DATE                            SOMETIME ,08 2010

DISTANCE                    5.4 MILES

WEATHER                    BRIGHT AND SUNNY




Mam Tor & Lose Hill

Today was going to be a belta of a walk , I had read and heard so much about this place from various walking forums it had to be on my must do list . I knew height wise and distance wise it wasn’t going to be anything to get excited about but I just wanted to say …..Yes I have been up there, I guess it’s because so many other people had been there and written about it I just wanted to join that club.

We decided an early start would be the order of the day, but as we where on a mini holiday it really wasn’t that early when we finally set off. We had a bit of trouble finding some place to park as Castleton was chock a block full despite the car parking fees , in the end some kind person suggested we might get lucky if we went up to the small car park at Windy Knoll. As it was we just about made it there before that filled up. This of course meant that there would be a change of route not that really mattered, after a quick look at the map it seemed that we had almost picked the best starting place, well the wife thought so as it cut a mile or so of uphill walking off and so our route for the day was to leave the car park at Windy Knoll (without getting run over) then straight on the main path up to Mam tor , like I had already mentioned we had gained a lot of height already curtsey of the car so it was a very quick walk to the top , what I didn’t expect was  the amount of folk out , yes I know it was a nice day but there was zillions of folk out and the second thing was the state of the path , it was brilliant , I can honestly say it was better than what was put down in my local town , it seemed really strange walking on such a good path on top of a hill but I suppose with all the people around it is necessary , after a few photos it was a case of following the path , trying not to get caught up with all the crowds to Hollins Cross  then staying on the ridge path to Back Tor from there it was onto Lose Hill after a quick bite to eat and a well deserved drink it was time to head back , we decided to head down the hill a bit and link up with another path that run in parallel to the ridge path , this had the advantage of missing some of the crowds and was a different way back , this path took us through Brockett Booth Plantation , then Baker bank back to Hollins Cross then we took a different path that took us round the back of Mam Torr and back to the car .

WE did about 5.4 miles , taking in some brilliant views , but I have to say I don’t know if the good weather brought out all the people or if it was always as busy as this but I certainly don’t like all the crowds ….maybe I am getting a right old miserable git .

Just to finish the walk in a correct and fitting way on our drive back through Castleton we spotted an empty roadside (free) parking space just outside a café and so after a nifty bit of free parking we treated our self to a cream tea.

A few photos from today

Looking towards Winnats Pass (I think) whatever it’s called it look very impressive


Heading out from the car park looking towards an old mine


Heading up towards Mam Tor (it’s a bit steep in places)


Looking down towards another old mine (sorry don’t know its name) this area is riddled with them and caves


Looking up to the summit


Just look at the path that has been laid down its better than my local high street


Looking back along our route.


Looking along our route for today Taken at max zoom


The trig point at Mam tor 517 meters (just look at all the people)


Looking down towards a distant Castleton


Looking towards an old quarry


Yvonne (note she is carrying her own rucksack)


Looking back and up

Looking down towards the old broken road


Close up


Don’t know where I am now, looking back


Re-joining the crowds heading up to Hollins Cross


Looking back along the ridge line, I have to say that it is very impressive


Looking back at what seemed to be a footpath meeting point


Taken at max zoom looking at Pereril Castle above Castleton


Looking back along the route


First sighting of Back Tor


A bit closer


Again looking back, in this position you start to get an impression of the size of the place


Gone now the fancy footpath, its back to rough ground


My better half, look she is still happy (very rare when she knows that there is some uphill coming)


And up we go


Part way up looking back (really catching my breath)


It is a bit steep in places


Near the top


Having a breather, looking back along our route


Made it now heading towards Lose Hill


And up we go


Looking back


At the summit looking down towards the old ruin and Castleton


Heading back past Brockett Booth plantation

About to re-join the main path again


Looking down at the “old road” not really sure what the story is with this


Back on the lower section of Mm Tor looking back


Back on the fancy footpath (note the look on Yvonne’s face)


We decide to cut round the back of Mam Torr


Some of the locals


In Castleton having a well deserved cream tea looking at the old castle


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