it was doing us some good after all!…… who knows? , I know I actually looking  forward to Yvonne’s  latest  attempt at making porridge , we had been messing around making it ever since we read that its good for slowly realising energy …………….just what us walkers needed (so they say ) naturally we had being experimenting  with how we made it , I like mine quite  thick , made with milk of course and have a huge dollop of jam in it , honey is good but raspberry jam does it for me , I had tried salt and to be honest found it disgusting , I think that Yvonne preferred honey in hers or a sprinkling of brown sugar  , and to be honest I was starting to develop a serious liking for it , not as good as a full English but hey who gets a full English now days , Naturally we had made a few mistakes and ended up with really thick lumpy stuff and stuff that was so runny it was easer to drink it but finally we had got it sussed much to my delight , one thing I had found was trying to remove  burnt porridge in a saucepan takes some shifting despite what the TV add said about fairy washing up liquid .

Any way whilst we where throwing  Yvonne’s latest porridge concoction down our throats I once again mentioned about making the most of our time of work and getting out someplace for the day , and again she agreed ………………Hello who are you ? And what have you done with Yvonne? I wanted to say but common sense kicked in and wisely I quite kept quite.

How about heading off down to the Saltburn area, there is a walk in that booklet we got of the internet and proceeded to read the following from the page “An incredibly bracing country walk which takes in two nature reserves and breathtakingly coastal and hill views. Saltburn’s Inclined Tramway and the Victorian pier and beach are all close by, or you can discover the history and legends of the Saltburn’s Smugglers in the town.”

Sounds good was her reply and as soon as we finished breakfast it was a mad dash around to sort the kit out and get ready, after a mad ten minutes gear was thrown into the car and off we went, I didn’t let Yvonne know that if we stuck to the route it would be about 8 miles ………..something’s she is better off not knowing , but I figured it should be a very well used footpath being near a very built up area , but we wouldn’t really know till we started then it would be too late .

What I didn’t take into account was the amount of rain they had been having for the last few days, something that never even entered my head, but boy did we  find out  about it on several sections of the walk, thick wet gooey slippery mud , which caused me and Arty leg no end of problems but hey that’s life .

On parking up at the car park (which was free at the time) gear was sorted and off we went our route for the day was (taken straight from the walking booklet)

Starting at the Cat Nab car park, cross the public road and pass the waterworks on the left before reaching a footbridge. Follow a sign directing you into Saltburn Gill Nature Reserve. Cross the stile to follow a path that takes you high above the Gill. Climb steps that lead to two more stiles about 50 metres apart. Cross a footbridge as the pathway runs close to Saltburn Gill.

Follow the right of way up a slope before emerging into a level open area. When the path divides there is a wooden post in the centre, head to the right on the upper path with gorse bushes on the right-hand side. Pass a nature reserve information board, go through the wooden gate then make your way through the woodland ridge. Follow the path as it bends up an incline to the edge of a field.

Continue directly ahead towards the houses at the western edge of Brotton. Follow the track round to meet the A174. Turn left up the hill and pass under the railway bridge, to join the High Street with the Methodist Church on the left. Turn right up a flight of steps opposite No. 42. Follow the path which is covered by overhanging trees until you reach playing fields. Keeping left, walk directly ahead through a cemetery until you reach Kilton Lane. Cross the lane and turn right, then left onto Winchester Road.

Follow the road to the junction with Canterbury Road. Follow a walkway on the left until you catch Sight of Guibal Fan House on your left. Cross a road and follow the track that runs gently downhill

To pass close to Gripps Farm. The route then veers left around the perimeter of a golf course, then Cross the stile to lead to a path close to the fence on the left-hand side. Continue left and over the

Stile. At the next stile a notice points out Cattersty Gill Nature Reserve, make your way left towards Another stile.

Turn left away from Skinningrove along Cattersty Cliffs, past Guibal Fan House until you reach the metal sculptures. Follow the signs for the Cleveland Way, taking in the breathtakingly views, including Roseberry Topping to the left, along the cliff tops towards a stile. Through the stile make your way down some steps and follow the roadway round to the left to reach the starting point at the Cat Nab car park.

The walk was as described , we stopped at a small tea room and stuffed our faces with coffee and cake only to pass a fish and chip shop a few minutes later , had we known we wouldn’t have stopped at the tea room .but hey you cant get it right every time , the views walking back along the coastal path are well something and once again the photos don’t do the place justice , the only down side of the walk was the amount of dog crap that was laying around on or near sections of the paths , but I fully expect that if you went there today (ten years later ) I think it would all be gone with the new anti fowling laws .

A few photos enjoy:

Me at the start of the walk heading up Saltburn grange


It’s pretty wild in places


Cutting down towards the small stream, after all the rain it’s a bit mucky


Still following the stream up


Heading down some very slippery wooden steps


Looking back down the small stream


Me again (you can tell Yvonne has got the camera) I have to say that there has been a lot of work done along this footpath with all the wooden handrails, steps and bridges


Now approaching the coastline I think that we link up with the Cleveland way now


Looking down towards Cattersty Sands


Close up looks like an old ruined pier or something, one day I will find out.


Me having a read heading back now.


One of the many metal sculptures along this section


A good place for a tea stop


My better half Yvonne (I must have finally got the camera back)


Looking down at the cliff base


Yvonne getting very brave near the edge


Looking back


Me having a rest and taking in the views


Looking towards a distant “smoggy land”


Looking towards Saltburn and its pier


Last look back at the cliffs


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