DATE                         26.03.16




As you all must know by now I have been having a bit of a problem with my walking ability for some time now and as fast as I think that I am getting better I always somehow manage to bugger something up and end up back at square one again , to be honest it’s not that bad as such but I do find it rather frustrating at times , I have been really enjoying  (if that’s the right word) a long  run of bad luck that started last October  when I buggered up my knee and also buggered up my stump and ever since then it’s been one thing or another that has held me back , I am finally getting back to where I can walk again without too much pain / soreness providing that I walk slow and take my time , not a problem unit I want to go out with a few other walkers and even at the best of times I do struggle to keep up and of course when I try to walk that little bit faster my socket grabs my stump and starts to tear it open again soooooooooooo for the time being I am stuck to being Billy no mates when I go out (cept for Bob Dog or the pup’s)  but believe it or not I know that I am an miserable unsociable old so and so but I do enjoy a natter and a bit of company now and again , I suppose what I am looking for is a walking partner , you know someone who doesn’t care about how long it takes to get from A to B or doesn’t have to be concerned about the time we get back and most important someone who leaves there mobile on silent when out in the hills and of course someone who isn’t bothered about going out into the hills with me  ………………One day someone will turn up.

Which brings me to today’s adventure, as you all know I have been out with the Facebook walking group “I WALKS” a few times in the past and really have a good laugh and a brill day and they tend to be a more “lay back relaxed” walkers which suits me fine, but in my present condition they would still be too fast for me BUT ……………….a post about this wander really opened up the possibility of me joining them for the day , The post :-

I Walk 58 Saturday 26th March. Paul's North Northumberland Rock Tour

 The one you've all been waiting for!

 Meet at Padgepool Place car park in Wooler (the far end of the High Street) for about 10.15 - 10.30

 We will begin the tour by heading for Wooler Golf Club at Doddington. After parking up (no need for backpacks, cameras only) it is about a 3/4 mile walk up to Dodd Law where we will see the first rock panels (technical term !) One of the panels here is quite unusual and rare. The views from the golf club are stunning so fingers crossed for good visibility on the day. We return to the cars and head for Chatton Park Hill. (We'll take backpacks on this one and have a bite to eat at the far end) Here we will see some stunning Cup & Ring markings, we'll then carry on to the top of the hill to an ancient settlement and the drop down the hillside to view the Kettley Stone (what’s that ? wait & see!) We then head a short distance east to view the Kettley Crags markings (my favourite) a spot of lunch then head back to the cars. Off to Routing Linn now.

 This rock is covered in markings (biggest in Northumberland) after all this, we are but a very short distance to the Routing Linn waterfall which is well worth a visit. If time allows..... There may be another wee walk around a rather famous battlefield! All depends on the time 'cos Douglas wants a pint!!

 Anyone fancy this?

 Car sharing would be good for this one.

 It's a busy day, three walks in one, great value.

I figured that I could keep up for the short distances involved and to be honest it’s in an area that I have never been to before and I have always wanted to see the water fall at Routing Linn but never had time to get there, as for the rock Panels over the years I have seen many but I have never really paid much interest in them so it might be nice to hear what Paul (National park Ranger) has to say about them so I decided to put aside my concerns and join them for the day .

Once again I found that the walking group had grown in numbers which show just how popular this group is but as always they are all a very welcoming bunch of folk, lead of course by Doug who would hand over command just for today to Paul who would be leading us around.

I had a wonderful very interesting day and have to say that I don’t think I will think of rock panels in the same way again, the small waterfall routing Linn must be one of Northumberland’s hidden gems and was a delight to see.

We didn’t walk to far today about 5 miles give or take a few meters or so, all of it easy relaxed walking with a few bits of the up’s and down’s, but of course each bit was broken up by a small drive to the next place which gave me the time I needed to recover, anyway a few photos from today (sorry no map)

Taken on the golf course looking towards the Cheviot Hills


Again looking towards the Cheviot Hills from Dodd Law


Having a look at a Rock panel


A Sketch of what this panel looks like?


A couple of rock Panels


Now heading off to Chatton Park Hill


Again having a look towards the Cheviots


Close up of a rock Panel


Bunch of dodgy looking people looking like they know what they are looking at


Heading downhill


Quick look at an old hill fort (or what’s left of it)

Taken at max zoom towards the Cheviots it’s a pity the weather isn’t that good


Heading down to our lunch spot …nom nom


The Kettley Stone


Same again


Time to head back up hill


Now at Kettley Crags and another panel


Up close


From what we was told, this panel was dug out by some badgers, so I will always know this as the badger stone panel


The view

Now at the Stone Panel near Routing Linn


A few photos apparently this is the biggest Panel in Northumberland


Now heading down towards the Linn


The Waterfall


A few photos

Strange looking rock

Ok last two


Doug our leader looking for some inner peace (or something)


My walking companions for the day (looks like some of these people might have been on crime watch recently) very dodgy looking people , BUT hey thanks I had a great time THANK YOU ALL


And last one that I was given by Steve  showing me from behind …and yes I look a right old sight


Day after thoughts

I am very pleased with how this worked out for me today , I didn’t ache , the skin on my stump didn’t suffer any damage and despite being broken Arty leg behaved itself , I still haven’t made my mind up about the rock panels …art ? Maps? Some strange message left by our ancestors? Allen’s? Who knows?  One thing is certain, I will always stop and take a look next time I pass a rock panel and who knows what I will either find of think.

Once again thanks to Doug for getting the group together and a big thanks to Paul for leading this walk and keeping us entertained with info about the places we visited.