We meet the SARDA in the cheviots


Once again we caught mick and Yvonne talking about us and how its time we once again met up with some sheep out in the wilds just to see how we got on with them, well I ask you! As if we would forget!!!!! Sheep they are smelly stupid animals why should we be bothered about them, but if Mick thinks that it is a good thing to mingle with them who are we to argue. And of course it meant a day out in the hills someplace. Last time we met them it was down in the Yorkshire dales and we had a great time this time it will be someplace up in the Cheviot Hills a place that we hadnít been to yet but I know that Mick is very fond of that area, and has planes to take us walking up there when we are a bit bigger and stronger. Again using our super hearing we could hear mick and Yvonne talking , Yvonne seemed a bit concerned about the distance in the hot weather (she is a bit of a softy), but mick reassured her that we would have plenty of stops and there was several small streams to paddle in should we get to hot. So we sat and watched as they run around sorting the gear out doing their best not to let us know what they had planned , honestly sometime you humans are really stupid , we knew from the moment you talked about it , Munchy finally had enough and went into his human speak mode barked at them and told them to hurry up, so along with the gear for the day we went into the car and off we went , once again as soon as the car was moving we both settled down and went into sleep mode. We like the odd nap now and again.

We woke up only to see some huge big hills, gulp we will never get up there, donít worry said mick they are for another day as he clipped us both into our leads, he explained to us that once we had got use to the sheep all around us he would let us off, but for a while we would be kept on the leads.

One look all around us was all it took and woof / bark there was so many of these stupid sheep I couldnít help but bark at them , Yvonne was busy telling us no and mick let us know until we behaved we would stay on the leads.  But they are only sheep we replied.

Eventually we had to stop barking, I mean the stupid sheep where just carrying on as if we wasnít there. And there were lots of other things going on, new sights new smells and a whole new world waiting to be explored , come on mick let us off, but mick was having non of it , we had to behave otherwise we wouldnít get off, after sitting by a small steam watching these stupid sheep for a while we gave up trying to chase them and it was at this point mick let us off, I was tempted to run and bark at the sheep but I knew that mick would bollock us and we would be put back on a short lead so we behaved ourselves , we where pleased that we did , we had great fun running around sniffing stuff , rolling around in the grass and of course getting tasty treats off mick and Yvonne for coming when called. These humans are so easy to please at times.

We had several rest stops as we walked along the valley , each time food and water would be placed out for us , but we didnít want it we was having far to much fun to stop and eat , and if we wanted a drink there was a small stream running only meters away.

Then I noticed mick tense up and quickly put me and munchy back on our leads , he had spotted a load of dogs with there owners , we had known about them for ages ÖÖÖÖ.sometimes you human are really dense.

We approached the group only to be met by the biggest dog that we had ever seen, we both know our place and quickly went down and into submission mode only to be licked to death by this huge dog, we found out that her name was Dolly and quickly became friends, mick and Yvonne was talking to her owners and straight away realised that these dogs where something special, all these dog are specially trained SAR dogs (search and rescue dogs)  on a training day , naturally we asked to be let off our leads and off we went with our new friend Dolly. She looked after us and introduce us to the other SAR dogs and soon we where all good friends.

Mick and Yvonne sat down and where busy talking to the other human about the work these dogs do and how they are trained, whilst the dogs where busy telling us how they really trained there human, we both would love to grow up and be SAR dog but we are both just to small and we have a very important job already of looking after mick when he is out, as you might know mick had an accident some years ago and has lost his left leg and its our job to keep him safe and right. A job we are both looking forward to.

We all sat down and watched Dolly as she put on her working coat and set off with her owner to find some humans that where hiding from her, she found them very quickly and informed her owner where they where, we where impressed then she was sent off to find some more and she went bounding up this huge hillside tracking them down, the other SAR dogs couldnít wait till it was there turn, and told us its great fun.

Dolly in action.


PHOTO COURTESY OF http://www.georgeledger.co.uk/

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Any way we still had lots to do and didnít want to get in the way when they where busy training so we said our goodbyes and carried on with Mick and Yvonne along the valley, we where walking very tall and proud after being with the SAR dogs but as we are only puppies it didnít take long for us to start playing and rolling around much to micks amusement.

Eventually mick took us off the beaten path to a secret location by a pond where we would be stopping for lunch and a very well deserved break, mick and Yvonne sat down and took it easy whilst me and Munchy went exploring we had great fun, there is so much to see and do we found an very old dead sheep but it was to smelly too stay near, then we played SAR DOGS with each of us hiding in the long grass whilst the other one searched. But it was hot and both of us needed a sleep so we snuggled up to Yvonne and had a nap. Yvonne is always good to snuggle up to. And she smells nice.

After a while we both woke up and had another play then it was time for us to head back to the car, which was still miles away, mick made us stop in several places and even got us to cool off in a nice little stream, we came face to face with several sheep at one point, no one moved or made a sound, I know that both mick and Yvonne was very pleased with us when the sheep went away because we didnít bark at them. Sadly Munchy was starting to feel very tiered now, he is very young and small so Yvonne picked him up and carried him for a bit whilst he had a rest, I decided that seeing as how I was the big boy now I would scout ahead to make sure the route was safe for my owners and o I lead them back to the car. But I have to admit I was looking forward to having a nap once we where all sorted and driving back home.

We both had a fantastic day and as mick remembered his camera we have even got a few photos Öenjoy Bob and Munchy.

Looking along the river Alwin.


A bit further along, we are pleased that mick didnít want to take us up any of these hills.


We stopped here for a paddle and drink from the river.


Looking to where we stopped for lunch.


Looking back along the valley.


We had a mooch around here mick didnít mind because we had been so good.

Bob checking on mickís arty leg for leaks.


Five minute sit down for me, munchy having a roll.


Did you say treat time Yvonne?


Letís play SAR DOGS, Iíd go and hide.


Bob jumping up in the tall grass.


Munchy keeping well hidden.


Found you Munchy itís my turn to hide.


No looking whilst I hide munchy.


Ok I am counting to 100.


You will never find me in here.


Ok letís race.


Iím catching you up.


Phew! Its hot lets rest for a bit.


Puncherton Burn looks good.




Sleep time.


Letís try to climb up there.


This is high enough for today.


Bob sniffing.


Its hot lets go paddle.


This is fun, drink first then paddle.


This is fun.


Mick and Yvonne are calling time to go.


This looks good can we cross here?


A last couple of photos as we make our way back.


A brilliant day out made even better because we met the sar dogs.