DATE                                       04.11.14

DISTANCE                             4.61 MILES (FOR MICK ) WE DID LOT'S MORE

WEATHER                             COOL BUT DRY

START / FINISH                     CRESSWELL


Along the coast with a poorly Knee

Hello it’s Bob again and its my turn to write up about our last day out with Mick, we had been out the day before with mick (see ) and to honest with you all I was a bit worried that Mick might have knacked his knee up even more, in fact I was that worried I woke up really early and decided to take a walk upstairs and see him myself rather than laying there just worrying about it , I must admit it was hard dragging myself out of my nice warm bed , but it had to be done so up I went , on entering Mick & Yvonne’s bedroom there was no sign of life other than Yvonne snoring and letting the occasional fart out , this wouldn’t do I decided to jump up on the bed and walk over to Mick , I stood on his chest and peered down into his face , HEY… Mick wake up I barked …………..err “what’s up Bob do you need out?” said Mick, no I’m fine I was just wondering how your knee is and will be able to go for a nice big walk along the coast someplace today?” Christ Bob it’s 4 in the morning how the hell would I know , I cant even think at this time but it feels a bit sore but nothing that is life threating , we will have to wait till the morning when I get up and see” ok I replied ……………..Mick must have felt a bit guilty for being sharp with me  because the next thing he said was why don’t you snuggle down on the bed for the rest of the night rather than going back downstairs , I of course had snuggled down and had no intention of getting back up but I let him think it was his idea , and so for the rest of the night I snoozed on the big bed .

The alarm went off and Yvonne saw me and wanted to know what I was doing on the bed (she is such a grump in the morning) I of course just snuggled down even more and pretended that I was asleep and couldn’t hear her , then I had a brilliant thought , Hey Yvonne ……… hack ! Why don’t you make Mick a cup of coffee and bring it up for him to drink in bed? That would be a nice treat for him wouldn’t it, much to my surprise she said that she would …………..sometime today would be nice I barked back at her (she can be a bit forgetful at times we have noticed).

“Morning Bob” said Mick as he woke up, how’s the knee? I asked “err didn’t we talk about this last night? I wont really know till I get up and get moving around”.

Munchy and Flynn came bounding upstairs and running into the room, well Bob how’s mick? they both barked, before I could answer they both jumped onto the bed and proceeded to snuggle down next to Mick, we will have to wait and see I said, Yvonne came in carrying Mick’s coffee and promptly told us all that the fat pigeon was in the garden and that was it we all jumped off the bed and went hurtling out into the garden to chase the pigeon away.

Some time later Mick appeared in the garden , we all run up to him and asked how is his knee ,” a bit sore still but if we take it easy  and slow we should be able to get out along the beach “ but first I have a few jobs to do .  Great we all barked and proceeded to run around the garden barking at anything that moved .actually we barked at anything whether it moved or not .

A bit later Mick called us in and grabbing his rucksack headed for the car, where are we going Mick? Well Bob I though that we would head up the coastline a bit and do a section of the beach near Druridge bay , I want to try walking on some soft sand dunes to see how my knee holds up then we will cut down onto the beach and walk back , how does that sound ? Great we all barked back.

It wasn’t long before the car stopped and Mick let us out , right off you all go said mick and have fun , but don’t go to far , Ok we all barked back and off we went running into the dunes , we have been here before and it didn’t take long for us to recognises various things , I run back to where Mick was slowly walking , we have been here before I said , yes I know said Mick , its where all the rabbits lived , I stopped us coming here when the rabbits caught Myxomatosis and died . I didn’t want you lot anywhere near the dead bodies, they should all be gone by now and you never know there still might be some rabbits around …..Normally a few survive, I didn’t know that! I said and now I will go tell Munchy and Flynn, but before I go are you ok? .yes “I’m fine Bob off you go”.

I of course went straight to Munchy and Flynn and told them about the rabbits, that is a shame they both agreed, but if we see any can we chase them they asked? Yes of course we can...They expect it. So for the next few hours we run along the pathways looking for rabbits, sadly we didn’t get very close to the few that we saw, but that didn’t matter we where having great fun, running, sniffing new things and play fighting, both Munchy and Flynn like to ambush me when I run past, of course I can kick there arses but its fun fighting with them.

Munchy & Flynn trying to get me in a play fight

 Me doing a high speed turn and getting them

Every now and then one of us would run back and check on mick, he seemed ok, puffing and panting a bit but otherwise ok.

After a while Mick called us back , and we all had a sit down and as normal Mick produced some treats for us to eat , “right time to head to the beach and start making our way back” said Mick , ok I barked back …….how’s the knee I asked , “a bit sore but no worse than normal” mick replied , “I think that I have jarred it a few times walking over the dunes , it should be ok once we get on the beach”  right ok Mick follow me I will pick a good easy path to get us down on the beach , and with that I scouted ahead  picking out the best path down to the beach , running back at every turn to lead Mick to the beach .

Finally we got on the beach and off we went, we all love running along the beach, chasing sea gulls, sniffing around the seaweed for tasty treats like  crab legs   to scoff before Mick can stop us and generally digging and having fun, with the tide being out there was lots of firm flat sand for mick to walk on which helped his poorly knee , as normal we met up with a few other dog’s , we stopped and said hello and wagged our tail at them , then went racing off along the beach , finally we came to where we had to leave the beach and head back to the car , I think that Mick was ready for this now as we had all noticed how much he had slowed down and how he kept stopping , not like our Mick at all.

As we jumped into the car, I asked Mick how he was feeling and all I got was “fine”, which really meant “I’m not too good” but there was nothing that I could do other than be good .but I thought that I would let Yvonne know when we got back.

On arriving back at our home I ran into the house and saw Yvonne and told her about Mick, right I will run him a nice hot bath she said, that seems to help his knee and off she went upstairs, err don’t forget its getting close to our tea time I barked at her, she smiled and told me that she had a special treat for us tonight, there had been some roast pork in gravy left over from the café so that was for our tea. GREAT!!! I barked ............mick and his knee forgotten about !

A few photos from today

Flynn sniffing a long dead rabbit        


Munchy sniffing around some rabbit holes


Me leading the way along the path


Looking into the dunes


A bit further along


Looking towards one of the ponds


Almost overgrown now


And as tall as Mick nearly


Looking back towards the beach


Munchy & Flynn thing that they have picked up a rabbits scent


Munchy and Flynn waiting with Mick whilst I scout ahead


This is the easiest way down to the beach


Running along some old ww2 tank traps


Play fighting


And again

Flynn checking up on Mick


Looking along the beach (we had it to ourselves at this point)


Looking back


Me and Flynn digging for buried treasure whilst Munchy keeps watch


Me digging in a different place


All of us digging for something (we don’t really know what we are digging for) we just like doing it


Waiting for mick to catch up as we leave the beach here to get to the car.


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