DATE                             07.12.16

DISTANCE                   7.8 miles

WEATHER                   Dull but warm

START / FINISH         Car park at Marsden


Well for today’s wander I would be linking up with the walking group   for a fun filled day out and about the Marsden area and just to show that I am finally starting to mix with the rest of the human race I would be picking up a couple of lovely young ladies en route (well not actually picking up more like giving a lift) so all was well , I’ve been on a bit of a high with my walking just recently and want to continue the good progress that I have been making so come the warmer weather and longer days I can get some serious big stuff in . (Well that’s the plan)

Naturally as soon as I got in the car things started to go wrong, firstly there was a queue in my sarnie shop, then I had to return to the shop because I forgot Bob dogs roast beef slices (something I feel very bad about and had to wait a few extra minutes to get served again) then everyone in the northeast decided to jump into their cars and block every road up …..So much for me trying to make a good impression by turning up on time.  But using that marvellous invention called the mobile phone things and stuff where sorted out so all was good.

After a short bit of buggering around I successfully found Karen & Edwina, gear was thrown into the car and we were off……………….

Due to some fantastic navigation by Edwina which sent sat nav into a hissy fit we found ourselves pulling up into the car park just in time (mick makes note to himself to promote Edwina to no 1 navigator) and so gear was sorted and off we went , with Margaret leading the way as normal .

I can’t really say much about the route as I don’t know the area but I do remember doing a similar route many years earlier when I started to walk again and I remembered that I wanted to return when I wouldn’t be so knackered and simply just enjoy the walk along the coastline so if all goes well that is what I will do today.

Despite getting out and about with no bad side effects when I’m on my own, I was finding it hard to walk that little bit faster and so on the first opportunity  I informed Margaret that I would be dropping behind on the last leg of the walk and not to wait for me . our route for the day was (see map above) was easy walking apart from the footpaths was very muddy in places and it was that slippery type of mud, something that I haven’t quite mastered yet with my new Arty leg, I know that this will sound strange, but with my old Arty leg I could almost sense when it was going to lose grip and slip whereas with this leg the first thing I know is when the foot is above my head and I’m sitting on my arse , but due to some luck I was spared the embarrassment of falling flat on my face today ….yes I did have a stumble or two but no falls ………… that was good . Anyway our route took us past the quarry at Marsden Hall? Up and over a golf course around the Celadon Hills passing an old water tower and an old tower (not sure what it was used for) from there down into Whitburn and from there onto the Coastal path back to the car park where we started .

Bob dog wasn’t impressed as he had to go on his lead a couple of times during this walk when we crossed roads, but sadly Bob dog has no road sense as from day one I have always kept him and the other pup’s away from roads, pre haps that was a mistake and I should have done some “road training” with them. Yes I have walked them alongside busy roads on short leads so they got used to road nose so they didn’t get frightened when big busses and Lorries went past but that is it, and as I have already said I tend to keep the pooches away from all roads, but once we were back in a safe area Bob dog was set free and within a minute or so he was back to his normal happy go lucky self-running back and forwards just checking up on things.

As the afternoon started I found myself getting further behind, not a problem as it’s hard to get lost when you have the North Sea on your right hand side and a big path straight in front of you.

However once again Edwina dropped back to walk with me and once again we managed to sort the world out, Donald trump was sorted, brexit didn’t take up much time either then just before we started on world peace we decided to call in Souther lighthouse for a well-deserved hot drink , sadly after mooching around we found it shut and that seemed to put world peace on hold for a while and so we continued along the cliff top path , I have to say that this path is a joy to walk along , nothing death defining or anything but some very impressive rock formations can be seen whilst wandering along , Bob dog simply loved it here and was running full pelt backwards and forwards for a little dog he seems to have boundless energy , then rather suddenly  we found ourselves  back to the car park and found that Karen was waiting for us , gear was thrown into the car and off we went with one stop for coffee / tea and a local café , I have to say that I don’t really like walking near build up areas but it does have one huge advantage and that is there is always someplace to get a cup of coffee which is the correct way to finish off a day’s walking .

As normal a few photos enjoy

And we are off


Local info board


Some sort of sculpture?


Bob dog in the quarry


Some of the walkers


I think that this was an old water tower but could be wrong


More works of art? I’m sure there is a reason for this


Some sort of old tower / windmill? I really don’t know

The sign said it all


Waiting for me at the tower


Up close


Local info board


Heading down now


Old stone though at the farm we walked past


I really don’t know what to say about this (skip rat’s springs to mind)


A happy Edwina and Karen (not draping themselves over the monument)


A couple of photos of the local church


Old house (sorry I know nothing about it)


Looking down the coast towards Roker

Bob dog letting me know Arty leg is ok


Looking along the coastline


And back again


A bit further along


Posh sign post


A very rugged coastline


Old windmill (not sure of its history)


Looking down towards the shooting ranges


A few more of the coastline as we make our way along



Info board

Souter lighthouse


Old lime kilns


Last few as we make our way back to the car park


Day after thoughts

Groan!!! that was me getting out of the car, somehow walking that little bit quicker really takes it out of me, the walk wasn’t hard and had no up’s or downs to speak of but boy did I ache, so a slow “hobble” upstairs for a hot bath, good news was despite Arty leg losing suction and sliding about a bit there was no damage done to my stump so that’s good news, but on the down side the bursa? seems to be growing as of yet nothing to be concerned about but I really would like it to stop growing sooner rather than later but once again it goes to prove walking that little bit faster is something that I need to practise more, the trouble is when I am on my own (which is most of the time) I tend to walk slower as I have no pace maker. Still once again I had a great day