DATE                            28.05.07

DISTANCE                  4.5 MILES

WEATHER                   BRIGHT AND SUNNY


 Well this is going to be a rather short write up the reason being is that I didn’t fill in my walking log book , other than I was having some serious grief because of my stump .

I had been to the doc’s who had sent me to see yet another doc and after a bit of prodding and poking they decided that I needed to have a small operation to cut and remove a nerve bundle that had decided to regrow in my stump , in fact I had left it far too late before I even went to see the doc , the result was painful to say the least , but I had date for the operation so all was good I think the nerve bundle is known as a Neuroma and that was going to simply be cut out and if all went well I would be back to normal .

So todays wander would be rather short and just a chilled out day someplace , after talking with my better half she decided that we would head up to the Fairy glen for a wander , I should mention that all the photos taken on this walk are thanks to my better half Yvonne , I wasn’t trusted to carry the camera because  if and when the nerve touched the hard side of the socket the pain would floor me , now its ok for me to crash to the ground but taking and breaking the camera as I fall is a no no , so Yvonne is in charge of the photos today and as for myself it was a case of taking it very easy and if the truth is known it could be my last chance of a wander for some time .

A few photos

Me, passing the path that leads off to the Ladies Well


Looking across to the fields, we did spot a couple of deer but they scarpered before Yvonne got the camera out



More bluebells with a cut down tree (why does Yvonne have the camera?)


Looking past the new “Deer fence”


When we was up this way on another walk this path was very boggy and wet


A bit further along, it’s still quite dry

Now heading off towards the secret entrance to the fairy Glen (Dove Crags)


O it’s me again waiting at the entrance , (waiting for the fairys to invite me in )

Heading up the path (note from today WTF  why am I not using hiking poles? ) I really think that I must have been brain dead at times


Showing the sandstone walls of this top secret cove


Looking up


Me heading off along a forestry track

Looking back


About to leave the forest (hey I didn’t take the photos)


Heather field


I think that I just touched a nerve here , Yvonne was waiting for the moment I went over rather than helping


Yep getting some serious pain whilst walking at this angle


Looking back ?


Don’t ask me Yvonne is taking all the photos

A couple more as we make our way back


Day after thoughts,

Nothing to say about this as I didn’t make any notes, I must of survived but that’s about it

 And we didnt get to see any Fairy's may be they only come out at night