DATE                                           25.07.12

DISTANCE                                 13.14 MILES

WEATHER                                 BRIGHT AND SUNNY


Today’s walk was going to back in my old stomping ground in the Cheviots; I didn’t have enough time to get across to the lakes due to one reason or another, but I didn’t want to waste a good day so it had to be local, by pure chance my old walking partner is taking a group of fellow walkers on a route up that way and I said that I would check out what it was like, I think that some of them are from that Yorkshire area or some other very suspect part of the country so I thought that I would do the nice thing and find out if there was any blood thirsty cattle roaming the lower hill , or if the border fence had been breached and was being over run Scots type people and even what the ground was like , we have been having our normal wet summer for some time and it can get a bit wet and boggy in places so that was it , I will call it my good deed for the day walk.

Once my walking partner the old Cheviot Stroller got wind of this she did what she is very good at and took the day off work to join me.

Whilst I am on about yvonne or Cheviot Stroller I have to inform you all now that she has changed her name again and from now on will be known as Carey Burn or CB I think this has something to do with her recent appearance on crime watch on late night telly but that could be just a coincidence any way from now on she will be known as Carey Burn or CB (that is until she gets picked up by the local law enforcement agency and has to change her name again)

The Walk, we met up drove to the starting place which was the small car park at “the old school house” at Barrowburn and went into our normal routine, which is coffee and maps out, only today as we both good in this area we didn’t bother with the maps, naturally I had my all singing and dancing GPS with me, it was switched on but it stayed in the rucksack.

We both took advantage of the weather by having our coffee on the benches as we got our gear sorted , coffee finished , gear sorted , car locked and we are off ………………………..

Our route today would start off with a small walk along the road , which is good for me as it allows me to settle into old arty leg , then its off and up the long uphill slog along  “The street” we stay on this well used path until we meet up with the pennine way , at this point we turned  right and head up again to Windy Gyle , like all paths there is a couple of choices , in this case you can walk on the English side of the border (the main path) or jump over the fence and walk on the Scottish side , we being rebels jumped over the fence and invaded Scotland, practising our best “SEEEE YOU JIMMY” accents  as we went , well if the truth was known the voices didn’t last long as it was a long pull up and speaking for myself I was having serious trouble getting enough air into my lungs again .

I have to admit I have done this section a few times but I struggled today , not really sure why , the best reason I that I could think of was because the ground was very soft and you sank in a bit , not enough to cause any concern but enough to make it hard work .

Anyway sometime later we finally reached Windy Gyle and stopped for lunch (a bit late) and a few photos, then we where off again, still on the pennine way, which is flagged on this section, now I don’t really like walking on this but today it certainly speeded our pace a bit and all to soon we came to our turn off, I believe that it is still part of Clennell street which would (if you stayed on it take you all the way back to Alwinton) however after a short distance we left this track to enter the woods to head down to Davidson’s  Linn , now this path used to be a nightmare , wet boggy and almost impassable , however those nice ranger people had done a lot of work on this path and I have to say it was a pure joy to walk along , making good time we quickly reached the Linn and once again photos where taken from there we stayed on this repaired path /track until we had to leave it to enter the forest via an very old and waterlogged and overgrown path , we decided to go back onto the track and see if it was possible to by pass this section but after half a mile or so it wasn’t  possible so back to the overgrown path it was . The only good bit was we came across a few (3?) deer and even managed to catch them on camera before they disappeared alough one did just sink down and stayed still , may be a young one , we was too far away to see properly so we left it alone and headed back , once on the overgrown wet boggy path it wasn’t as bad as it looked and we soon burst out of the woods at just down from Uswayford where we would join a good track back , but first we had Usway burn to cross , I did this by simply wading through then emptying out my boots on the other side , how ever I sent CB along a path on the other side of the burn to cross over via a wooden bridge , two reasons for this one she had to see if she was happy to go that way it a very narrow path along side the river with a bit of a drop involved if you slip , and because of the Chamber it isn’t suitable for me and old arty leg to walk along , so this way we sussed out both routes , but the riverside path is the best way .

Onwards along the track till just past Murder Cleugh then onto the border county ride path back.

Now this path is one of the best I think, you are on the home straight after a good days walking, its easy soft but firm grass the views for being relatively low are outstanding, then just as you start on the final decent of the day the Coquet valley appears before you and what a sight that is, ten minutes later you are at the farm at Barrowburn, with it ever welcome tea room. A good and proper way to finish the day. however because we had a late start we had to forgo the tea room as it was shut, but being experienced walker that we are, as soon as we got to the car the jet boil came out and coffee and the last of our sweets where eaten, all in a good day and nothing for C B to be concerned about when she leads her walk.

As per normal a few photos ……….enjoy

First one taken at the start of the walk looking towards “the street”.

Starting the long slow climb up, looking back down.

Looking across to Rowhope.

Looking back down along our route.

Beef stand Hill.

First sighting of a very distant windy Gyle.

Taken on max zoom.

Approaching windy Rigg.

I don’t know anyone who could get a vehicle up here.

Looking over to the Scottish side of the border.

Russell’s cairn at windy Gyle.

Yeah!!!!!! And we don’t care how stupid we look.

Heading further along the Pennine way.

Looking back up and now on a section of the flagged path.

Time to head into the woods.

First sighting of Davidson’s Linn.

Standing on top looking down.

A few photos.

  Yvonne ,staying on top.


Looking down the valley.

Looking up the valley.

Last look as we leave this area.



Clay burn (easy to cross)

Clay burn and the Usway burn, I had to wade across here, it’s about 8” deep.

Looking back at the path out of the woods.

Looking back down.

Yvonne on the other side of the burn.

Back on the track now looking down at a much bigger Usway Burn.

Looking back at the farm at Uswayford.

Kidlandlee forest and a distant Shillhope law.

Now on Barrow law looking back at a distant Uswayford.

Same again but a bit further along.

Fist view of the Coquet Valley.

Getting closer and showing the farm and tea room.

At the farm looking up towards Lounges Knowe.

Last look down the valley as we walk to the car.


13.14 miles with a bit of ups and downs (can’t remember how much) a lovely walk in a forgotten part of the country.


Day after thoughts.

I was really surprised that when I woke up this morning I didn’t ache at all. I can’t think why, like wise I don’t really know why it was such hard work getting up to windy Gyle. Yep life is strange at times.

The only other thing that springs to mind is how unused the paths on and around Davidson’s Linn was , by this time next year the path from the Linn through the woods will all but have gone for good . a sad day I think.