DATE                                   14.09.11

DISTANCE                          ABOUT 2.5 MILES  

WEATHER                          DULL BUT DRY



After a rather busy day doing  stuff that I would rather have not done , we finally arrived back at our caravan at Wood Nook where we had booked up for the week ,now anyone who know me will tell you if I don’t get out for a walk I tend to get a bit cranky , well that not really true , what happens is my back starts to ache which makes me get a little bit on the grumpy(ish ) side , the best way that I have found to get rid of this ache is simply having a small walk where I get to stretch out all my leg and stump muscles then as my walking improves so does my posture and hey presto my back ache disappears and my mood improves . so after throwing a cup of coffee down my neck I informed my better half that I was going for a very small local walk ………………….Would you like to come as well dear ? I wont repeat hat her answer way as kids might get to read this , but lets just say that she was going to have a shower and make her self beautiful for when we went out later that night (I didn’t say a word) but didn’t think that I would be gone that long .

Anyway the walk, I was talking to a fellow sweatbox “er who had informed me about a cave that wasn’t too far away only the evening before so after a quick look at the map decided to go and pay it a visit, and whilst I was up there have a mooch around, I didn’t have much time as I had to get back showered and changed ready to go out that evening, however it doesn’t take me all night to get ready like some people I could name.

So off I went, off went my better half to the shower and that was that. I found the cave no problem, but I think that thy where on the generous side when they called it a cave, a bit on the disappointing side, but never mind the walk was just what the doctor ordered (or would have had I see a doc) and my back made a speedy recovery as I sorted my posture out, so alls well, had a mooch around took a couple of photos and made my way back to the van. Nothing special or out of the ordinary but pleasant none the less, and my better half still wasn’t ready ……sigh!

As normal a few photos:-

Just crossed over the Rowley Beck at the start, (no water for me to fall into today)


My path up.

A bit further along, a very nice grassy path, looking towards Cow close wood (what wood!).

A bit closer.

Looking back, it was a very well marked path with yellow way markers (not sure why)

My route ahead.

Height House (or what remains of it)

Cave scar.

Looking across towards Malham Moor.

Height Cave!

Peering inside.

Ugh sheep pooh (and smelly)

Looking out.

And again.

Now on my way back some of the locals.

Some of the limestone which this area is well know for.

Looking down towards the site t Wood Nook (I bet Yvonne is still in the shower)

Tree and Pheasant

Making my way back down.

Some more of the locals.

Not really sure if I would call it a cave , but who am I to say what"s a cave and what isnt.