DATE                              04.02.16


WEATHER                    COOL BUT DRY



Right let’s go yelled Mick ……….WOOF WE ALL BACKED BACK and charge…. off we went firstly two laps round the settee followed by a dash up the stairs and back down again , followed by head long race into the front garden where we came to a sudden stop as the gate was shut ……..err Mick I barked open the gate …………………not yet Munchy , I’ve  just seen the fat cat wandering down the street and if I let you out I know what will happen ….. It will take me ages to round you all up. ………sigh mick’s right there is nothing we like more than to chase the fat cat, we know that we will get a rollicking off Mick or Yvonne for that matter but we simply can’t help ourselves and  as I always say………… it was worth it! And we know that Mick really doesn’t mean it, I think that he just goes thru the motions just because it’s expected from him. However today he was having none of it ….come on Mick open the gate I barked …………..Nope Mick wasn’t moving, Bob and Flynn started barking at Mick as well, but Mick wasn’t to be bullied by us .after what seemed a life time mick read us the riot act and told us if we went charging down the street he would cancel our walk …sigh!!! we all agreed to be good and finally Mick opened the gate, come on get in the car yelled Mick and reluctantly we all jumped into the back, Bob was fuming we could have chased that cat if the gate wasn’t shut, never mind I said there is always another day ………..and then we proceeded to settle down as we know mick wont drive until we are all ready.

It didn’t take long for Mick to stop the car and let us out, I recognised where we was straight away, it was the Dene, we have been along here several times and always have fun, once we all managed to roll in fox pooh and boy let me tell you Mick wasn’t impressed, neither was Yvonne when she had to help bath us to get rid of the smell but we just couldn’t help ourselves.

Today Mick explained that there would be no rolling in anything smelly or we would all be in big trouble and there would be no treats. Ok we all barked back and off we ran, Mick lets us run around along the river as its well away from cars, we of course love it, there is always new sights and smells as well as a few birds to chase, Bob loves to chase Seagulls and of course we have several friends who are out with their owners so we run and play with them.

Our route took us along one side of the river bank before we crossed over, and cut back on the other side, in the warmer months we would run and splash around in the river, but it was just too cold for that today so we crossed over using the bridge.

We spent the afternoon playing chase and making new friends and soon forgot about missing out on chasing the fat cat down the street, we did our best to stay out of the mud so Mick was happy as we normally get covered when we walk along the dean, then sadly it was time to head back to the car as it was getting close to tea time…. But we didn’t mind that much as we love our tea and wouldn’t want to be late...all in all a good afternoon

Mick had his camera with him and took a few photos:


Tasty rabbits


Getting closer …nope they don’t want to play


Tree house


Me Munchy waiting for Mick to catch up, we take it in turns to drop back and check up on Mick


Looking along the river




Underground spring


Upturned boat


Bob leading the way, with me waiting for Mick…….. Again!


Flynn on the wooden footbridge

Looking back

Looking up at what we think is “starlight castle”

Bob having a good old sniff around




Prickly bush


Same pond …sometimes we stop and get a drink from here


Big birds flying away

A bit closer

Ducks …very tasty


On our way back looking across to where we was


Me again having to wait for Mick


Looking across to the other side again


Going under the busy road


The harbour at Seaton Sluice

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you out there someday