Flynn was staying with us for a few days and as luck would have it Mick had a few days off work so That meant we would all be going out someplace for a days walking and all the adventures that goes with it.

Mick had finally got his metal leg fixed, but still couldn’t walk very well I think it was because he had been struggling for so long on the broken one, it would take him a while to get use to the new one, he did mention to Yvonne that he wanted to give it a day or so more before he even attempted any serious hikes which was fine by us as it meant that we could do an easy walk with him today.

Right you lot where shall we go today he asked? Anywhere we barked back at him but he is a bit dense and we knew he didn’t have a clue what we where barking at.

I know said mick lets do a bit more of the coastal path ……..what do you think? We didn’t really give a shit where we was going but barked and run around the house like idiots.

Come on Mick hurry up we barked, all right just give me two minutes to get the gear sorted and before we knew it we was jumping into the car and where off.

We had walked several sections of the coastal path before and had a great time so we really didn’t care what part we would be walking today, but once Mick  get’s an idea in his head about a different section who are we to disagree.

Any way we parked up and it was charge down through the long grass and dunes for a couple of miles or so, we had great fun on these paths, running, hiding and jumping out on each other and play fights, then mick took us down to where a small fresh water stream spills onto the beach, this was a good spot for lunch and so whilst mick sorted our food out we all had a paddle and drink.

After we scoffed our dinner down it was onto the beach, as luck would have it the tide was out so we hade a huge beach mostly to ourselves and played fetch the stick that mick kept throwing, I think mick was doing this to keep us from mooching around the seaweed looking for smelly or tasty titbits.

Again we played racing against Flynn and he won easily but I think that me and Bob are getting faster.

Then it was time to head back to the car, Mick had to put us on our leads for the last bit because we had to go near a busy road, we don’t mind going on our leads but I do wish Mick wouldn’t keep telling us to walk nice …….I mean what sort of walk can we do sometime he is an idiot.

As normal the idiot eh! I mean Mick took a few photos.

Part of the grassy area behind the dunes.

Cool water, we got to paddle in there later on.


Looks like we have run out of path.

Can you spot us we hid from mick in here?

The well used path to the beach.

Here we come belting down the pathway.

Bob trying to roll me over.

Right Bob I’m coming to get you.

Let’s have a drink and a paddle come on Flynn.

Flynn isn’t to sure if he likes the water.

Looking down the beach.

Flynn sniffing whilst we race about.

Let’s call Flynn and race him.

Right here he is let’s run.

Me (munchy) and Bob running flat out.

Flynn running flat out.

Close up.

A few photos of the beach which we had mostly to ourselves.

A few photos of us playing as we made our way back to the car.