DATE                            19.03.2010

DISTANCE                     5.6 MILES

WEATHER                     COLD BUT BRIGHT



Back to the tees

Todays walk was going to be one that we have done several times in the past and would need no maps ,Gps or anything like that …we (my wife and I) where going back to the river tee’s , we try to get down this way a least a couple of times a year , normally once in the warmer summer months and once when it’s a lot colder , both have there advantages in the warmer months it a pleasure just strolling along the river , stopping and taking it easy whenever you want , where as in the winter there tends to be a lot more water flowing over the falls but either way its always a good day out .

I have been coming down here ever since I lost my leg and find it a good way of checking how I am doing; when I first started it took all day to get from the car park at Bowlees to low force where I literally fell down exhausted and dreaded the small walk back to the car park then we drove up to the car park for High force  but over the years things have improved and now its just a distant memory  but its always a talking point and I think it’s a good reminder that no matter how bad things seem they where defiantly a lot worse . Nowadays I can walk and do walk this area ……………..but I think I does me good to be reminded not to take things for granted.

Any way we threw our gear into the car and off we, as normal we parked up in the small but free car park at Bowlees, there is a visitors centre here in what looks like an old church building but being out of season it was closed, likewise the public toilets where shut as well, something that didn’t impress my better half as she had to disappear into the bushes.

After we had got sorted off we went, our route for the day was to visit Low force, cross over the river Tee’s via the suspension bridge the link up with the Pennine way which just happens to follow the river, we would stay on the Pennine way passing High force and would only briefly leave it for a small detour to see the water fall known as Bleabeck force. Then it was a simple case of retracing our route back.

As the tea room / visitors centre was shut we had to drive up the road and stop in a local pub for much needed liquid refreshment and tasty treats, distance wise about 5.6 miles with very little of the up and downs but today wasn’t about distance it was about having a good time out in the fresh air redoing a walk that we both love, then just to make things even better it snowed on our way home, fortunately the snow stopped on the higher fells so we wasn’t bothered with the white stuff at home .

As normal a few photos from today enjoy:

Taken from the car park looking up Bow Lee Beck


Low Force

My better half Yvonne on the suspension bridge


A very rare photo of me.


Stone sheep on the Pennine way

A different view of Low Force


Low force again


Something to put you off your food


Looking back at low force


Looking up the river Tee’s


A few more random photos as we make our way along the river.


Looking back, this is the only bit of uphill we do today, all very easy walking.


 High Force


A bit closer


Peering past some trees


Now looking down High force




Heading up along the Pennine way to our next waterfall

The quarry on the other bank lets us know that we are nearly there.


Bleabeck force

A couple more photos as we get closer


My better half having a well deserved sit down with the quarry in the background.


Heading back now a couple more of High Force

A few old snow patches on the distant hills.


The Tee’s


Looking up towards Howick scars


Ducks taking it easy

The Tee’s


A small section where the river splits up for a hundred meters or so.


Looking down stream


Approaching Low Force


Low force


Some one having fun


Thank you.


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