DATE                                    13.09.14

DISTANCE                           UNKNOWN (AND WE DONT CARE)

WEATHER                           HOT AND SUNNY


  Big Waters Country Park

I had been nosing around in the garden, looking for signs that the fat pigeon had been back ,he (the pigeon) tends to hang around the bottom of the bird feeders  looking and eating any bird seed that had fallen off the table and I like chasing him away  when Flynn came running out and said that he had heard Mick and Yvonne talking about a new place for walks, straight away fat pigeon was forgotten and I went into high speed mode straight into the house, “what this about a new walking area I barked at Mick”?  Bloody hell Bob said Mick who told you about it? Is nothing secret in this house, right sit down and I will tell you, one of Yvonne friends who has a dog and often takes hers there for a walk and was on about how nice the area was so we was thinking about going there to see for ourselves ….Right I will go and get Flynn and Munchy ready and we can go now ………err! Ok Mick replied but let us finish our coffee first, not wanting to waist a second I ran full speed out into the garden and rounded Munchy and Flynn up, come on you two we are going out for a walk in a new area, great they both barked back and we all went hurtling into the house and do what we normally do when we are going out ……….we race around like err demented dogs, ok calm down shouted Mick and give me a minute to get things sorted , sure enough one minute later Yvonne let us out and we all got into the car . And we where off.

The place we where going was known as big Waters Country Park and was only a few minutes drive from our house so it didn’t take long to get there , on letting us out  mick went into his “be good talk” and we pretended to take note but really we where waiting for the “off you go” word’s  and off we went belting along the path to the lake , being a new area for us there was lots of stuff to see and sniff and we spent the next half hour trying to sniff and see everything , not to mention stopping and cocking ours legs at everything.

Mick and Yvonne wandered along the path leading the way, we of course took in in turns in running up to them and checking that every thing was ok, we where a bit worried about Yvonne, she is by nature a bit of a hack and really doesn’t like walking and Mick was doing his best to encourage her to keep going and saying that we could sit down and rest just around the bend, Mick picked out a nice place to stop and let Yvonne rest and got our water bowl out , we of course decided that we would drink out of the lake , the water was much more taster than the tap water Mick brought along , however we did eat all the treats that Mick had packed .

The lake was quite large and had a lot of birds swimming around on it ,I of course went in for a swim along with Munchy , Flynn of course being a bit of a softy just a had a paddle just to cool down a bit after all it was a nice hot afternoon .

Sadly for all of us (well not Yvonne) there wasn’t a great deal of area to walk along about a third of the lake had a path that then just went into a boggy mess and the rest was overgrown , Mick tried all the paths trying to see if he could extend the walk but without any luck so we turned around and headed back , we met up with a few swans , mick told us not to even think about barking or chasing them as they would “kick our arses” if they wanted to , we met up with a few other dog walkers and said hello to them but other than that there wasn’t many folk around .

Mick didn’t really like this walk as he found it too small and there was a lot of road noise from the nearby main road however it is a nice pleasant area for a wander and they have done a lot of work on cutting the grass and maintaining some picnik tables ect so its worth a visit , we of course love going almost anywhere but it was a shame that we couldn’t extend it without crossing the busy road ……………something that Mick isn’t happy about.

But we had a good time and as Mick said we can always come back another day.

As normal a few photos ….enjoy

Flynn sitting down and having a listen to our conversation


Me (Bob) with Munchy waiting to go


A view from the car window ………..looks good


On our way now, it’s that overgrown we have to jump up to see the lake


A bit further along still looking at the lake


Big swans on the water, mick told us we couldn’t chase them


All that water, time for a cool down we think


Whilst we have a swim Flynn has a cooling paddle


A good spot for a sit down and rest

Big swan, it’s huge!!!


A few more


Last look as we head back to the car

Thanks for looking