DATE                            04.03.07

DISTANCE                   6.2 MILES

WEATHER                   GREY , WINDY AND COLD


Church point

After my last walk around Alnmouth I was determined to get across the river Aln and have a mooch around Church point, and after much looking at stuff and things on the net I decided that we would simply park up the car at Warkworth and walk up the coast using the coastal path, mooch around and then walk back along the beach or walk it the other way all depending on the tides and the weather , according to my good old o/s map I should be able to park up , in a small but well placed car park near the golf course ,& according to some local info , there is also a public toilet block and a few wooden picnic tables so it all looked good , picnic tables are always useful for having a well-deserved coffee before I even start and it’s a good place to sort out my gear and put my boots on , the down side of this place is it is a very popular place for the dog walking brigade , but hopeful once I get away from the area I will lose the dog walkers .

I just happened to mention this to my other half who yet again surprised me by saying that she would like to join me ……………. hello …who are you and what have you done with Yvonne .

So that was it early the next day (well not to early), up, washed & dressed then breakfast, gear was thrown into the car and off we went, our starting place was only a short drive and didn’t take long to get there, which just goes to prove a point that you don’t really know what’s on your doorstep and I can’t believe that we have never been here before.

The weather was bitterly cold with strong gusty wind but at least it wasn’t raining and according to the weather forecast (if you believe them) it should stay dry for the day, so coffee was made and drunk, gear was  sorted, boots on and off we went, straight down a very well used path straight down onto the beach, at this point we decided that we would walk along the coastal path rather than the beach and followed the well sign posted path along the dunes , this path however soon splits up and then splits up again like all path do when the make there way in between the dunes , but you really can’t get lost as you have the golf course on one side of you and the beach the other , there are a few way markers dotted around , and you soon know when you are walking along the wrong path as it simply either heads off towards the beach or gets smaller and more overgrown until it disappears , but it’s all easy walking so there isn’t a problem as long as you are heading in the right direction , at one point the path cuts straight across the golf course only to link up with a dirt track only to cut back across the golf course again a few hundred meters further along !, staying on the path we headed into a static caravan site , they must be used to walkers because there was several signs asking us to stay on the path , but the few people we met didn’t seem to mind and where very chatty. I believe that this section is known as “Birling Carrs”, once we left the caravan park a sign pointed out that we were now walking along the “St Oswald’s way” I’m not really sure how why or where the coastal path get this new name but it didn’t matter  it’s still easy walking and the views are something special . Then after a small climb up a gentle hill you get to see Alnmouth and more importantly Church point and the cross, as we approached it there is a section where you walk across some “mud flats” which have been known to flood when there is a exceptionally high tide but providing you aren’t completely brain dead the cross over to the “island” isn’t really a problem.

Once back on the grassy island we had a mooch around the old ww2 bunker and of course the old church, I don’t know the history of the place but one day I will get round to having a mooch around the internet, dinner was had sitting by the church, using the ruins to stay out of the strong wind, then is was up to the cross a few photos were taken then it was time to head back , sadly we miss timed the tides and when  we started to walk back along the beach   the tides forced us back onto the coastal path . We walked about 6.2 miles all easy going and to be honest it’s a lovey beach and it’s nice to see Alnmouth from the other side of the river.

A few photos:-

 Taken from the car park looking towards the beach


Looking towards Amble


Cutting down to the beach with its ww2 tank traps


Now cutting across the golf course (looking up at the golfers bridge)


Looking back at the wooden bridge

Sheep in a turnip field


On the coastal path looking down at the beach

Zooming in at the rock formation (Birling Carrs)


Looking back along the coastline


Me, just after we passed thru the caravan site


My better half Yvonne


Sea gulls

Looking at the start of the mud flats


Looking towards church point with Alnmouth in the background


The cross at Church point

Same place just showing the small old church


Up close


Yvonne posing


And guess what in the window?


The stonework around the door way


Looking across part of the river / mud flats


Looking along the river Aln

Same again just a bit further along


Old farm out building getting done up to holiday lets

Heading off up the small hill looking back at the church


Me feeling a bit wobbly

The view from the top


The cross with Alnmouth in the background


Looking out to sea, (our route back)


It’s starting to get a bit windy


Nearly down


On the beach starting to head back


Heading out of the bay towards the sea


More ww2 tank traps


Looking at where the wind has cut into the sand dunes


As the tide is coming in its time to head back to the path


Back on the coastal path looking back towards Alnmouth


We cut down to the beach again just for one last look , it looks like we made the right call to get off the beach as its totally gone where we would have been walking



Day after thoughts

Nothing really , I didn’t expect to have any problems with my stump and sure enough I didn’t , I did find it quite hard walking in the strong wind , especially when the wind suddenly gusted (is that a word?) and suddenly died down or changed direction . It was cold and windy today, I bet that this walk would be a gem on a nice sunny day and because it’s just up the road from me I think that I will be walking this way again in the future.