DATE                               01.05.15


WEATHER                      BRIGHT AND SUNNY

START / FINISH            OFF ROAD PARKING SEE MAP              


To the Beach

Mick was sitting down at the kitchen table  updating his blogy thingy, accompanied by the normal amount of bad language and crashing and banging around, I of course kept quite but every now and then did have a silent chuckle to myself about how Mick didn’t use the phone camera correctly, What you smirking about Bob Mick suddenly said, well I couldn’t help myself and had to ask how where the photos from yesterdays walk knowing full well that they where all long and skinny and Mick was rather pissed with himself. Mick smiled and told me to sod off and continued to rant away as he bashed away at the keyboard.

Go get Flynn & Munchy and tell them to get ready we will be heading out once this is uploaded, Great I said and run off out into the garden to get them, Both Flynn and Munchy where busy running around the pond changing direction every now and then and crashing into each other, I’m not sure what game they where playing but seemed to be enjoying themselves, Hey you two I barked get ready Mick’s taking us out in a bit , Great they both replied and stopped to drink out of the pond , we all tend to drink out of the pond the water is so much tastier than the water in our water bowl , plus sometimes we scare the fish when we stick our mouths into the water , in fact it’s a game we sometimes play , we see the fish all hanging around right on the surface and then we pounce right up close to the edge and they scatter , once I pounced a bit too close to the edge and fell into the pond ……boy did the fish get a fright . Both Mick & Yvonne nearly wet themselves laughing as they picked me out, I found it rather cooling and have “jumped in” several times when the weather is really hot just to cool off, the secret is to dry off before I go running back into the house, Yvonne tends to get rather loud and mad if I start shaking water all over the furniture.

Right come lets go said Mick and we all went running for the front door , I couldn’t help but notice that Mick had his summer dog walking  bag  packed ready so that meant that we would be out all afternoon ..Great!! ……….. The bag looks well a bit girly but he is carrying it so it doesn’t matter

Mick walked us to the car and  opened the door and as we where just about to jump in we spotted the cat walking down the street, well this was just too  much and we all charged off down the street after it, Mick of course shouted at us but we where having none of it and went hurtling down the street after the cat, we nearly caught it as well but right at the last minute it spotted us, jumped three foot into the air spun around  then run up a tree , we of course run around the tree barking at it , then suddenly we heard Mick using “that voice” and new it was time to run back as fast as we could we went hurtling back to the car and all jumped in before Mick could say anything . One day that cat will turn around and scratch you Mick muttered but we just snuggled down and pretended that butter wouldn’t melt in our mouths then we where off.

Seeing as we had just narrowly escaped a rollicking off Mick we thought it would be wise to say nothing till we got wherever we where going and so it was with a bit of a relief when Mick stopped the car and let us out with the words “right off you go” and that was it we all jumped out and charged off into the dunes, Mick had brought us up to Cresswell / Druridge  a place we have been to many times before in fact we come up here at least three times a week and we simple love it up here , its one of those places where we can really run and play without having to be told to be good .

There is also so much to see and sniff , normally we meet up with some of our friends up here and will often have a run and play with them whilst Mick chats with there owners . Yes we love it up here.

This afternoon there wasn’t any rush to get anywhere so mick took it nice and slow with many sit down rest stops, well Mick sat down and took things easy we continued running around  , one of our favourite games is all to run into the dunes then ambush each other , sometimes we ambush mick when he is not expecting it . Sometimes we meet up with rabbits and play chase but they can run really fast and soon disappear, every now and then Mick calls us more so he knows where we are rather than anything serious.  

Because we are so smart we tend to take it in turns to run back mick and check in before he starts yelling for us , but we know that if we all runback as fast as we can when he calls we often get rewarded with a tasty treat ……we like tasty treats like wise when mick stops for a sit down he tends to get the water bowl out and a treat for us to snack on and once again we take it in turns to sit with him and keep him company ……………Mick is a very simple person and it doesn’t take much to keep him happy and of course that is one of our jobs to keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid , our walk today took us along the Coastal footpath to Druridge where we cut down onto the beach , we love the beach as we can run as fast and as far as we like , personally I love to bark and chase seagulls and I love running into the sea yes we all love it up here . On the beach we often find things to sniff at and sometimes we find things like crab legs which we quickly eat up before mick sees us and tells us in that dreaded voice NO.

Today we found a huge crab I think that it was a spider crab but I’m really not sure , it looked really mean but when got closer it was dead , we was going to have a bite just to see if it was tasty but Mick saw it and said that dreaded word again …..No ……….sometimes mick can be really mean.

Munchy found a live crab and was busy playing with it when it nipped Munchy right on his nose, Munchy dropped it and yelped...We all laughed and thought it was really funny, Munchy wasn’t best pleased but before he could do anything mick picked the crab up and threw it back into the sea, both Flynn and I kept taking the micky out of Munchy because it was such a small crab and he made such a girly sound. What a wuss!

Slowly we made our way back stopping every now and then to either sit down or have a play with other dogs on the beach then it was time to head back into the dunes and makes our way back to the car .

Mick (the hack) only walked about 2.7 miles and spent a silly amount of time just sitting on his arse watching us play we of course run zillions and zillions of miles and of course we kept reminding Mick to take photos correctly on the phone camera, even then he still managed to have his fingers in the photo …………..what a plonker.

On the Coastal path, Munchy running back to check on Mick


Yep a post to show that we are not lost


Looking over to the fields sometimes there are cattle in there


Heading towards the beach at Druridge


There is a path in there you just can’t see it from here


Now on the path heading towards the beach


Mick calls and we run back as fast as we can     


Sometimes we head off that way but not today


Looking at the beach, they have fenced of a small section for nesting birds


A small fresh water run off from one of the lakes, sometime we have a drink from here


Me and Munchy having a good sniff at something


Time to get on to the sand


Looking up the bay, there are a few people out today


Flynn licking his chops after a treat


Me (Bob) checking up on Mick’s arty leg


Now running to get to Flynn and munchy


The tide is on its way in so the beach will get smaller as we walk along

Flynn has found a very tasty stick to chew on


I’m busy chasing Munchy

A very dead spider crab? We wasn’t allowed to eat it (some times mick is really mean)


Posing in front of an old ww2 pillbox …sometimes we run and hide in there so mick can’t see us

Looking down the beach


Looking back up


Old ww2 concrete anti tank thingy’s


Me having a sniff


Get your finger off the lens Mick!!!!   What a plonker!


Mick get your finger off the lens ……sometime I really wonder what I did to get lumbered with him


Both me and Munchy have picked up the sent of something very interesting

Looking back at the sea


Into the dunes Munchy waiting for Mick to catch up


Me just about to run off after some rabbits


Primula and daisies


Just mooching around


Yep there is something heading this way. Let’s go


Charge we all go running off, Munchy just checking that mick is on the right path


Me running back to check that Mick is all right.


We all had a great afternoon, even Munchy had to admit it was funny that he got his nose nipped, of course when we got home we rushed into tell Yvonne all about it she of course made a fuss of Munchy ………………….we of course took the micky out of him for the next hour or so then it was tea time and munchy and his nose was forgotten about.

Thanks for reading see you all soon for another adventure.