Dogs at Dufton

we should have been having a snooze before our afternoon walk, when suddenly Yvonne returned home from her job at the café a bit earlier than normal but before we could really make a fuss of her, Mick called us to the door and said those words we love to hear …………….walk time!! , well if the truth is know there are several words we like to hear, tea time, treat time ….look there is a cat in the garden! But there is something about “walk time” that gets us up and running around like a pack of err well mad dogs, Charge we all barked and went running out into the garden …………all thoughts about greeting Yvonne where forgotten and before we knew it, mick had opened the gate and we went running along the street to the grassy field, it wasn’t till we stopped at the field and Munchy spoke that I realised something was up again , what do you thinks going on Flynn asked munchy , I don’t really know I replied , well why don’t you ask Mick when he catches up with us .

We always race along the path …..As fast as we can and normally wait for mick on the field before we all head off for a walk. but today I decided to run back and meet Mick , Hey Mick what’s going on I barked , Mick of course pretended that nothing was going on , but when both Bob and Munchy started asking questions he finally answered .

Ok said Mick , after this walk we are all going to jump into the car , pick up Vicky Van and then we are off for another trip away for a week , Great we all barked …..We simply love going away for mini holidays, we have so much fun, where are we going I asked.

Some place new for you all replied Mick a little site at Dufton and because it’s a long drive across there, I don’t want to have to stop every few miles just so you can cock your legs up for a wee. So do your stuff now.

Well that was great news and we all went running off, Bob of course went running off to chase a sea gull that just happened to be flying over, but me and Munchy decided to stay close and keep Mick in our sights, I cant wait said Munchy, yeah I’m really looking forward to it as well I replied then Bob came hurtling back and run straight into us knocking us both over and world war three started as we all ran and rolled about and had play fights.

After a hour or so we all made our way back home, Yvonne had showered and was ready, so we all went and made a fuss of her whilst Mick threw all the stuff into the car ….it’s funny how Mick seems to do all the work and Yvonne just sits around giving orders, then after a couple of minutes we got the call and all went running into the car, well if the truth is known Yvonne didn’t run. But then she never does.

We quickly settled down and…………. we where off with one quick stop where they hooked up Vicky Van and then we set off again , I was very excited , so was Munchy & Bob and we talked about what we could do and where we might go , but after a few minutes we all drifted off to sleep .

We all woke up when the car stopped and waited for either Mick or Yvonne to let us out. we had to wait a few minutes as Mick had to park the van up , it’s like he once said  he has enough trouble just getting the van in position without having to worry about us running about , so we have to wait in the car till the van is put down and the car is parked up .

On letting us out we got the normal riot act read us and we all sat there waiting for mick to finish , then we got told that we had to be on leads on this site , “WHAT WE ALL BARKED” Yes that’s the campsite rules so you had better behave .

Yvonne quickly put us on our leads and took us for a walk whilst Mick got the van ready and unloaded the car, we didn’t have to go far before Yvonne let us off and we all went down into a place known as Dufton ghyll, we liked it down here there was miles of paths and trees and bushes with loads of wildlife, the whole area was full of exciting smells and things to explore and the best thing was it was right next to our Vicky Van so we didn’t really have to stay on our leads for long .

(We had several walks along the Ghyll whilst we stayed here and loved them all simply because it was so near.)

A bit about the Ghyll:-

Dufton ghyll wood is broadleaved woodland which has Interesting geology, rich in liverworts and mosses, as well as a multitude of Wildflowers. And has a Sweet Chestnut tree that is over 500 years old. Dufton Ghyll Wood is an area of semi-natural ancient woodland that contains significant outcrops of St Bees Sandstone.

After a long walk it was time to head back to the van , our tea was ready and boy was we ready for it , we where starving , Mick was busy cooking on the BBQ so we knew that there would be some tasty tit bits a bit later.

And so it was after a good feed and some tasty treats we all settled down for the night, we was all feeling tired and soon snuggled down for a snooze, we where all planning to sneak up and settle down on the big bed with Mick and Yvonne once they had dropped off to sleep .when suddenly the van lit up and there was a huge load bang and rumbling , followed by really load rain hitting the roof of the van , I nearly wet myself and didn’t hesitate for one second and not only jumped up onto the bed but dived under the covers ,  it’s alright I heard Yvonne telling Bob & Munchy who had jumped up on the bed and very quickly snuggled down between Mick and Yvonne “its just a thunderstorm” but there was no way I was coming out from under the blankets till it stopped ,Mick lifted the quilt up and called me a wimp but wimp or not I was staying here . Then there was another load thunder clap and both Munchy and Bob joined me. And so for the next half hour all three of us stayed under the quilt, eventually the storm moved on and we ventured out, but none of us felt brave enough to go far and spent the night curled up in-between  mick and Yvonne ……………..Phew that had been scary !

Morning came and every thing was back to normal, because there wasn’t any one staying on the site we where allowed off our leads but couldn’t wander to far, but that didn’t matter as we had great days out, each day our day started with a walk along the Ghyll each day walking along a different section, then after breakfast we would go on an adventure someplace. we did walks around Dufton, we really liked this as there was a lot of visitors around who would make a fuss of us, Mick and Bob went off for a couple of “Big walks” so me and Munchy stayed with Yvonne and had fun, we went to the village Tea room I think it was called the old post office or something, but it did lovley cakes and of course both Mick and Yvonne saved us some tasty treats, we like tasty cake.

We also had a day across in the Lake District, where we went for a walk to some tarn, that was great fun as we could run and play all the way and even Yvonne came with us for the day and we all know what a hack she is when it comes to walking, we also got some cake after that walk as we all called in some big posh hotel for coffee and tasty treats, Mick nearly cried when the bill came and reckoned that it must have been the dearest coffee and cake in the whole world . We of course just laughed, we had a great trip away, and we saw our first ever red squirrel, met up with deer that didn’t run away from us , made friends with some of the local dog we met up with on our walks or when we where sitting on the village green outside the post office café …yes we had a great time and cant wait till our next trip away , as normal a few photos :-

On our way up to small water

Munchy sniffing around in Dufton ghyll wood

A hot Munchy having a small lay down

Me (Flynn ) and Munchy  in Dufton ghyll wood

Bob Dog giving Mick the come on lets get going look

A nice place to cool down , taken on our walk to Dufton Pike

Charge !!! up to Small water

In Dufton ghyll wood it was very dark !

We think that we have found something ........we just dont know what

Me , did i ever tell you I dont like getting my paws wet ?

 In Dufton ghyll wood tree roots in the stone

Munchy getting ready to splash me as I run past

A few more  in Dufton ghyll wood (yes its raining )

A Sweet Chestnut tree that is over 500 years old.

Bob dog checking things are ok

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