DATE                                   31.10.2013

DISTANCE                          ABOUT 6.7 MILES

WEATHER                          BRIGHT TO START WITH THEN WET



A wibbly wobbly wander @ Thrunton

Hi every one it’s my turn to write up our latest adventure , and what an adventure it was , we wasn’t expecting to get out for a full days walking because Mick had been called in to see the doctors something about the well man clinic, he had a face like a smacked arse as he went out first thing in the morning , as it was he must have been the first one seen as we had hardly settled down for a snooze when mick burst in threw the front door , That was quick said Yvonne , yep I am over weight , blood pressure is ok ,going blind , deaf,  blood is well they will be in contact when they have tested it and that’s about it . then Mick proceeded to get Yvonne to make coffee whilst he went and got his walking gear sorted, right you lot start waking up we are going out for the rest of the day, yeah we all barked back and proceeded to run around like some demented mad dogs, do you think he will pack us any tasty treats asked munchy, yeah he always does I replied, but did you see him asked Flynn who has developed a taste for the gravy covered baskets , why don’t you go and have a peek in the ruck sack I replied , good idea said Flynn and snuck up to the ruck sack and stick his nose in , yes Flynn barked he has loads of stuff in there , great I replied , we will be off just as soon as he has finished his coffee, Mick must have heard for the next minute he was saying goodbye to Yvonne and shouted for us and charge off we went , straight into the car. Pausing only to say goodbye to Yvonne.

We knew that we wouldn’t be going far today as “half the day was nearly gone “as Mick would put it ……strange it was only ten in the morning but if Mick recons half the day has gone who are we to argue? Anyway we or should I say mick soon pulled into the main car park at Thrunton , in the past Mick has always parked well away from the car park but today we where going to a different section of the woods , right said Mick as he let us out , there may be some other dogs out and about so please be good ……aren’t we always we barked back and jumped out , as it was we didn’t meet any other dogs and much to our delight we didn’t have to go on our leads as we went straight into the woods.

We love these woods there is so much to explore, lots of different sights and smells, lots of stuff to pick up and chew and lots of puddles to drink out of. Mick of course knows all this and is quit happy for us to range about as long as we don’t go out of sight, he does call us back every now and then and if we run back we get rewarded with a tasty treat.

Today we was walking in a section that none of us had been in before , Mick did tell us all about it but you know how it is one tree is the same as another we really don’t care we just want to run , play and mooch around we did have two bits of excitement the first one was when a huge deer ran out right in front of us , boy I nearly sh*t myself then it was charge let run after it , unfortunately it jumped into the undergrowth and disappeared , not even Flynn could catch up and he can run really fast , then a bit later a huge pheasant fly down right in front of us and run along the path , that was fun chasing that , it cheated in the end and flew away but not before we where all puffed out , that was fun wasn’t it said Munchy , yes I replied .

We did get shouted at from Mick at one point when we where playing close to a steep drop , come away from there said mick , Yvonne would kill me if any of you fell, we peered over the edge ..Gulp mick is right that’s a big drop lets get away quickly …………..sometimes Mick is right.

Dinner was had under the shelter from the trees , we had tasty treats then helped mick eat his cake and had the beef out of his sarnie  which was very tasty , after lunch we explored some more then as the wind picked up it started to rain , mick said that it would rain for the rest of the afternoon and suggested we start to head back to the car , we didn’t mind , Munchy was starting to feel tired now and with the ground being wet he couldn’t really lay down for a snooze so we all headed back to the car , mick looked at his GPS thingy and said that we had walked 6.7 miles , well he had we had done at least double that but with the rain lashing down it was time to head back , by the time we got back to the car we where all wet and bedraggled but once in the car mick , dried us down with the towels he kept in the back then gave us treats , we all snuggled down onto our bed and mick said that he would put the heater on so we would get nice and toasty warm very quickly . Once he started the drive home we all dropped off to sleep nice and cosy, only to be woken up when we arrived back home, and the best part was it was tea time and Yvonne had our tea waiting for us, things don’t get much better than that. after tea we all lay in front of the fire snoozing till it was bed time ………………..sometimes it hard being a young pup.

Mick took a few photos enjoy ….Bob

Taken from the car park


The boys have found someone den.

Heading down a new “red” path

At the edge of the woods looking at some whitish cows


One of the many small ponds that are dotted about these woods


A break in the trees


The forestry people have been thinning out the trees allowing light to penetrate the ground so it’s no longer dead under the trees.


Back on a forestry track, the boys waiting for me to catch up


Old wall, pre haps part of an old boundary?


Small section of other tress , makes a nice contrast


The boys leading me up another old track


Yet another old wall




Now heading up to Thrunton Crags


Part way up it’s a lot steeper than it looks plus with all the rain it’s very slippery


Looking back down


A break in the trees and the views.


Looking across towards the Cheviots pity that there is a haze today


Rain and a small rainbow

Looking towards Castle hill in the woods (not on our route today)



Walking along the crags the views are pretty good when the sun shines


 The boys mooching around, come away from there it’s a steep drop.

Ok mick we are coming

Nice view

Looking down from the crags


The other side


Side view


Last look before we move on


Now entering one of the many heather fields


If I had been quicker you would be looking at a deer that just run in front of us


Toad stalls


Old tree


Bob and Munchy




New trees have been replanted

Back at the crags again unfortunately the weather is turning wet now


One of the many  strange sandstone rocks that are dotted around these woods

The boys having a sniff


 A good spot for the boys to get a drink


 Heading back to the car.