DATE                                    24.05.15

DISTANCE                          ABOUT 3.5 MILES (WE DID LOADS MORE )

 WEATHER                         BRIGHT AND SUNNY



Hi, we where all around Kerri’s new house , you know just chilling out on the sofa playing out in the garden ,mooching around upstairs , sniffing around the kitchen floor looking for any tasty treats that might have been dropped onto the floor but best of all  we  like Kerri’s Garden as it is huge and mostly covered in grass , so we can run around as fast as we like , Kerri’s  next door neighbours   have got a dog  called “Tilly” she a nice dog but makes a lot of noise when we play out in the garden , then she get yelled at , we think that it is great fun that Tilly get told off and so we run along the fence just to get her in trouble .

However today Mick was in the garden, he was helping Antony lay a patio and dig some flower beds out, Mick by his own admission is far to old to be doing this type of hard work and was really puffing and panting as he moved stuff around so we knew the last thing he wanted was to have Tilly barking all the time and it was far to hot to do any serious running around so we decided to be good for a change , in fact it was nice just laying on the grass in the shade watching Mick and Anthony work , then right out of the Blue both Mick and Anthony  had finished laying the patio , they both looked very pleased and Mick went for a sit down in the shade , I think it was a case of sit down before he fell down .

naturally we all went over and sat with Him , You look worn out Mick I said , I am Flynn give me ten minutes to rest up then I think it will be time to take you all out for a walk someplace , Great I replied ………….some place nice and shady ……….with water ? I asked, yes why not said Mick ……how about a stroll along the river Blyth? It’s been a while since we where there. GREAT I BARKED!!!!! and proceed to run indoors to let Bob and Munchy know, they of course came hurtling out of the house barking and playing, this of course set Tilly off and for the next ten minutes things got rather loud with us all running along the fence barking like mad with everyone yelling for us to be quite, Ok that’s it said Mick time to go.

Charge…………… we all yelled and went running to the car , as much as we love it round Kerri’s house we still love our walks even more , and we could wait to get to the river so we could run and play and make as much noise as we wanted .

As it was just down the road it didn’t take long before Mick stopped the car and let us out ………..and as normal we got “the talk” about being good not pestering other people etc. etc. etc. .

Ok Mick I said we have got the message , and then Mick let us out , Charge we run straight onto the green at Bedlington park , we spent a few minutes running around whilst Mick locked the car and got ready then once he gave us the ok it was a full speed race down to the river , we love it down here , so much to see and sniff and of course there is the river , I like to paddle and mooch around , Bob and Munchy like to go right in and have a swim , we met up with several other dog’s and run across to say hello and even managed to beg a treat off one lovley lady ..Yes we like it down here.

Mick informed us that we would be walking along side the rivers side path right up to the weir / dam then we would walk back again, sounded good but really we don’t care where we go as long as we can run, play and have fun. WE spent ages running into the water and sniffing around on the river bank, then we entered the wooded area, it was covered with Wild Garlic plants, it did smell a bit funny but nothing to get concerned about, we of course went running into it and played hide and seek and would ambush each other, occasionally Mick would call us back just to check where we where hiding more than any other reason and of course we like to run back as fast as we could so we would get a treat , then we would go racing back into the plants again , it was nice and cool under the trees and of course we kept running down to the river bank for a paddle and a nice cooling drink ,

After a while we reached the Dam , mick took a few photos whilst we played………… then  either Bob or munchy pushed me off the side wall right under the water fall ……..brrr  it was cold and I got soaked , “I get you for that I growled” and proceeded to shake the water off (mostly on Mick’s legs) which I thought was funny then I chased Munchy and gave him a small bite right on his bum “hey Flynn it wasn’t me” he barked So it was Bob I said and went looking for him , Bob of course had disappeared into the Garlic plants and was busy running around laughing his head off , I gave chase and for the next ten minutes we raced around with me trying to catch Bob who was still taking the micky out of me for getting wet , but the fast running soon warmed me up and I soon forgot about trying to bite Bob and just enjoyed the chase , Munchy joined in the race and we spent the entire walk back to the car racing around , finally Mick called us back and we all had to walk by his side as we entered the car park , our walk today along the river was only 3.5 miles long but of course we ran loads more miles than that , a few photos …enjoy


Bob having a pre walk sniff along the river bank


Lots of stuff to run and hide in


Group photo


Some wild Garlic


Entering the woods and we find loads of wild Garlic


A few more photos of all the plants


Munchy mooching around by the river bank


Me Flynn checking up on Mick (we take it in turns checking up on him)


Bob & Munchy waiting for us to catch up


Our path takes us right along the edge of the river for a bit


Munchy getting ready to jump in


Let’s go in here it looks like fun ….charge


A bit further along the river


A few bluebells are scattered amongst the Garlic


Me leading Munchy along a secret trail


Let’s go and explore in there shall we?


More Bluebells


Back to the riverside path for a while


Me and Munchy looking for Bob who has gone and hidden someplace


More of the Garlic plants

Looking at the remains of an old bridge in the river


The dam or what ever it is?

We run along here its good fun


Getting ready to charge across


Some strange rock formation …..Mick seems impressed (he is very easy to impress)


The salmon run over the dam / weir


Looking across to the other side


Looking downstream


A rather wet me, Bob just pushed me in (I will  get him for that!)


Bob well out of reach having a good snigger at me

Now looking for Bob


I know that he is here somewhere


Bob sticking his head up to laugh at me


Me still looking for him


A few more photos as we make our way back to the car enjoy



Thanks for reading