DATE                                                29.09.11

DISTANCE                                       9.25 MILES

WEATHER                                       BRIGHT & SUNNY



Todayís walk was going to be a serious test for me, I had to cut right down on my walking due to a knackered ankle, and I had given it time to sort itself out, it felt ok for normal day to day stuff but I still havenít convinced myself that it was back to normal and the only way I would find out was to have a good walk and see if it behaves.

However not even Iím that stupid to try it out on really rough terrain straight away , so what I wanted was nice easy away from it all paths and it just so happens I know one that suited me , easy walking, some shelter from strong winds if required , views that will open your eyes up, away from the madding crowd (yes I know that Iím anti-social) lots of wimp out paths back and I could extend the walk or cut it sort all depending on how my ankle behaved .

The plan was a nice early start, a full days walking with lots of stops, distance didnít really matter at this stage it was just to see how the ankle held up but I wanted a full day on it.

I explained to my better half roughly where I was going and left a map on the pc so if the crap hit the fan at least she would have a good idea where I should be, but I didnít expect any trouble. After all this was a sort walk for medical research (mine) as always I packed lots of extra gear ďjust in caseĒ so that was it all sorted.

I couldnít have picked a better day, bright & sunny with a hint of a cooling breeze (just enough to keep the midges at bay)

In the end I had a very good days walking no real problems did about nine & quarter miles (see map above for route)

As per normal a few photos enjoy.

Looking along the river Alwin.

A bit further along the valley.

I think a buzzard but not really sure, I know that the crows where really kicking off about it.

Looking towards Inner Hill and the side of Puncherton Hill.

Old long forgotten sheep stell, long before the forest was planted this area used to be farmed.

The views ahead , most of my walk this morning is along forestry tracks , easy walking.

Now entering the forest to cut around the White Burn, there is places further along where I have to paddle across.

Looking uptowards Nettlehope Hill.

Coming up to another ford , its not that deep so I can paddle straight across without getting my feet wet.

A bit further along the trail, I have to say it really is turning into a lovley walk and so far the ankle is ok.

Lots of trees .

I was hopeing that I might have seen some deer today , the reason I didnt was because they had been busy harvesting .

Looks like they have been busy , on the good side it means that more of this forest will now be opened up with more tracks ect to walk along.

Now at the House at Whiteburnshank or should i say the "garden area", I belive that this is a sort of outdoor pursuit centre type place and can be rented out , but I have never seen anyone when i have passed by , but its a good place to stop for lunch.

Looking back down the track I walked along earler.

Another view from the garden.

Time to start again , same view just further away.

Last look back at Whiteburnshank.

A few views as I make my way along to Clennell Street .

Some of the locals.

Looking across to the far side of Kidland forest.

On Clennell Street , nice easy walking.

Looking back.

Looking over the top down at the river Alwin.

A bit further along still looking donw towards the river Alwin.

Same again.

Nearly back at the car last look at the river Alwin.

Day after thoughts.

A really good days walk , just what I needed , I was  stiff and sore fist thing but I suppose that was to be expected after a long lay off , but I had no worries about my ankle which is a good thing as it means that I can start getting out into the hills again. 

As for my arty leg and the amputee side of things no problems whats so ever , which is another good thing .