DATE                                         07.06.15

DISTANCE                              ABOUT 6.5 MILES

WEATHER                              BRIGHT AND SUNNY




Today’s walk was going to be a good one I knew this before I even started cooking breakfast , once again we where away with Vicky Van staying at what is becoming our favourite campsite (sorry I’m not going to tell you where in case it starts to get busy and we cant get booked up at a later date) . naturally it was my turn to cook breakfast ……………strange it’s always my turn when we are away , but if I waited for Yvonne to get her sweaty arse out of bed and do it I think that half the day would have gone , no its far easer to leave her snoring and farting in bed and get up and do stuff myself , well I wasn’t alone the pup’s where up and running about , playing in the farmers field , once again we had the site to ourselves so it was ok to let them run and play outside , I knew once I started cooking our breakfast of egg , bacon, sausage, mushrooms and tomato’s  they would soon come running back and “hang around “ waiting for any tasty tit bits .

Just before I was about to dish up Yvonne finally got her butt out of bed and came and joined me for breakfast , I will admit its nice sitting outside having breakfast in the sun , naturally the talk turned to todays walk , Yvonne AKA the hack informed me that she wouldn’t be joining me today (no surprise there ) and that she would look after both Munchy and Flynn till me and Bob got back , this was nice to hear , I know that both Munchy and Flynn love there walks but only up to a certain distance , then they both get tired and its unfair on them and I know that they would have a good time staying with Yvonne . Bob on the other hand would really be put out if I didn’t take him with me, he simply loves being out and from the very start right up to the very end he is ranging about always looking and mooching around so that was the details sorted, I informed Yvonne where I was going and what time I expected to be back, then leaving the washing up (I know I’m so norty at times) I simply grabbed my gear threw it into the car called for Bob dog and off we went .

I had done this walk several times in the past and didn’t plan to do anything different today other than I would walk through the wooded path rather than walk in the meadows right at the start of the walk but other than that just stick to “my route” , after all it is pretty impressive  in its way and I really do enjoy just getting out there , of course I was still a bit concerned about how my knee would hold up …………….don’t get me wrong it’s  ok but it’s still not right if that makes sense but as there is nothing I can really do about it I just tend to try to ignore it .

It didn’t take us long and we soon found ourselves pulling into the small but free car park at Gunnerside , gear was sorted , Bob much to his disgust had to be put on a lead for the first few hundred meters till got clear of the village and it’s main road and off we went .

Once clear of the road I let Bob off and off he went ranging ahead running this way then the other , I called him in a bit closer as we entered the first field with sheep in , I have spent a fair amount of time training Bob to ignore sheep and so far he has but I certainly don’t want to take any chances with him so for the first Half hour or so I keep Bob close when we are near sheep , once I am certain that he isn’t bothered by them or they are bothered by him I let him range a bit further out .

Our route for the day (see map) would basically follow the Gunnerside Gill up the valley, gaining a bit of height as we went passing loads of old mine workings …………..most of which I’m not certain of there names so if I get any wrong please forgive me up to Blakethwaite smelt mill where we would cross over the gill and walk back on the other side back to Gunnerside.

Both Bob and myself had a brilliant day, the sun was out but with a nice cooling breeze, Bob really behaved himself around any sheep we came across, in fact when he spotted any sheep near our path he would just sit down and wait till I caught up with him then walk at heel till we where past them, of course we met up with loads of other walkers who made a fuss of him and being the happy go lucky dog he is he really lapped up all the attention.

According to my GPS I walked about 6.5 miles with about 1082 ft. of the ups and downs, bob recons he did at least five times as far …..Which if the truth is known he did.

A few photos from today

Just left Gunnerside and about to enter the first field with sheep in ……..Bob wasn’t bothered by them


Looking along the bolder strewn Gunnerside Gill


Bob running back to check up on me (he takes his job as support dog very seriously)


Entering the “woodland path “at Birkbeck wood


A small break in the trees …old stone barn and bluebells


Info sign letting us know what’s going on in the woods


Have left the wooded section of this walk


Bob heading up to Sir Francis Dressing floor


And having a good sniff at something


Time for a sit down and a drink, Bob of course has a drink out of the Gunnerside Gill


Starting to gain a bit of height on Wintering’s Edge or is it Middle Edge? Looking back


Looking along the valley


One of the many water run off that make there way to the Gill


Looking at what I believe is Swina Bank scar


Round the last bend and first sighting of Bunting Mine


A bit closer


Mooching around


Dark scary tunnel

A couple more of the ruins


Info sign


Looking back along the path I took


I’m pleased that I’m not heading up that way today


Instead I’m heading down towards Blakethwaite Smelting mill


Part way down looking back along this valley


On the valley floor, its very rocky ……a good place to see how my new springy shock absorber foot works


Bob having a look at what I think is an old peat store (I could be wrong on this)


Part of the ruins of Blakethwaite smelting Mill (there is loads of “stuff” to look at here)


Bob with a chewed stick


Small unnamed waterfall with some more ruins behind it


Bob busy sniffing around again


Just looking around and making the most of the day


A few more photos as we cross over the Gill and start to head back





Looking across towards Bunting mine

In the north hush looking across at the rugged valley side …a result of all the mine workings?

Looking down slightly

A bit further along looking across


Bob enjoying the cooling breeze that has sprung up


Above Butcher Gill


Now looking at the waterfall, sadly there isn’t much water today


Looking across to the other side, what my photos don’t show is how big every thing is


Last look back at Bunting mine


Looking ahead


Looking down towards Sir Francis Dressing floor


Ok then one last look back, the blue tinge that can be seen on the hillside is the bluebells

Looking across at the stone farm buildings


Good job we spotted these cattle and tip toed past them like a couple of sneaks , Bob hasn’t had any experience with cattle so the last thing I want is any bother, as it was they didn’t even see us …… we was in stealth mode


Time to head down of the fells towards Gunnerside



Day after thoughts:

I had no problems with arty leg today, my stump did start to get that “hot burning” feeling at one point but I just simply stopped and removed everything and put it all back on again, naturally as I dropped my shorts and removed my leg there was a non stop stream of people walking past all I can say is I was pleased that I had clean smart looking underwear on , but it is hard to have a two way conversation when you are sitting down in just your undies trying to sort out arty leg and keep your dignity . other stuff worth a mention was how my new foot is performing, as you may or may not know I managed to get an upgrade for my old foot and now am the proud owner of the “Elite VT”, I have had it a few months but because of my poorly good knee I have been forced to take things easy, well today I pushed things a little bit and have to say I was very impressed with how the shock absorber worked in the foot, I am certain that it saved my bum cheek from taking a pounding by absorbing the shock loading itself and it seemed that it even gave a bit of spring into my step as well .and just to make things even better I didn’t have any aches or pains in the morning when I got up so all in all a really good day