DATE                          16.11.16




Wylam wander


For today wander I would be joining a small group from the walking group and having a wander along the river Tyne , not an area that I would normally head off to because as a rule I try to get away from built up areas but it’s supposed to be a nice walk so why not , it wasn’t till I actually looked at the map I realised that I had walked along a small section of this footpath when I hiked Hadrian’s wall some year ago only at the time we was rushing to get to the finish line so people could get back to the train station to catch the trains back home , so it would be nice to have a look around and just see what I missed the first time .

Any way Bob dog informed me that I needed to get out and start to socialise with other people because I was turning into a miserable grumpy old git and that some of his doggy pals would be going and he wanted to say hello to them, he also went on to remind me that when I was getting my sarnie to make sure that I got a few extra slices of roast beef for him and to pack some treats , sometimes I really do think that this dog is spoilt , however he is correct I do need to get out and chat a bit when I am out walking , as a rule I tend to spend that much time studying the ground ahead I find it difficult to chat as I walk , ( I know it’s because I can’t multi task ) but the footpaths should be level and easy so it shouldn’t be too difficult to chat as I wander along and the one thing I have just discovered is that time and distance just seems to “fly past” when your chatting about everything and nothing and generally putting the world right.

Anyway gear was sorted and off we went , naturally I had a fight with sat nav ………… times I really want to throw it out the window but seeing as I hadn’t a clue about the place I needed it , then due to a traffic crash I had to make a detour and for the next ten minutes I was treated to a “turn around when possible” grrrrrrr , however even Sat Nav soon got its act together and started to give instructions again and before I knew it I was pulling into the car park .

Introductions where made and off we went, our route for the day was basically a wander along the river Tyne to Wylam cross over the bridge, a quick stop in the pub “the boathouse” for something to drink and eat then back along the other side of the river to Newburn where we would cross back over via the bridge back to the starting point, all in all my GPS made it a little over 7 miles with practically no ups and downs.

Once again I know very little about this area so I have copied a bit from the website about this walk: - You will pass the "Tide Stone" to the right of the path

The tide stone marked the tidal limit of the river before it moved further upstream to Wylam about 1900 as a result of dredging between Newburn and Ryton. Hedwin Streams west of Newburn and opposite Ryton was the limit from at least the medieval period and this was also the boundary of the Tyne Improvement Commission's jurisdiction on the river. In the late nineteenth century the riverbed was dredged between Newburn and Ryton and because the channel gradient was then steeper further erosion resulted due to the river's increased power moving down its steeper course. The old limit is marked by a 1 meter high stone obelisk bearing three castles, the Arms of Newcastle upon Tyne and the date 1783 and is called the tide stone. It is situated on the north side of the riverside footpath about halfway between Newburn and Wylam.

 Follow the path and pass the cottage where George Stephenson was born in 1871, it's a National Trust property.

George Stephenson is known as the "Father of the Railways" having built and developed "the Blucher" the "Locomotion" and later in collaboration with his son Robert, "the ROCKET" His rail gauge of 4 feet 8.5 inches (1,435 mm), sometimes called "Stephenson gauge", is the world's standard gauge. Stephenson also developed a new safety lamp that would not explode when used near the highly flammable gasses found in the mines.

There is a picnic area near here, or the Boathouse pub is nearby and does toasted sandwiches.

Continue through the carpark, turn left, cross the bridge to the south bank of the Tyne, turn left and walk along gravel path to Newburn.  Cross the bridge and turn left, if you haven't eaten we can stop for lunch at the picnic area at Riverside Park or plan on eating in the pub.

So now you know as much as me, not much I can really  say about the walk  apart from the company was good, we was extremely lucky with the weather and despite the time of the year , the leaves on the trees put on a pretty good display of autumn colours and as normal a few photos enjoy :-

Taken at the start or the walk


Looking down the Tyne


And we are off

A few photos as we make our way along the footpath

Bob dog having a mooch around he just loves these walks

With the blue sky the Tyne has a lovley blue colour to it rather than its mankey brown

Bob Dog waiting for me , he hates to be at the back but knows that he has to keep popping back to check up on me

A few more as we make our way along

We was treated to some lovey colours today

Info sign

Time to cross over to the other bank , shag ?

Looking down the Tyne

Heading back

I'm no expert but looks like the river bank has moved

Looking ahead toward the bridge where we cross back over

Looking back towards the rowing club slipway ?

Taken on the bridge , heading back to the car park


Day after thoughts

I was surprised how quickly we did this walk, I suppose the time of the year, wet ground, air temperature all played a part after all its hard to stop and sit down on the wet ground for a rest when you might on a nice warm sunny day and of course this time of the year once you stop moving you soon start to cool off, or is it that my normal speed is that much slower when I am on my own?  Either way I was feeling pleased that I managed to keep up and didn’t hold the group up, but I think if the walk went on a mile or so further I would have started to struggle a bit.

More good news was after the drive home I hadn’t stiffened up to much and didn’t suffer that agonizing first few steps when I got out of the car, then later when I removed my Arty leg I was delighted to see that I had no red sore spots, the socket fit and liner still need a bit of tweaking but It’s getting there .