DATE                                       01,05.05

DISTANCE                             6.55 MILES

WEATHER                             WET


Wet Ingram

I felt incredible good about things and stuff after my last test walk up at Thrunton woods so today I thought why not push the limits a tiny bit more ……………nothing that excessive but up everything just a little bit .

After a chat with my better half we both thought that it would be nice to go back to Ingram Valley and have a wander around there, I had several routes stored away in my head, I was after a bit more distance, a bit of uphill and downhill with some nice views and if possible different types of surface to walk along from metallic road, grass, stony track, boggy …..You get the idea a bit of every thing thrown in including sheep pooh if that’s was in the way.

I once again took a lot of care with the placing of the foam patches and tegaderm’s, I haven’t been using them when I am doing normal stuff i.e. around the house and work but I think it will be some time before I dare stop using them when I am going out walking . the trouble is my stump  is constantly changing shape and size and the pressure points seem to move with it , not much but enough to cause a bit of concern but hopefully that will all stop once I settle down and things stabilize when will that be I keep asking and all I get is every one is different but about a year ……………bloody hell I will be round the bend by the time a year is up still there is nothing I can do about it so lets concentrate on what I can improve on and that is the purpose of todays wander plus I really love getting out into the wilds .

Gear was sorted and off we went, the one thing that I didn’t check was the weather, it was dull and grey where we live but up in the hills is was very dark and wet.

Naturally the heavens decided to open up just as we arrived at Hartside Farm, so we spent the next ten minutes sitting like a couple of wimps waiting for the rain to stop (so much for being hardened walkers) and after a few comment like “look its getting a bit brighter up there” or “this will pass in a minute” we convinced ourselves that it would stop. Now all we had to do was convince the weather gods to make it stop raining ……………some one must have been listening because it did stop.

Gear was sorted and off we went not wasting a second, the route that I had planned for today was:-

Down from Hartside farm , over the river Breamish to the farm at Alnhammoor from there crossing over a rather swollen Cobden burn then a short but steep uphill bit that really had my lungs working to the old building at Chester’s which is I believe used as a scout adventure hut or something , however it looked as if it hadn’t been used for years however I could be wrong about that , from there we headed across a very wet and boggy section of land towards the Chester Burn that didn’t have a bridge and was flowing well above its normal level and caused us both to get very wet legs , then with much puffing it was up to Ewe hill then a long  downhill section to the road where we would walk along it back to Hartside and hopefully the car .

We had hardly got started when the rain came back with a vengeance, it was that heavy we both thought that it couldn’t last for that long ……………….we where wrong, the heavens opened up and it kept poring down almost all the way round it only stopped as we finally sloshed our way back to the car, we where both soaked, our walking coats which had been sadly neglected kept the water out for all of twenty second s or so before they failed miserably.

So a few lessons where learnt today, firstly take more notice of the weather forecast especially the local one

Time to get some nix wax wash in waterproofing stuff for our walking coats and if that doesn’t work get some new good quality walking coats.

Time to seriously look at the rest of our walking cloths and maybe spend some of my hard earned dosh on some decent light weight (waterproof?) clothing...

Pack a towel (in a dry bag)

Take some time to study the route on a map so there are no surprises like a burn in full flow with no bridge.

Now down to the serious stuff,

I got that wet water soaked through all the dressings and got into my socket, either washing away the anti chaff cream or making it useless, the tegaderm’s came off as did the foam which left them in a snotty mess doing no good what’s so ever, my stump was wet and I couldn’t dry it properly so I couldn’t reapply them (lesson here keep a towel in the rucksack).

The planned slow careful walk turned into a head down keep plodding walk, where I didn’t or couldn’t concentrate on keeping a good style or gait but on the good side despite the faster pace and the fact that I lost all the protection on my stump I didn’t do any real damage, (maybe the water acted as a lubricant).

And the camera got wet and died; fortunately it dried out after a couple of day on the window sill.

A few photos before it died;

On our way to the Chester’s looking down at the river Breamish


Yep! We picked a good day for it


A bit further along and a rather wet me


My better half Yvonne


Just before the cloud came down again


Looking towards the Chester burn last photo as the camera and water don’t seem to mix to well

Day after thoughts.

We got wet there was no other way to describe this walk, the fact that the rain stopped us from sitting down and resting made what should have been a nice easy fun day into a long slog , my shoulder was aching likewise my leg calf  muscle was screaming at me every time I stood still .

On arriving back home and sorting my arty leg out, my stump was red and sore but the skin wasn’t broken so that was something to be happy about , it was quite a fast pace we set so I expected to have a few aches and pains but after a hot bath and an early night I woke up feeling a bit stiff and sore but nothing to be worried about but I think the most important lesson learnt from this is WE NEED MUCH BETTER WALKING GEAR if we are going to carry on going into the hills.

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