DATE                                       26.06.14

DISTANCE                             3.3 MILES

WEATHER                             HOT



Hello everyone it’s Bob and it’s my turn (again) to tell you about our latest adventure, it really started the evening before when we were all lazing about as we had just got back in from our evening beach walk when Kerri rung up and wanted to know if Mick was off the next day and if so was he planning on taking us out for the day , Straight away my ears pricked up coz I love going out for the day , Sadly Mick replied that he had too many jobs to catch up on ……………my heart sunk! Then he went on to say that he was going to take us out once he has finished , Kerri wanted to know what time  I jumped up onto the chair so I could hear a bit better …………be round for 12.00 Mick said if your late I will go without you ………………GREAT !!!!! A full afternoon with Mick and Kerri I jumped down and went to find Flynn and Munchy who were both dozing with Yvonne, Guess what I said “we are all going out for the afternoon tomorrow with Mick and Kerri” yeah! they both replied but hang on a minute Kerri is a bit of a hack said Munchy she will never walk very far and she is always late said Flynn ………not a problem I said I hear Mick tell her if she is not on time he will go without her, we all had a giggle at that, it’s a very well-known fact that Kerri is always late but she knew that Mick would go without her so she had to be on time.

Any way much to our  amazement Kerri turned up a few minutes early , we naturally ran at her and made a fuss whilst mick got the stuff ready then it was charge off into the car , Mick told us and Kerri that we would be having a wander along the dean , mainly because it was such a hot day there would be lots of shade under the trees and there is the burn to play in and splash around , great we love the dean , last time we were there we all jumped into the smelly mud and had to have a bath when we got home , I think Mick was hoping that with all the hot dry weather we had been having all the mud would have dried up  ….I didn’t care because we would have fun anyway .

Flynn came up to me and asked about Kerri “do you think that she can walk this far” I don’t know I replied, we all love Kerri but she really is a hack and could do with getting some exercise , in many ways she is like our mum Yvonne who is also a bit of a hack when it comes to getting off her arse and doing a bit of walking , you should hear some of the excuses she come out with when Mick asked her if she want to come with us . Still that’s a different story. once we were clear of the road Mick let us run, we all went belting along the path, its lovely along here, so many new smells and things to explore, we met up with a few other dogs and stopped for a sniff and chat then went charging off in front, as Kerri was with Mick we didn’t have to take it in turns to go and check on Micks arty leg but we didn’t wander off to far in front. we came to a lovely cool shady spot by the burn , let’s stop here and have a paddle I said , yes lets said Munchy it is getting very hot now and so went down to the burn and started paddling it was nice and cool the water .

Mick and Kerri turned up a few minutes later  they was with a lady who had a really big dog with her, he was very hot and made a huge splash as he jumped in. He had a couple of tennis balls with him and told us we could join in and play with them if we wanted , After thanking him I jumped in it was very cool , Munchy and Flynn joined in but didn’t go as deep  as me but we all stayed for ages playing hunt the ball , I think that Mick was letting Kerri recover a bit because we had walked a long way (for her that is ) we were fine but Kerri isn’t use to any form of exercise so we had to take it easy for her .eventually we said good bye to our new friend and thanked him for letting us play with his toys and went bounding off , “that was great fun and I feel nice and cool again” lets run ok said Flynn , I will stay and keep an eye on Kerri said Munchy she looks like she needs all the encouragement and support she can get ……….poor girl was really struggling I don’t think she has ever walked so far in her whole life .

Mick of course was fine, we found another cool shady spot and decided to have a drink and paddle so Kerri could have a rest as well, we played chase the stick with Mick this time, even Flynn went in and nearly got his tummy wet and as you know Flynn is a right girl when it comes to getting wet, it was nice here and we all had great fun.

After a while Mick suggested we cross over to the other side of the river and started to make our way back, I tried not to show my disappointment but one look at Kerri and I thought mick is right we need to start heading back before Kerri collapses into a snotty heap and we all took it in turns walking with her giving her a bit of support and encouragement, we had a couple more stops on the way back just so Kerri could rest up a bit then we were back at the car . We had a great time and talked amounts ourselves on the way home  the main topic was do you think Kerri will be ok and will she come out with us again , I guess we will just have to wait and see .

Mick had his new phone with him today and took a few photos without too much swearing at it, so he must be getting better.


Heading along the path at the start of the walk


Looking along the Seaton burn


The burn very inviting we can’t wait to jump in


Me and Flynn waiting for Mick to catch up


Old dead tree


As there are cattle with youngsters in the field we will cross over to the other side of the burn

Tasty we like beef


Big bull we shall keep well clear of him


Me heading into the burn, it’s nice and cool

I wonder if I can swim up there it’s very deep


Another rest spot, it’s not so deep here

Munchy and Flynn having a paddle, Flynn doesn’t like getting to wet (he’s such a girl at times)


Kerri (the hack) having a look, we are all really surprised that she managed to walk this far because she is so lazy at times.


Flynn heading in after a stick that Mick threw in


Munchy working on his balancing skills


Kerri holding Munchy


Me having a sniff in the grass


Looking along the dean, it was very hot out in the sun

Another section, we walked along there in the winter it’s now all overgrown


Some stepping stones over the burn, Kerri wouldn’t cross thee she is a right wuss at times


Just look at the smile on Kerri’s face now she knows that we are nearly back


Someone made a wooden deer


The inner harbour with the tide well in.


Thanks for reading see you soon xxx Bob