Weird dreams


One of the many weird dreams that I had whilst doped up to the eye balls in hospital.

I remember waking up in a strange room not knowing where I was or who I was.

Its dark, err! Who am I? Where am I? What’s that strange noise?

Don’t panic I tell myself it will come back in a minute , breath and think , no still haven’t got a clue ,

I look around , there is a curtain around me , I am hooked up to clear tubes and covered in bandages , a machine with a red flashing light is next to me blinking, I hurt all over and ache and feel incredibly tired , something isn’t right , the noise is slowly getting louder , COME ON THINK, the first stages of panic enter my mind , I look around nothing , I look down at the floor , tiles ? Grey with a few dark blue? Ones scattered around, where have I seen these before? Think!! I can’t think panic arises and I feel frightened, one last mental push and I manage to suppress it, the noise is getting louder, what is it? I’m scared, and feel alone, I concentrate on the floor ties where have I seen these before, no nothing, I look at my body, tubes coming out of my arm, one coming out of my penis with a bag attached to it, one leg is covered with bandages, my other leg feels different sort of tingling but something is wrong but I cant think of what, I try to move the blankets to see, its incredibly hard to move I try to kick them off but nothing is happening . Panic sets in I finally move the blanket and can’t see my leg, it’s gone, I’m shocked and frightened WHATS THE HELL IS GOING ON ……..THINK.

I run various scenarios through my head; I must have been in some sort of battle, but what with???

The strange noise is getting louder and menacing, I feel very threatened and vulnerable, my head is pounding and my imagination is running away with me. I no longer care about whom I am but what put me in here, a mental image enters my doped up brain, the floor I have seen it before on a space station that was overrun by acid spitting aliens, that’s what’s happened I must be a space marine who was in a battle, yes that’s it, but why am I on my own? Where are my comrades and what’s that noise? I put my hand on the back of my head, I feel metal clips – I don’t know why the back of my head feels like it has a huge zipper running across it, come on think.

I’m a space marine who been wounded , it must have been early on in the battle other wise I wouldn’t be in a bed someplace , I must be in the hospital but where is everyone and what’s that noise ? think and act , my weapon is that around ?I look on the locker next to my bed nothing , panic sets in I try to hide under the covers but cant move the tubes are stopping me , wait what’s that strange device on the wall next to me , the noise is almost upon me now , fear gives me strength I reach out and grab it there are two buttons I cant remember how to use it or even what it is , my confused brain tells me it’s a hand held weapon a lazer gun , I point it to where the noise is coming from , there is no doubt in my mind its an alien and its on its way to get me , I must be the last survivor , fear courses through my veins , now  I know what the noise is it doesn’t frighten me so much , at least I can do something now , if only I could see where to aim at , I point it in the right direction and press one of the buttons , ……………..Nothing


, I press again nothing happens , I quickly press the other button , again nothing but an orange light blinks on , the noise speeds up heading directly towards me, I press both buttons , the orange light goes out then lights up again , shit !!!gun doesn’t work , one last press of the button just as the curtain is pulled to one side , I am seriously scared , my brain has gone into overdrive , my heart is beating incredibly fast and I feel cold and sweaty , I want to yell and scream but cant , I brace myself for something but I don’t know what .

A small hand appears followed by a nurse, who reaches out and removes the gun from my hand, relief floods through my system, “who am I? And where am I?” I ask, she smiles and replaces the “gun” on the wall hanger and reset’s the orange light.

Your mick and I’m sorry to say that you have been in an accident and are in ward nine at wansbeck hospital . And goes on to ask if she can get me anything, relief floods my system as I remember stuff again. I ask for a drink and promise not to get trigger happy with the buzzer again. She walks off smiling (thinking stupid boy) and I make a note to myself that I will not spend anymore time on the pc playing Alien Breed.

I think its time to talk with the doctor in the morning about my drugs and there side effects.