DATE                                  09.06.2014

DISTANCE                        7.7 MILES (WE DID MORE )

WEATHER                        BRIGHT AND SUNNY PHEW IT WAS HOT !!!




Mick was feeling sad, he had been away all weekend visiting his very poorly mum and dad, and hated the fact that there was nothing he could do, like wise he really hated the fact that it was a very long drive and that we didn’t live closer so we could pop round any time.

Why don’t you go and try to cheer him up said Flynn and Munchy, why not I replied, I did one of my famous leaps onto the settee and plonked myself on his lap , Mick almost automatically gave my head a rub and asked what’s up Bob , Look Mick we hate it when you are feeling down why don’t you throw some gear into a rucksack and head off down to the beach for the day , we all think that you need some fresh air and the walk will do you the world of good rather than just sitting here feeling down in the dumps . Mick sighed and said I guess you are right , give me ten minutes to sort the gear out and then well be off , Great I barked back I let the others know and went bounding out into the back garden where they where busy playing let chase the birds off the bird feeders , Hey guy I barked Mick is sorting the gear out and then we will be off to the beach for the day , Great they both replied , now listen you two lets be on our best behaviour getting into the car , NO chasing any cats that happen to be in the street when we go to get into the car , yeah we  will be really good both Flynn and Munchy replied , you better be I said the last thing we want to do is make Mick cross with us ……………….today .

Sure enough Mick appeared at the door with his rucksack and called us, come on you lot “lets go” charge we all replied and raced out the door and straight into the car. Do you think Mick remembered to pack some tasty treats asked Munchy yes I’m sure he did I replied feeling very confident ………….What about water asked Munchy Yes he packed that as well , now shut up  with your stupid questions.

It didn’t take long to get where we where going and as soon as Mick opened the door we where off, we have been here many times but love it no the less, Mick had parked up at Cresswell and today he told us that we would walk along the beach then cut into the dunes for a bit then get on the coastal path till we got right up to Druridge where we would cut down and walk all the way back along the beach , Great we all barked and off we went , there is loads to see and smell around here , not to mention  chase , I love to chase the sea gulls , they are all over the place and there is nothing I like more than running into the middle of them and making them fly , its great , Flynn and Munchy like looking for rabbits and trying to race them , sometimes we meet up with other dogs and will play with them ,like today we met up with two young  dogs and spent ages running and playing .

Munchy found a dead crab on the beach and decided to eat it, he was sick a bit later “that will teach you” I said ………….Yeah I wont do that again he replied, there was loads of old really smelly sea weed washed up on one bit of the beach, we all wanted to roll around in it and get really smelly but Mick told us No and because we where on our best behaviour we didn’t.

Mick called for a stop and sit down by a small fresh water stream so we could paddle and get a drink if we wanted as it was starting to get hot. He also produced some tasty food from the rucksack as well as a dish of clean water, and for the next ten minutes we stuffed our faces, we even helped Mick eat his cake that he brought along. after dinner we headed back to the beach and headed back, it was miles to the car but that didn’t matter as we had all afternoon, the sun was shining there was loads to see and play with and finally Mick got a smile back on his face, we don’t like it when Mick is sad so we where really happy when he brightened up. See I told you this is what you needed I said to Mick, yep I guess you are right Bob.

We spent the rest of the afternoon slowly making our way back to the car, I was a lovley day with lots to do and see, mick didn’t have his camera with him but after years of being without a phone finally spent some of his hard earned cash and got a new one, and after much swearing even managed to take a few photos using it


Straight out of the car a mad race down to the sea and a very quick stop as it is rather cold in the sea.


Looking along the beach, there are a few people around so we don’t have it all to ourselves today


Let’s play fight


Looking along the beach Flynn being very brave and nearly getting his paws wet


Me and Munchy playing


Small fishing boat


Waiting for Mick to catch up


Small fresh water run off (very nice for drinking)


Following the waters path some very interesting smells along here


Now entering the dunes, we love running and jumping out on each other here

A nice grassy spot with water for a short sit down and rest


Me (Bob) having a nice cooling drink


Flynn checking up on Micks “arty” leg ….we all takes it in turns on checking this so we can warn Mick before it breaks

Me and Munchy mooching around in the grass

Me having a nice roll around and back scratch


Munchy checking that Mick good leg isn’t getting burn in the hot sun

Looking towards the nature reserve


Now about to link up with the beach for the return leg, but first a sit down and rest


Flynn taking his job of guarding Micks leg very seriously

Me chasing birds away


Me and Munchy waiting for treats


Flynn looking miffed because we got our treats first


Munchy hoping for seconds


Me checking that Mick is ok


Walking in the dunes


Now running


Now back on the beach heading back


A good day made even better because we cheered Mick up . thanks for reading