DATE                                  16.05.15

DISTANCE                         ABOUT 6.3 MILES (BOB DID MORE)

WEATHER                         OVERCAST BUT DRY



Todays wander was going to be slightly different from my normal wanderings as I had Linda along with me, This would be the first time that Linda had been out walking with me and I really wanted things and stuff to go right, Linda had explained that she had been out with a few guided Ranger walks and was keen to see some more of the park, the only problem was where after a short discussion about distance and places things started to get  sorted , Linda had missed out of an walk with the rangers starting at Barrowburn so ……..why not go there , times and stuff (don’t ask what stuff is because I don’t know) and that was that .

The evening before I did my normal song and dance to the weather gods but I could tell that they wasn’t really interested and so I had to hope that the weather would be good.

Morning soon came around (just like it always does) and I got ready, gear was sorted and thrown into the car, Linda was ready (and on time) and I just had the rather unpleasant task of letting both Flynn and Munchy know that they wouldn’t be joining us today, it was a little bit to far for them, Bob however was raring to go and no sooner had I opened the car door and he was in waiting.

As it was Yvonne stepped up and took both Flynn and Munchy for a walk whilst we jumped in and drove off so all was well with the Pup’s.

On the drive up I explained to Linda about the route we would be taking and how we could either extend it or cut it a bit shorter if required and decided to play things by ear and see how we got on.

The first thing I noticed as we approached Barrowburn was that the hey meadows where no where near ready , don’t get me wrong they where coming along nicely but still weeks away from looking there best , unlike the meadows down in the dales that are nearing there best now . Anyway we parked up at the small but free car park at Barrowburn got our gear sorted when it sounded like the end of the world, the military where playing with there big guns today and for the rest of the day we where treated to the sound of various things going bang and whoosh and lots of other noises ……………… much for a quite walk , weather wise it was cool but dry so maybe the weather gods had took notice of my praying the night before but only time would tell.

Bob of course couldn’t wait to get going but was a bit subdued with all the bangs going on, he had been up here before when the army was playing around so I know that he would be alright once he got used to it and sure enough after a few minutes he was busy sniffing and mooching around.

Our route for the day (see map above ) would take us up the side of Lounges Knowe which offer some pretty good views looking back towards Barrowburn , from their we would head off into Kidland forest cutting down to cross over the burn past the lovley old farm house of Fairhaugh , where much to my surprise we found a team of painters busy giving the building a lick of paint , then we had the uphill plod till we joined up with “Clennell street” where I got my second surprise of the day , there was cars parked up …..Yes cars parked up, there was me busy telling Linda about how quite this area is and how we wouldn’t see a single person and so far we had been bombarded with the noise from the army playing with there big guns, nearly painted by the painters only to be met by these parked cars, it didn’t take long to see why the cars where up here as we rounded the corner we where met by the sound of many chain saws in use and what used to be a small overgrown track covered in well ……..look at the photos , it would seem that they are getting ready to start harvesting the trees round here …………… much for my quite walk eh?

Anyway we left the forest and headed down the side of Yarnspath Law towards the small unnamed waterfall on the Usway Burn where I thought it might be nice to stop for lunch, unfortunately a small herd of cattle decided to follow us part way down so that was that kicked into touch (not having a good day am I?) however once we crossed over the burn we soon found a good spot and it was lunch time.

After lunch it was up onto the farm road passing Murder Cleugh then onto the boarder cycle ride grassy path back, this path is lovley nice springy grass very easy on your feet and some tremendous views all around but it was here that I had my final surprise of the day we met up with some fellow walkers heading the opposite way and after a chat they informed us that the farm Tea shop at Barrowburn was closed for the day WHAT NO TEA ROOM!! And so ended our walk with no cup of tea, coffee or cake for that matter, I was really looking forward to it still I dare say there was a reason for it.

We walked about 6.3 miles, bob did loads more and we had about 1397 ft. of the ups and downs despite the noise, cars, ruined track, cattle no tea room I still had a good day I just hope that Linda did as well.

A few photos.

Taken at Barrowburn as we cross over the Hepden Burn


Looking towards the old school house and deer hut (which are now holiday Letts)


Looking up the Coquet valley


Nearing the top of our small climb up the side of Lounges Knowe looking back towards Barrowburn


Heading down in Kidland forest looking at Fairhaugh (its getting a new coat of paint)


On the bridge looking towards Fairhaugh


Small waterfall


Heading up, Bob waiting for us to catch up


Now joining the track Clennell street ……….look what they have done!!


It gets worse!!!

Just left Kidland forest and heading down the side of Yarnspath Law


Looking down


Bob is once again waiting for us to catch up


Cattle this could mean trouble!


Bob leading the way down to the small waterfall


Close up ….not much water flowing today


We was going to stop here for lunch but the cattle put paid to that


Looking down the burn


Above the small water fall

Looking up the Usway Valley

Looking towards the footpath that leads up the “middle” not our path today


Climbing back up the other side, look across to where we walked down


Looking towards the farm at Uswayford


Murder Cleugh, the stone said it all


Looking back up the valley


Looking across towards Lounges Knowe and the cut down area of the forest


Last look back


First sight of Barrowburn


Getting closer (shame that the tea room is closed)


Day after thoughts

Todays wander was a very slow easy walk, so I didn’t expect to wake up aching and much to my delight I didn’t ………….however I do consider it a bonus when I don’t wake up without any aches or pains so I wont get to complacent about it .

Arty leg behaved himself and didn’t cause me any problems but I did have to stop at one point and redone the leg after wiping it clean , my real knee didn’t cause any problems so that’s a good thing .but it was a very slow gentle pace and the weather stayed dry but it was a rather dull day but all in all I had a brill day and Bob dog said that he had a brill day as well ……… for Linda I just hope that she had good day