DATE                           30.04.15

DISTANCE                  ABOUT 5.7 MILES



The undiscovered Dene


It was getting close to our afternoon walk time but as usual Mick was busy doing job’s and other boring stuff around the garden , when right out the blue he called me over and told me to round the boy’s up as it was time to get ready , I didn’t need telling twice and run off into the house to find Bob and Munchy who where busy snoozing in the front window , mick has placed  a few soft blankets in the window and we like to spend our snooze time there , it is lovley and sunny in the morning and of course we can see who is wandering past the front of our house …..And if we are really lucky we can get to bark at anyone entering our garden, we take our job of guard dogs very seriously! Even though we do get yelled at if we go on too long.

Mick came wandering in with his “summer” doggy walking bag on his shoulder , great I thought Mick only brings the bag along if we are going to be going on a big walk , in the bag he has our treats , water & bowl , pooh bags , short leads, tick removal tool and any other junk he can fit in , but we know he only brings it if we are going to be out for a long time , he was also messing around with an old phone ………………………… we all groaned we know what this means , mick will start swearing when he cant get the phone to do what he wants it to do , I decided to be brave and ask “err Mick what’s the phone for?” I asked , well Flynn he replied there is only a small space left in the walking bag and I thought it might be a good thing to keep a phone in there “just in case” and if I can suss it out I can take a few photos as well …….. “Err great” I barked back “just don’t go getting in a mood when it doesn’t work will you” I barked .of course not Flynn what sort of person do you think I am? And besides that Yvonne has shown me how to use it. I said nothing……. but experience has taught us mick and technology don’t go well together.

By this time Bob and Munchy where busy running round the settee like a couple of mad dogs, “come on Mick lets go before those two really get really hyper”  yeah lets go said Mick , two minutes later we where all settling down in the car and we where off .

On the drive Mick explained that we would be going back to the Dene because it was too windy for the beach, when the wind is strong we tend to get a lot of sand blown into our faces because we are so small so Mick tends to avoid the beaches but then he went on to say that we would be exploring some of the other tracks and foot paths we saw on our last walk down the Dene.

Great we love it down there, there is so much to see, sniff, explore and sometime there are other dogs to play with as well, and of course there is the burn to play in and get a drink from.

It didn’t take too long before Mick stopped the car and we where off , once we where well clear from the road Mick told us hat we could run and play and that was it we where off, running flat out along the dene , we met up with a few other dog’s and said hello , made friends with there owners and generally had a great time , we paddled in the burn , chased a few seagulls , went in some really stinky mud and got covered in it , Mick just sent us back in the burn to get it washed off, then we came to a new path that we hadn’t walked along before Mick told us that we could run and play but not to venture to far as he didn’t know if there was any roads or fields with cattle in , we promised that we wouldn’t  go to far and kept running back to check on Mick, and of course when we went running back to see Mick we would get rewarded with the odd treat , we like treats .

Mick was playing with the phone trying to take a few photo’s ………………….because he is such an idiot he took loads but didn’t relies that he had the phone on its side so all the photos are tall and thin duh!!!!! Why didn’t he ask?

We explored several new bits and then we came to a place called Hollywell where it meant that we had to cross over a road, as it was starting to get late and near our tea time Mick decided to head back , Mick walked about 5.7 miles but we did at least a zillion miles more .

A few photos from todays walk (Mick the idiot took them all with the camera on its side …….what a numpty)

Bob and Munchy on the footpath at the start of the walk


A bit further along


Me Flynn having a sniff around, the tide is on its way in, this stretch of the burn is tidal


Some sort of flower growing on the sandstone rock


And a few more flower thingy’s


Munchy thinking should he go in for a paddle


This is much nicer, nice clean fresh water; we had a play in here


And charge into the undergrowth


Munchy waiting for mick to cross the small bridge


Bob having a sniff around


Me and Munchy sniffing around


And even more sniffing


Looking back down the dene


Field of cattle, good job we go around this field


Nom Nom a young cow ….very tasty (we like beef)


Me waiting for mick to catch up


Time for another paddle and drink


Munchy has just seen a small fish


Drying out in the sun


Looking down the burn


Bob & Munchy waiting


Some sort of bird I think that it is a lap wing but I’m not certain


Old scary tunnel going under the “waggon way”


Looks nice and inviting


Let’s go


Looking down the burn, we like it here it’s nice and cool


Bluebell flower thingy’s


An old fallen down tree to climb on


Lots of dirt bike tracks around here, we played chase it was great fun


Heading off along a new path we haven’t been here before




More flowers marsh marigolds?


Even more!! Violets?


And bluebells ……… (Note to mick stop taking such crap photos of flowers)


Heading back now


Small waterfall, it was very slippery on these rocks


Heading back along the “flood planes”


Nice grass to run and play in


Looking towards the Harbour


Who that fat shadow monster ????