DATE                                  29.04.06

DISTANCE                          7.02 MILES

WEATHER                          BRIGHT & SUNNY



Carey burn

Today was going to be a good, there was several reasons why, the first one was I had finally splashed out and got myself a new camera, I had done loads of reading up about various types and spent a silly amount of time talking to people who know about these things and I decided on a entry level DSLR that way if I wanted to go down the arty farty photo’s route , you know make the photos really stand out or pop as they say I could , like wise the camera would give me the opportunity  to slowly learn about f stops (whatever they are)  ,light setting and other strange sounding things .and of course I would still get a brilliant photo if I left every thing on auto . I got a Nikon D50 that came with a lens (don’t ask because I don’t know) and seeing as how I was feeling happy I even splashed out and got myself a zoom lens with the thinking that I could zoom in and get some wildlife shots at sometime. The down side of getting this camera (apart from the price) was its size, we had brought a carry case to place it in, but I hadn’t given any though on how I would use it on a walk, putting in my rucksack would protect it if I fell, but that would mean having to stop get it out then put it away for each photo. (It was many weeks before I solved this problem by getting a holster that fitted onto my front rucksack strap) but for today my better half would carry it and be camera girl.

The other bit of good news was I had found a water fall ….well I didn’t find it as it was always there but after a quick look at the map I had worked out a belta of a route for the days walk.

Even my better half seemed impressed and as anyone would tell you she really is a bit of a hack when it comes to going outdoors for a walk. of course having Yvonne along solved the camera problem unlike me she is stable on her feet so it should be in safe hands, where I was still taking the odd fall and the last thing I wanted to do was fall and smash the camera, as it turned out we nearly came to blows when it came to using it. Yvonne must have taken hundreds of photos and seemed very reluctant to let me use it.

Anyway our route started by parking on the grassy lay by at the bottom of Skirl Naked (just love this hills name) just before the bridge over the Carey Burn. Note from today over the years we have often returned and parked here and the sheer beauty of this valley always leaves me with a sense of wonder.

Gear was sorted and after Yvonne took a few hundred photos we set off, our route for the day would take us along the Carey Burn which sits between the Steely Crag and Hart Heugh, this is a wonderful small path that follows the burn upstream, the sheer scale of the hills either side just adds to the magical feel of the place then of course is the small but delightful waterfall of Carey Burn, which is a lovely surprise as you round the bend and see it for the first time.

From there our path linked up with what’s know as the Hell path (don’t ask haven’t got a clue why) at the base of watch hill from there we headed up to the old ruin at Broadstruther. note from today Broadstruther is no longer a ruin it has been refurbished and as far as I can tell is now used by the shooting community , I have even head it mentioned that it can be rented as a holiday let but can find no evidence of this 

Lunch was had sitting by the ruins, just sitting there taking in the views is priceless, all very relaxing, and to be honest we both could have quite easily had a snooze, the sky was clear and the sun was out and there is a sense timeless peacefulness, right here right now nothing seems to matter and its good to just sit there and breath and think nice things…………………

But we where on a mission we still had a fair way to go and sadly packed up and continued on our journey , our route (see map) took us across these timeless moors between Broadhope hill and Cold law giving us excellent timeless views of these fells then linking up with a stony shooting track we headed down towards Hawsden Burn which is nestled between Blackseat Hill and cold law till finally we met up with the small metallic road that runs alongside the Harthope burn to the small farm at Langleeford , from there we walked back along the valley bottom back to the car enjoying the views and sounds as we made our way back .

We walked about 7.02 miles with about 1365 of the up’s and downs  , most of it very easy and relaxed , the first section along the carey Burn I found tricky in places with the lose stone and granite rocks and of course the gorse bushes scratched my bare leg to ribbons but it was so worth it

A few photos from today.

Taken right at the start of the walk looking at the “old bridge “or what’s left of it

Me leading the way


Our path starts off nice and grassy but gets a bit harder further along the valley


Looking down at the Carey Burn

Again Yvonne playing with my new camera, I think that she like taking photos of my bum


Looking up the side of the valley, it’s quite steep in places


Looking back to where we more or less started


My better half

Again the Carey burn, lovley and clear


A bit further along


Looking up across the other side


Looking up my side (hope this lot doesn’t start sliding down)


Heading into the rocks, there is a well used path but it is a bit trickier


Looking down and up along the burn


Me having a well deserved sit down

Looking straight up above me ……time to move I think


Still making our way along the valley


And around the corner we find the Carey Burn waterfall

A few photos as we make our way towards it


Looking back


Local bird (sorry don’t know what type)


A bit further along and just as lovley


Slow worm


Weir (I haven’t got a clue about why or when and can’t find anything even on Goole)

Primula growing wild


Looking back

Looking towards the footbridge where we will cross over


Looking back

After a small climb we get to see this view


Me leading the way, you can just make out Broadstruther by the trees (top right)


Yvonne checking things out


The view whilst we had our lunch


Same again


Looking back at Broadstruther


Now on a shooting track looking across towards Housey Crags


Heading down

But aren’t the views just great?


Hawsen Burn


Looking along towards long / Housey /long crags


Me making a big deal out of nothing


Now walking back along the Harthope burn


Looking down the valley towards the car


The burn


Local robin


Another local bird (haven’t a clue)


Looking towards either Easter or Wester dean


Day after thoughts.

No problem with todays walk and no bad after effects, this is a brilliant walk and has so many possibilities to extend it. I know that we will be back in this area .