DATE                          16.10.15


WEATHER                 COOL BUT DRY


The Dene


Hello it’s Flynn and I have got to say sorry we haven’t done any walks for a while but to be honest with you all it’s because we have been very busy having fun , but its time to start again so I will start off with a small walk we did with Mick along the Dene .

My day started as normal with Mick taking us out for our morning walk then whilst we where all back home busy scoffing treats and chews, Mick was busy fitting some new units in the kitchen, we could all hear Mick banging and drilling with a lot of swearing so we thought it would be best if we kept out of the kitchen and was quite happy playing chase in the front room , of course we had to bark at the post man as he delivered our mail likewise a cat strolled across the garden right in view of us ……Boy did we let him know that he was in trouble next time we say him outside , Mick of course didn’t realise that we do all this barking for his benefit and shouted at us to play quietly , yes we all replied and we did try to be quite for a while we really did but it wasn’t long before we started a play fight that turned into lets chase Bob around the settee then it was charge we all went running into the kitchen and of course crashed into where Mick was busy fitting some new units , hey Come on Mick stop that and take us out for a walk I barked at him , Mick sighed put down his tools and agreed …… “I’m not going to get anything done with you lot running around am I?” Nope your not we all barked back and went running to the door , Mick had no choice but to follow , grabbing his keys and stopping only to put on his boots we where off …..Well as far as the car, mick opened the door and charge we all climbed in and settled down, we all know that Mick won’t drive until we have settled down so as soon as we get in we all snuggle down and wait for mick to get in and drive.

We didn’t have long to wait till Mick stopped the car and let us out, we had come to the Dene, we have been here loads of times and love it there are loads of smells and places to sniff and mooch around plus there is lots of other dogs out and about with there owners and we all get to say hello and run and play with them. Of course there is the burn itself to play and paddle in, but its starting to get a bit too cool now to go in for a paddle or swim, but it’s still nice to go and get a drink from it, Bob of course still runs and jumps in but I think that he is a bit stupid.

We hadn’t gone far when I noticed that Mick was limping badly , naturally I went into my care support dog mode and went running up to him ……err “what’s the matter mick” , I’m not really sure Flynn I think that I must have touched a nerve when I was kneeling this morning and its really hurting said  mick , Mick went and found a spot to sit down , we of course then went into our guard dog mode and made sure no one bothered mick , Mick removed his arty leg and spent several minutes rubbing his poorly stump then put his leg back on again , any better we asked ? sadly it was no , mick went on to tell us that he was “bottoming out” on his socket and needs to pad it out again , sadly this meant that our walk would be cut short , but we still had fun running and playing whilst Mick sat down and rested up a bit , in fact it took us a few hours to get back to the car , we didn’t mind because we spent the time playing and exploring and mick didn’t seem to mind as he had to rest every few hundred meters , but we could tell that he was pleased when we got back to the car and sat down , we of course did our bit by being on our best behaviour so he didn’t have to worry or shout at us .

We didn’t cover much of the dene today, but we still had fun and the best news is that Mick managed to pad out his Arty leg later that night and fix it again and things and stuff are back to normal now, a few photos from today

Looking along the Dene


A bit further along


Munchy having a sniff around


Me Flynn having a sniff in the same spot


Underground spring, it’s very muddy around here


Munchy hanging around


Looking along the Dene, we run and play on this grass


We run across here, I can get across at low tide without getting my paws wet


Munchy looking concerned about Micks leg


Looking back


And again but from a bit further along


Old pipe


Dead tree


Bob and Munchy having a good old sniff


Old scary tree


Munchy and Bob running back to Mick


Bob jumping over some mud


Me Flynn waiting with a stick


Munchy dog


Bob dog


Heading back to the car not far to go now


Another rest stop for mick and we have an explore


A few more photos of the flood plane as we slowly walk back


 Old boat

Bob leading the way back


Thanks  for reading xxx     lick