DATE                                      30.01.13

DISTANCE                             7.8 MILES

WEATHER                            SUNNY & STORMY

START / FINISH                   CAR PARK (SEE MAP)

Waskerley way

Today’s walk is going to be another walk for the north Pennines people and there easy access walks. Becks had sent me the map and I have to admit I was rather looking forward to walking it; I had done small sections of the Waskerley way before but not this section.

There was only one problem and that was the weather forecast………..predicted strong winds and wintery showers later on in the after noon, armed with that knowledge I planned for an early start, so gear was sorted and put in the car for an early start.

Up early and off I went, about 30 minutes into the journey and I realised I didn’t have a clue where I was going and I didn’t have the small map on me that beck’s had sent ………………yep some fantastic navigator I am, however I did have an o/s map with me and after several minutes of trying to find out.

A)    Where I was in the car

B)    Where the route was

C)   How I was going to get there.

I got it sorted, well not exactly as I started at the wrong end and walked it back to front (not that it mattered)

Eventually I got to the start point and parked up, coffee was drunk and gear put on, I have to say I was impressed with the car parking and the bench seats that where scattered around along with all the signs. And off I went, lovely bright blue sky with the sun shinning, cool breeze and with the snow still laying in places it had all the makings of one of those days to be remembered.

The path or should I call it a track was man made and covered with small stones /gravel very easy to walk on, I fully expected this to slowly break down into mud and dirt as I moved away from the car park however the track stayed like this all the way to my destination at Waskerley farm (or what ever its called). And made for very easy walking.

The route that becks sent me called for a there and back again along the same route, me being me decided that I would do what I do best and add bits onto it , so that was the plan (apart from starting at the wrong end).

On reaching Waskerley farm (or was it the station) I decided to pop across and have a look at Smiddy Shaw Reservoir, not really sure why, but there you go and from there would make my way back to the car via a different route. The latter proved to be a non starter as the ground was saturated and after a couple of bootfulls of cold dirty water I gave up and headed back to the farm / station where I rejoined the Waskerley way again, I retraced my steps (not hard on this track) only venturing off it one more time where I cut across the corner (see map) and was rewarded with yet another couple of bootfulls of water.

Weather wise it proved to be a bit of a strange sort of day , fine and sunny one minute then gale force winds and heavy showers the next ………………no wonder they are all so tough living in this area if that’s the norm .

Naturally I left it to late to get back to the car and for the last mile or so the wind really made my life fun doing its best to blow me over.

I will go on and say the views that this section shows you are good, nothing spectacular with high mountains or anything but good none the less and I would recommend this section to anyone especially on a nice day and if your walking ability isn’t that good.

I think that I will be spending a bit more time walking this Waskerley way.

As normal a few photos from today’s walk.

Just out of the car park looking down the track.


Still a bit of snow lying around where it drifted


One of the many seats that are scattered along this route


Old bridge


The views, no I haven’t got a clue what I am looking at.


Some of the locals.


Another bench stop, looking back down the track.


The way ahead, very easy walking, but what’s happened to the blue sky.


Looks like its time to get my waterproofs on.


Still I am out of the wind in this section.


Again I haven’t got a clue what I am looking towards, but it really doesn’t matter.

 Still following the track.


Weather is starting to brighten up again.


This is where the track splits; I am following the right hand path.


Looking back.


Not really sure why this path is blocked up.

 Looking across to where the path swings around.


Now back out in the open again and the views start to open up, looks like its raining somewhere.


Nothing dramatic but it’s very peaceful up here.


One of the many signs that are scattered along this track.


Not a bad view eh?


Now entering a small plantation, I stopped here for lunch on my way back it was the only place that I could get out of the wind.


Old building at what I think is Waskerley farm /station.




Another small local, good job my better half want with me she would have wanted to take it home with her.


Now doing my own thing and heading towards the Smiddy Shaw Reservoir. And of course the weather decides to change again.


Yep I’m going to get wet very soon.


Heading down to the reservoir, still a bit of snow and ice lying around.


It’s very wet everywhere.


It’s cold and grey and wet, it’s a reservoir.


Looks like I have left it too late and here comes the next shower.


Its blowing a hoolie and throwing it down, I decide to head back to the farm and rejoin the Waskerley way.


Small church at the farm.


The view from the farm.


Back at Waskerley farm, not sure what this building used to be.


A few photos as I make my way back.


At this point I decide to take a short cut along a footpath, big mistake its wet, very wet and soon I am over top of my boots again.


Back on the track again, now it’s a race for me to get back to the car before the weather turns nasty.

A few more photos as I make my way back, the wind is really strong now, but at least the rain holds off.


 Day after thoughts.

I really enjoyed this walk despite not knowing where I was to start with, its very easy walking and I think that I will return and see if it possible to do more of the Waskerley way by using public transport or by sharing cars ect , it’s  pleasant that’s all I can say and I really enjoyed myself.

Because it was so easy I didn’t have any aches or pains and my stump behaved itself which again I will put down to the mostly level walking ……………………try this walk there is something peaceful and relaxing about it . thank you


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