DATE                           02.04.2007

DISTANCE                  3.22 MILES

WEATHER                  GREY AND DULL


 After a really good day out the day before with my better half at Biddlestone   I was really at a loss with what to do today, I knew that I couldn’t go far or do a great deal and of course the weather had turned into a dull damp grey day so I suppose it would be a day for catching on household jobs , but there was nothing that really needed doing and I’m certainly not going to look for jobs to do , then right out of the blue my son mark piped up about going out for food ……which really meant he was hungry and skint so after a few minutes of serious negotiating I agreed that I would fork out for lunch but it had to be at a place that I chose and that we would both have to do a small walk to get there , I also informed him that lunch  wouldn’t be a mucky d or a kfc but at a pub with no Wi-Fi and there was no way he could bring his PS3 along …in fact I was rather surprised that he had left his bedroom in the first place , like most kids of his age he spends far too much time playing on line games  huddled up in his darken room only venturing out when he has to , so this seemed a good time to get some fresh air into his lungs and mine to for that matter .

I quickly threw some gear into the rucksack and grabbed some cash and we were off before Mark could change his mind, I decided that we would head up to the ship inn at Low newton for some lunch and have a nice walk along the coastline there and back all depending on the tides .

Parking was at Dunstan Steads, I made the most of the situation and gave Mark the rucksack to carry and off we went, our route took us along the golf course till we came to the club house where we cut down onto the beach, Mark of course wanted to visit the club house for some food and water ………….err I mean beer and it took some serious talking to convince him that there was much better food “just around the corner”  however once Mark discovered that I had packed the camera he suddenly developed a craze for taking photos of almost everything and anything and went off snapping away all thoughts of food and drink forgotten .

I had a sit down where the Emberton burn runs out across the beach …..It’s one of my favourite spots sitting here looking down the coastline towards the ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle, Mark of course found an old plank of wood and spent ages walking backwards and forwards over the burn, I know this sounds mean but I really would have laughed if he slipped off or the bit of wood broke and he got wet, in fact I was sitting there with the camera all ready to capture the moment. But sadly nothing like that happened.

From there we made our way along the beach to the small pub the “Ship Inn” at Low newton where Mark did his best to eat everything that they could cook and drink the place dry … nearly bankrupting me in the process, but finally with a happy and contented smile he admitted that he had had enough and was ready for the return walk back, and so we retraced our steps back , reaching the burn Mark was very disappointed to find that “his bridge” had somehow been washed away out to sea and there was nothing laying around which he could build a new bridge.

The weather stayed dull and grey all day, my bank balance took a dive but all in all it was a good walk only about 3 miles but still enjoyable.

A few photos mostly taken by mark …enjoy 

 Me getting out of the car, if I knew how much dosh this was going to cost me I wouldn’t be smiling


Mark with a big cheesy smile


Looking across at a big dune on the other side of the golf course


Looking back

Some water filled ditch at the golf course



Now down on the beach were the Embleton burn runs across the beach


Looking down (south) the beach towards the castle


Mark doing a selfie


The burn as it makes it way across the beach


A few with Mark demonstrating his river crossing skills


Looking out to sea


Looking towards Dunstanburgh castle


Looking out at some rocks exposed because its low tide


A happy mark now that he has stuffed his face

Heading back down the beach


Looking towards the old RAF early warning radar at Snook point


Day after thoughts

As expected I didn’t have no problems with my stump or Arty leg , my wallet returned quite a bit lighter , and I think that Mark had a nice time so all in all a nice little stroll out .