DATE                                     27.05.06

DISTANCE                            7.5 MILES

WEATHER                            WARM & SUNNY


Wooler Common

For today’s walk we would be heading back up to the Wooler area, There was several reason for this the main one being the last time we (my better half and me) was up in this area at Carey Burn we spotted a few footpaths heading in different directions and decided that today would be a good time to explore the area a bit better. Naturally I had spent a bit of time looking at the maps trying to get some sort of route worked out , but to be honest I just wanted to get out someplace for a bit of fresh air and practise my walking ability , I have got this thing going on in my head , the more time I spent practising out in the wild the easer things would get , to a certain extent this was working plus I had this other thing going on in my head that if I did a load of walks with bits “overlapping” some of my other walks  if I get into trouble I know that if I get back to my known area things would be ok ……….I am talking about the terrain here more than anything  so I needed to build up my personnel knowledge of the National Park and all that’s in it .(Note from 10 years later on it took some years but I can honestly say that I must have explored nearly every inch of this park)

So todays walk would kill two birds with one stone so to speak, much to my surprise my better half once again agreed to join me for the day so that was it sorted . we talked about where we would go and how but to be totally honest I could have been talking about walking on the moon for all she cared, so I was a case of throw the gear into the car, naturally there would be only one rucksack and I would be carrying it so I didn’t load it up too much. Then we where off.

Parking was in the small but free car park at Wooler Common , from there gear was sorted and off we went , there was a small technical hitch when we set off and missed the footpath (not the best of starts) but we soon picked it back up further along and headed up past the small farm at Wooer common , at this stage our path was a well used farm track , I took the opportunity  to spend a bit of time fine tuning my knee  whilst we walked along this flat level track , Yvonne naturally dropped behind me and started to give my instructions like swing your arms , pick up your left shoulder etc. etc. . From there we linked up with the “hell path” and cut down to the Carey Burn, we had both walked on this section before so there weren’t any surprises for us, we stayed on this path then just before the Broadstrutter Burn we turned off onto another (not so well used) path that would lead us over the unnamed hill (part of the Great Moor?) across a couple of small unnamed burns and if all went well lead us to the small farm? Commonburn House. What we didn’t expect was for the path to totally disappear part way up the hill and so we made our way the best we could, it wasn’t till we got to the top and peered over the top we could see the farm and adjust our route, unfortunately this meant climbing over a few fences and crossing a few small water filled burns , but the sun was out and it was a lovley day so it didn’t really matter , in fact if the truth was known it did me good and I got a bit of practise in doing things that I normally wouldn’t do  so all was good .

Eventually we got back on the path (that reappeared near the farm) and decided as the sun was out and it was such a nice day decided to have a ten minute snooze which promptly turned into an hour or so, then it was up gear sorted and back on the farm track that headed straight back to where we where parked up some miles away, The track eventually turned into a small metallic road as we approached Wooler but it was a joy to walk along, the views where tremendous in all directions , the lambs where playing in the fields and we just had an nice easy walk back . We walked about 7.5 miles most of it easy and with having a snooze stop we both had no tiredness problems

A few photos

Looking back at the small farm at Wooler common


Me striding off in front (like I know where I am going)


Looking up at Watch Hill


Looking down at where we should have been at this point


Some local Cows


Looking back at the farm


Cutting across the moor

Fist sighting of the valley of the Carey Burn


A bit closer


Heading down the “hell Path”


The views start to open up a bit


Taken at max zoom looking at the ruin of Broadstruther


Still heading down


The Carey burn


Our path follows the burn over the footbridge


Little duck rushing to catch up with mum duck


Slow worm (look carefully)


Me leading the way, Yvonne is busy telling me to sort my walking gait out


Heading across part of the great Moor, unnamed? Crags


Looking back towards the trees at Broadstrutter, with Hedgehope in the far background


Looking towards a distant Coldburn hill


Me about to try to get over a stile (without any dramas)


One of the small unnamed burns we had to cross


Another burn to cross


Last one, made it without getting wet


Now on the farm track heading back the views


Looking down at the small farm house? Bell’s Valley


Looking towards the wood at wooler common burn


Looking back at the small hill we just came down


Old ruin


Looks like they have been busy cutting trees down


Another ruin


Good place for a coffee break

Easy walking path


Mum and youngsters in the field making the most of the good weather


Slightly squashed adder snake

Day after thoughts:

Didn’t have any problems with my stump or  arty leg and even managed to do a bit of fine tuning so all is well, getting across the small burns proved to be interesting simply because if I got Arty leg wet it would have died on me which would have been fun but it was good practise . I managed to learn about a small area that I knew nothing about so I now know that I can walk in that area and extend it at a later date , and it was a good day out in a lovley area with lovley weather yep a good day .


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