DATE                                           03.11.14

DISTANCE                                 ABOUT 3.4 MILES

WEATHER                                 COOL BUT DRY

START / FINISH                        CAR PARK AT BEDLINTON


River Blyth wanders

Hi it’s Munchy again and as we haven’t done any walk reports for ages I suppose that I should start …..Where to start …….Mick hasn’t been having the best of times, somehow he managed to bugger up his one and only Knee ,he muttered something about his knee cap and Lateral collateral ligaments hurting for the last few months or so ………….he has been taking it easy and  things got so bad he even went off to see his doctor who has put him on the waiting list for a scan and told him to take it easy , but Mick was getting sick of it all and decided that he had rested things long enough and provided he took things easy and slowly things should be ok , as he put it he has to walk around anyway so he might as well get a bit of pleasure from it , we all agreed and told mick in no  uncertain terms that we would be very good when we are out  with him.

Mick I barked, how about taking us where there are lots of leaves lying around, and you know how we all love to chase them when the wind blows, Ok Munchy replied Mick give me a few minutes to think of a place and get my stuff ready , ok I barked back but whilst you are sorting your stuff out don’t forget to throw in a packet of doggy treats , we will eat them so you wont have to carry them far then I went to give Bob and Flynn the good news , come on you two I barked we are going out with Mick for a nice afternoon stroll someplace . Great they both barked back and were just about to go into there mad dog mode when they remembered that they where going to be on there best behaviour and sat by the door waiting. I felt quite proud of them at that moment, even mick seemed surprised right come on into the car he said, we tried to walk to the car we really did but the temptation was just too much and we all charged out of the door and run to the car.

Mick quickly let us in and we where off.

Where are we going I asked , I think that we will have a wander along river Blyth said Mick , you know you have walked this way before , we shall park up at Bedlington and walk along the river bank , past Humford Mill , passing Acorn Woods to where the dam is on the river , then head back cutting above the river and making our own way back to the car , there are millions of trees and there will be loads of leaves for you all to play in …….great we all barked back , there is also the river we can play in if we get to hot I said , yes agreed mick but remember its starting to cool down a bit now not like the last time you where here when it was roasting hot.

It didn’t take long for us to arrive and whilst mick was sorting his gear out we ran onto the grassy field and like good pup’s waited for him , right you lot off you go  Mick said and we didn’t need to be told twice ………..charge we went running full belt down to the river , mick slowly (very slowly ) walking behind being very carful how he placed his foot down trying not to disturb or jar his knee , it looks like its going to be a slow walk boys mick said , we didn’t care as we where having fun playing , once again there was loads of new sights and smells to explore , then when the wind blew all the leaves started moving we had great fun chasing them all over the place , Mick would call us every now and then and we would run back and normally be rewarded with a tasty treat then we would run off exploring yet again , Flynn with his brown coat seemed to disappear in the leaves and several times Mick was calling for him looking all around only to find Flynn was standing right by him , this made us laugh , poor Mick he was having a bad day , slowly we made our way up the river Blyth , there is a very good path running alongside it , not that we used it we where running in the trees or playing down in the river , but the path was easy for Mick so all was good , and to be honest we didn’t mind in the slightest that Mick was walking slow , every now and then we would pop back and check on him , Mick didn’t mind as long as we stayed in sight , we met a few other dogs out walking with there owners and said hello , we even played chase with a big dog , he was good fun and kept jumping into the river , his owner wasn’t impressed but just sighed and informed him that he would have to have a bath when he got in . After saying our goodbyes we carried on up stream towards the dam that Mick wanted to see, we met up with a photographer who was looking for some type of bird to take pictures of, we offered to help by charging into the trees and barking at the leaves as they moved, but we couldn’t see any bird, I told him about the fat pigeon back at our house but he wasn’t interested inn seeing that. we finally reached the dam, Mick took a few photos and sat down, we of course helped him by having a snack of tasty treats, then it was time to head back, we still played in the river and chased leaves around the area, Flynn kept picking up sticks and running off with them, we of course chased him and took them off him, then it was back to the car, Mick was still walking very slowly and carefully but seemed ok , then it was time to jump into the car and head for home and as luck would have it , Yvonne was busy getting our tea ready ……what timing eh!.

Naturally Yvonne gave Mick a rollicking for doing a long walk with us but he just smiled and said he was fine. After tea we all had a snooze in front of the fire before bed.

A few photos from today enjoy

Flynn having a sniff around


The boys sniffing along the path


Bob checking out river Blyth


River Blyth, still low considering all the rain we have had


Flynn about to disappear, and I’m running back to check on Mick


Looking up the river


A bit further up the river


Bob and me going in for a paddle

Looking up the river, we had fun playing here


Flynn, looking unhappy as he gets his paws wet (what a wimp!)


Time to run down to the river again


Bob running back


At the dam thingy that Mick wanted to see



Above the dam thingy


Me and Bob having a closer look at the fish run thingy


At the base of the dam


Looking downstream at some old ruin bridge thingy

Going to get a drink of water


Me licking my lips after a tasty treat


Small Robin hoping to get a few small crumbs from our treats


Heading back waiting for the leaves to start moving

A bit further along the woods


Flynn mooching around

Ranging ahead


Heading back to the river


Sniffing around for any wildlife


Heading back alongside the river


Flynn thinking that he has found something


Strange bird


Mick stopped here and put a two pence piece into the tree (he does strange things at times)


Heading towards an long forgotten quarry


Thanks for reading and hope to see you all soon .