DATE                          29.04.07

DISTANCE                  4.5 MILES



After our delightful wander the day before along the Ingleton waterfall walk, I thought that today’s wander might turn out to be a bit of a disappointment, after all I didn’t really know anything about the area or how accessible it was, yes I had seen the odd photo of Malham Cove and Gordale Scar which looked really special with lots of the wow factor but I really didn’t know anything about the route that we would be taking , plus we didn’t have that much time as we would be heading back home after the wander and home was a long long drive away .

However once we drove over the hill and got our first view of the Coves (if that’s the right word) I just knew that we would be in for a good day, it is simply breath-taking, we quickly parked up in the main car park at Malham, normally I would moan about having to pay to park up but with spotless toilets and the visitors centre that where at the entrance it seemed a small price to pay. I noticed that a few cars had parked up on the roadside but somehow that seemed wrong and sort of took something away from this lovely little village, one thing that we did notice was the amount of coffee / tea rooms that were dotted along the main street and we both decided that we would pay one of them a visit before we set off back home later. I have got to be honest here and say that I found Malham to be a delightful little village and just wished that we had a bit more time to mooch around but the one thing we were short of today was time, so it was gear on and off we went, first calling into the visitors centre for any info that was available and like all good visitors centres they had loads , so armed with a few leaflets we set off , our walk for today took us across the Malham Beck crossing over via a delightful stone bridge , from there we simply stayed on a very well maintained path which run alongside the beck , the path eventually took us along the Gordale beck which again was in an extremely good state of repair , I suppose with all the visitors that they get here it’s not really suppressing , our path took us into a wooded glade which was covered in wild Garlic and once again all I could think of was delightful after a short distance we came to Janet’s Floss which has an almost magical feel about the place , there is a small cave behind the waterfall , and several small children were trying to get in to have a look , we decided to snap a few photos and move on , following the path we burst out of the trees only to be greeted by the sheer wild crags of rossfield Knott’s and the “entrance to Gordale” and all we could think of was wow ! , a small wander along a small track had us stopping at a mobile tuck shop for coffee and hot chocolate right at the entrance to the scar, what a place, this more than anything really opened my eyes up to what stunning places we have in this country, and to think I had never been here before, I often think if it wasn’t for my accident I might have stumbled thru life without knowing that these places even existed. I think at this stage even Yvonne was impressed with the place, we slowly made our way along the footpath heading right into the scar snapping photo after photo till we got as far as we could for the day , the place is very popular and we spent some time watching various people climbing up the small waterfall and heading off further up the valley , we didn’t have time to even try today and if the truth is known it is well beyond my ability at the moment , but that didn’t matter , I once again got the strange feeling that “right here right now Gordale Scar” was welcoming me and it felt right that I was here just looking and that was it for the day …………….. I just knew that we would both return to this area every year from now on and as I got better with my walking ability I would see and grow to love more of this area, in fact just being here made a huge impact on me in ways that I can’t really describe other than a sense of well-being and hope.

Our route back was a simple reversal of our route up here, still absolutely brilliant see all the sights that we somehow missed on our walk up here, at Malham we treated ourselves to a cream tea, sadly we didn’t get to see Malham cove up close, but we both knew that we would see it next time we were here but more importantly we knew the next time we came I would be able to do and see more.

Then sadly it was time to get into the car for the long drive back home.

A small note from today 2017 even now as I write this up using the notes I made I am still get emotional by this place, yes I love the wild fells and getting away from the crowds but here its big enough for every one and the crowds don’t matter, and  as I wrote all those years ago we have and still do return down here, and have walked and explored  this wonderful place, I like to think of it as a place where nature is at its best , if you have never been here you need to

A few photos:-

The stone footbridge that we crossed over at Malham


Looking back along the path


Our route


Mum and two little ones


Entering the woods


Wild Garlic


This section is covered with it


Looking back

Janet’s Floss with a few kids trying to look in the cave


A rare shot of the waterfall without anyone on it


Same again

Heading out of the woods and what a sight


Small walk along the road to a mobile coffee wagon

The entrance (if that’s the right word) to Gordale Scar


Up closer


Well I never there is a small camp site here


Me walking up the path heading into the scar




A couple more photos they don’t do this place any justice


This is about as far as we go today


A few photos, they don’t cover the size of this place


Looking back out

A few more showing the waterfall and the crowds

Yvonne (feeling a bit cold now …to much booze the night before)


Time to start out


A bit of a queue starting to form

Looking back


Now heading towards the trees


Last look before we go


One of the locals coming to say hello


Ok a last couple before we go


On top of Janet’s floss


Looking towards a small cave

Got lucky again with the waterfall (no one there)

Hello (another local)



Day after thoughts:-

We really did enjoy our short stay down here and have promised ourselves that we would return