DATE                                    30.06.15

DISTANCE                          5.98 MILES

WEATHER                         PHEW HOT !! STINKING HOT



Thrunton woods

I woke up feeling good this morning, but then why wouldn’t I? today was Mick’s day off and he had promised that he would take us all up to Thrunton woods for the day , we all love it up there and we knew that Mick had got all the gear sorted the night before  ready for a early start the next day , the only trouble was it was still very early , I had wandered into the Bed room and jumped up onto the bed and woke both Mick and Yvonne up only to be told that it was far to early and to go back to bed , in fact Micks words where “sod off Flynn its only five in the morning” , Yvonne of course mumbled something and went back to snoring her head off.

Bob and Munchy had been woken up by the noise and was busy having a sneaky giggle about the fact I had been told off but I noted that they both snuggled back down in there beds and went back to sleep.

Feeling rather stupid I decided to have a wander downstairs and have a look in the treat bowl, normally there are some tasty treats left in the bowl and to be honest I felt a bit peckish, as luck would have it there was two treats left, I quickly woofed these down and felt rather smug as there wouldn’t be any for Bob and Munchy, walking back to bed I gave both Bob and Munchy that I know something that you don’t know look and snuggled down for a couple of hours sleep.

Eventually morning arrived and it was time for us all to get up, Both Mick and Yvonne made a fuss of me when I went in to see them so all was well and I had been forgiven for waking them up early.

Of course both Bob & Munchy kept taking the micky out of me for waking everyone up at silly o’clock but that didn’t matter as I was still feeling smug about eating the last two treats .

Mick let us out into the garden , and we all run out hoping that the cat was somewhere around , you cant beat chasing the cat to get you in a good mood first thing , sadly there was no cats about and the fat pidgins had flow away when the door was opened .

Mick came out with his coffee and informed us that it was going to be a hot day , we of course knew that already and informed us that we would take extra water just in case . That’s fine Mick I replied just don’t forget to get the extra roast beef slices for us when you get your sarnie ……………Mick wandered off muttering something about spoilt dogs costing him a fortune .

Breakfast and treats where quickly eaten and it was charge into the car, Mick put the cool air thingy on and we where off with just one stop at the sarnie shop.

It didn’t take long to get to Thrunton woods, Mick parked up by the Coe Burn and informed us that we would stick close to the burn so we could all paddle and cool down if we wanted to, great we all barked back LETS GO…………………..

Mick duly opened the door and we where off straight into the trees following the well used path by the Burn , Mick did shout at us not to go to mad and run about so much as it really was hot but naturally we didn’t take any notice , we ran , sniffed, had play fights and raced around some more , Mick called us back and put some water into the bowl that he carried , boy was I thirsty , I noticed that Bob and Munchy had a big drink as well , come on said Mick lets go and have a cooling paddle in he Burn ,………….that was a good idea , it was nice and cool on our paws and by going into the deep bit we all cooled down nicely , even I went in and as you all know I don’t really like getting wet , we followed the burn along stopping for a paddle and a drink at various places , then the small breeze stopped it got hotter instantly but with no breeze all the midges and fly’s came out to torment us , Mick was being eaten alive , and to be honest they (the fly’s) where really starting to annoy us , so Mick made the suggestion why don’t we climb up on to the crags where there should be a breeze and keep the fly’s away , Yes we barked lets go , the climb up onto Coe crags was a bit of a struggle , we was tormented all the way up , Mick was struggling and his head had turned that funny shade of red plus he was constantly slapping his face or arms trying to knock the fly’s and midges off.

Sadly when we got to the top there was still no breeze and the fly’s where even worse, then the sun burst out from behind a cloud and boy did it turn hot, Mick found a bit of shade and got the water out again, but we couldn’t stay long as the fly’s where really making our lives a misery, come on lets walk fast said Bob and they might not be able to keep up …..and so we tried that but after ten minutes Mick called a halt and went to see Munchy, Poor Munchy was struggling to keep up and was very hot, Mick gave him a drink and put him into his ruck sack and told us that we where going to go back into the trees just to get out of the direct sun, and so that’s where he lead us, I will admit it was nice to get out of the sun but we where still being pestered by fly’s grrrrrrrrrr.

