DATE                                  23.12.11 

DISTANCE                    ABOUT 7 1/2 MILES

WEATHER                       COLD AND GREY


For Some strange reason I have to pop up to windy Gyle at least twice each year , in the warmer months I normally do a much longer route , but in the colder damper months I tend to get up there and back again by one of the shorter routes . today’s walk was going to be by a shorter route not only because the weather was wet and generally miserable but I was going out that night, and even though I wasn’t really looking forward to going out the last thing I wanted to be was dead on my feet (or should I say foot ) later that night .

As it turned out it was a good choice because the wind really picked up and I got pelted by hailstones once I was up at windy Gyle, and as everyone knows there is next to no shelter up there I had no choice but to grin and bear it .

My route was park up at the Rowhope turn off and straight up the Street (stopping many time to get my breath) from there I would pick up the Pennine way and stay on the footpath all the way up to windy Gyle from there cut back down the shortest way which is along a well-defined track that takes you all the way down to the ford at the Trows, then it’s just a short walk back down the road to where the car is , not the best way down but certainly the shortest . Anyway look at the map above.

As per normal a few photos …………enjoy

Taken from where I parked up looking at the river Coquet 

Just starting up Hindside Know looking back at the car

Looking down towards Carshope

Looking back along the Street

Looking down at the Rowhope burn

My route along the Street

Looking ahead towards Windy Gyle , you cant see it just yet

Now on the Pennine way , there are a few wet / boggy bits to get across

Now on a section known as windy rig , I have left the Pennine way and crossed over into scotland as the path isnt so bad and its a bit more sheltered out of the wind

Rain clouds on the far hills

Looking back at my route

Russells cairn at Windy Gyle

A bit closer

Taken from inside the wind break looking along the pennine way ,I wont be heading along there today

Coffee time , i forgot my cup so I am using the plastic beaker that comes with the jet boil

With the weather closing in I am heading straight down to the Coquet valley by the shortest route


For a short way its is flaged

My way down and straight into some mucky weather

Hailstones and with the strong winds they sting

The Hailstones have stopped but the weather is pants

My route down , as you drop down lower the path gets easy and firm no more boggy bits

Still heading down , but the path is getting better all the time

The farm at Trows

The crossing at the Trows Burn , now its a short walk back along the track back to the car

A very wet short walk but still very enjoyable .


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