DATE                         02.10.2013

DISTANCE                UNKNOWN




Hi its Flynn and I have been informed that it’s my turn to write about our last trip out, we knew that we would be heading out someplace today as mick had left his rucksack in the kitchen from the day before.

 Why isn’t he getting stuff ready bob asked after we had our breakfast? I don’t know said Munchy, Flynn you are the oldest why don’t you go and ask Mick what the delay is, ok I replied and wandered off into the back garden where Mick was busy tidying up after the strong winds that we had the night before.

Mick I barked “what’s the delay and when are we going”, As soon as I have finished out here was the reply …shouldn’t be long now, great I go tell Bob & Munchy and so for the next thirty minutes we played and run around taking it in turn to go out into the garden and bark at Mick telling him to hurry up.

All right I’ve finished, great we barked and proceeded to run around like err!! Young pups who where excited, Mick true to his word quickly packed all the gear into his rucksack and before we knew it we where in the car driving down the road.

We knew that we wouldn’t be going far today because of the weather, cold, wet & windy, Bob and I don’t mind the weather but Munchy is a bit of a softy but we couldn’t help overhear Yvonne telling mick not to let us get cold or wet or there would be big trouble, and Mick isn’t stupid the last thing that he wants is to get into trouble with Yvonne.

Right out you get, we didn’t need telling twice, a quick look around and I could tell that we where at the Plessey woods country park, Great lets go, charge we all shouted and went belting off down the path, Mick of course cant go belting off down the path but seemed content to wander along behind us, every now and then calling us back and giving us treats for doing what we where told.

Where are we going? We asked only to be told that we could go where we wanted today as it was all doggie friendly. Great and for the next couple of hours we ran up and down the paths in and out of the woods , we went down to the river on several occasions for a paddle but didn’t go right in as it was far to cold , we met up with other dogs and played with them , the wind was very strong but as we found out if we stayed in the trees we where sheltered , we found a nice spot and stopped for dinner , mick of course shared his roast beef sarnie with us which really meant that we had the tasty roast beef and he had the bread , then it was time to carry on having a mooch around , Mick didn’t seem to mind where we went as long as we stayed in sight ……………………Then it started to rain , come on you lot shouted mick its time to get back under the trees where we would get some shelter and so we all ran under the trees . after twenty minutes or so, Mick said it looks like its in for the day, time to head back, we where a fair way from the car, I know said mick its time for you to wear your coats and so mick produced our rain coats from his ruck sack and proceeded to dress us in them, you can just have the waterproof top coat on today as you don’t need the warmer undercoat on.

I must admit I felt a bit strange and neither Bob or Munchy where happy at first but after a while things didn’t seems quite so bad as we where nice and dry where other dogs we saw looked wet and miserable, then we where back at the car, quick jump in said Mick and I will take your coats off in the dry. Sometimes mick can be quite smart.

And so ended another trip out, as normal Mick took a few photos from today enjoy.

 Entering the wooded section.

Last time we where here (in the summer this place was packed)


Me (Flynn) deciding which way we should go, so many choices.


We paddled down there in the summer.


There used to be an old quarry building built into the stone here.


Heading down to the river.


Munchy heading down to the river.


Looking up the river, so different from when we where last here.


Mick trying to take a decent photo (arty shot)


A bit further along the river.


Sniffing around.


Another river shot.


All waiting for mick to catch up.

Cutting down to the river for a paddle.


Funny rock formation.


Looking back down the river.


Me and Munchy on a footbridge.


We played here when we where young puppy’s in the summer.


Its raining and we have our coats on.


Just been told that’s its time to head back to the car.


 Thanks for looking.