Mick slowly lead us back down towards the burn , he wanted to get us all into the burn so we could all cool down , Munchy who was in micks rucksack with just his head sticking out said that he felt much better but was still hot , we had several stops on the way down , then just as we left the trees a breeze started to blow , this was much much better , it was still hot but the breeze help to keep us cool but best of all it kept the fly’s and midges away , we found a nice spot by the burn and charge we all ran into the burn , it was lovley , Munchy said it was the best burn in the whole world and proceeded to splash around , even Mick pored some water over his head to cool down , after  a while we all got out and had a very late dinner sitting under a shady tree , Mick of course had remembered to get extra slices of roast beef for us all , and so it felt like that we where having a feast , Mick had even remembered to bring along some of our favourite treats and so under the shady tree with the burn trickling past us we all had a well deserved rest , we had a few scares when the breeze dropped and thought that the fly’s might be coming again , but the breeze would started again and we could all rest once more . After a while Mick suggested that we start to head back , taking it nice and slow and stopping for a cooling paddle and drink when ever possible , that was a good plane and so for the rest of the afternoon that’s what we did .

Of course when we got back to the car it was red hot inside and mick had to start the engine and put the cool air machine on before we could get in.

According to Mick GPS thingy we did about 5.98 miles with 998 ft. of the ups and downs, what it doesn’t show is how much paddling and swimming we did.

When we got home Mick got told off by Yvonne for taking us out on such a hot day , then just as she finished  , Kerri came round and told him off as well ………………..Poor Mick

A few photos from today …enjoy

Just got out of the car and race into the trees

Looking down at the Coe Burn, we will spend a bit of time playing and splashing around in there later


Munchy looking for Bob and me


Looking up at the Coe Crags


Me and Munchy waiting at the footbridge


Bob and Munchy cooling there paws off in the burn


I have had a cooling paddle and have taken up the duty of lifeguard dog


By now we are being tormented by Fly’s and so we head off up to the crags, Bob of course is leading the way


Part way up, me and munchy waiting for Mick to catch up


Made it to the top, there is no wind up here but luckily the sun has gone behind a cloud


Me and Munchy walking along the path, Bob is off in front exploring


Looking down & the sun is coming out …Phew its getting hot up here


Again another view looking down


Bob & Munchy, Munchy doesn’t look to happy


We sat in the shade under that rock but the fly’s and midges found us


Me and Bob waiting


Funny looking rock Mick said its sandstone and known as eagle rock


Here come Munchy …looking very hot


Looking towards the Cheviot Hills


Bob suggest that we walk very fast towards Long crags in the distance


But it’s too hot for Munchy, and at this point gives us all a nice cooling drink under the shade of a tree and puts Munchy into his rucksack and carries him. Looking back


Old stone marker, I wasn’t sure what to do with this so I had a wee on it


Hot Bob waiting to see what direction Mick wants him to go


Into the trees we can get some shelter from the sun here if we stay in the shade


Hot Bob waiting for a drink


Heading along an old dark but cool pathway


A break in the trees


Mick doing a selfie to show Munchy

A better one, Munchy was feeling a bit better by now


Bob once again has found a good path leading down; he is waiting for Mick to show him


Into the dark woods


Me waiting to lead Mick down


Back at the burn with a breeze and no fly’s


Munchy is straight in cooling off he said it’s the best burn in the world


Bob goes straight in to join him; in fact we all go in even Mick


At another rest stop on the way back, this time its bob and me


A nice shady place to stop for dinner and no pesky fly’s


Me having one last paddle to cool my paws


Bob and Munchy heading back towards the car


Down we go for a last paddle and drink


Last photo as the car is just around the corner


Thanks for reading and we all hope to see you out there one day

Ps we like treats