DATE                                14.03.07

DISTANCE                       ABOUT   5.5 MILES

WEATHER                      DRY BUT COOL



After my very successful day at Simonside the day before, I say successful because I returned hope in a clean but sweaty state which meant no sore spots or broken bits or other things that could affect my mobility so seeing as I had this day off why not make the most of the situation and have another day out wandering around someplace. As the time was getting on I decided there and then that I would head up to Thrunton woods and simply have a wander around that area making things and stuff (which means a route) up as I went along, so that was it breakfast was woofed down and whilst I was making a flask of coffee up, I decided that I would call in a sarnie shop on my way (to save a bit of time). gear was thrown into the ruck sack not that it needed much sorting because I have finally got into the habit of sorting the rucksack out when I get back from a trip so all I have to do is pack food and drink.

I informed my Better half where I was going and asked if she fancied joining me, but she had work and so I would be going as “billy no mates” again, however she did give me the normal talking to about not overdoing it and as a very good boy that I am I promised that I would be taking it easy and the first sign of soreness or anything like that I would head back , sadly we both know it doesn’t take much to bugger the skin up on my stump and once it damaged in any way it takes ages to heal up again and to be honest with the walk up Simonside that I did the day before I just don’t know how much or how little it would take to bugger things up , however I decided to stuff   these doom and gloom thoughts away to some tiny dusty part of my brain and just get on with things and have a great day .

So gear was thrown into the car and off I went with just one stop at the sarnie shop to get something to eat, (and shush!!! I also treated myself to a big chocolate bar but that’s just between you and me)

Weather wise it didn’t look to promising on the drive up to the woods but it got out fine yesterday so who knows it might brighten up as the day wore, but to be honest it really didn’t matter I had a full set of waterproofs packed just in case and I knew that most of the walking would be done under the trees so I didn’t have to worry about the wind.

As normal I didn’t really have a route in my head, there are of course forestry trail’s that are well way marked and dozens of other path dotted around all over the place, so I would make it up as I went along, I did want to get to Castle hill and try my luck at a few photos on one of the unnamed tarns that are situated in these woods but other than that I really didn’t care , anyway if you look up you can see the route that I did and as far as routes go ……….it’s not too bad.

Anyway getting back to the walk, I did walk that little bit slower than what I normally walk as I really didn’t want to put too much pressure on my stump, and I knew that it had taken a bit of a battering the day before even though there was no visible damage, but with plenty of stops and a nice easy pace I didn’t experience any problems.

Weather wise , it didn’t brighten up and stayed on the murky side so the views towards the Cheviot hills was limited but hey that didn’t matter I had a good day and as a very wise man said there are no bad walking days .

I walked about 5.5 Miles, with a couple of steep ups and downs but mostly on easy forestry track, and as I took my time I didn’t have any problems

As normal a few photos:

Looking back along the forestry track about five minutes into the walk


Walking along the edge of the forest


Again at the edge of the forest looking across the fields


Looking up towards Callaly crags (I think that I might head up that way)


Frog spawn (loads of it the frogs have been very busy this year)


Bird …Bullfinch?


Looking into the forest, it looks like that they are thinning the trees out


Old pond


Do I follow the track or take the path


Part way up the path looking back


Slow but steady climb up


The old trees at Castle Hill


Looking at the old quarry rock face?


More of the old trees


Peering through the trees


Not going that way today


Looking back down the footpath it’s a bit wet and slippery in places


Still climbing up


Stopping to get my breath back


Another well-deserved stop this time to look at the sandstone bolder


Starting to gain a little bit of height and the view starts to open up in places


Strange things growing on this tree


The path still heading up


And the trees start to change


Nearly at the top now


More of the funny shaped trees


The unnamed pond / tarn, I was hoping that there would be a bit more colour from the sky to make a good photo, but sadly it’s just dull and grey


Same again


The views starting to open up looking towards Simonside area


On Callaly crags


The view, pity it’s such a dull day


Looking towards Castle hill


Last one as I head back  to the car park

Day after thoughts

Once again I was over the moon that my stump didn’t show any signs of damage, yes I was a bit tired after all this was the second walk I had done in two days, but home shower and a nice meal and I was as good as new, however on getting up the next morning I did feel a bit tender around the load bearing area of my stump, nothing to get concerned about but enough to warn me, to take it easy for a day or so