DATE                                  22.09.2010

DISTANCE                         3.5 MILES

WEATHER                         COOL BUT DRY



Thrunton woods

Once again I had been stuck at work and the weather had been pretty good so I was really looking forward to getting out some place on my day off , the only problem was I had boring jobs and stuff that had to be done otherwise I would be in “big serious trouble”, strange thing was I cant remember what the jobs where, anyway I must of got up early  rattled threw them and then realised that if I stay local (ish) I could still get out for a wander someplace. That was it gear was very quickly thrown into the car, (I keep most of  it packed ready anyway) all I needed was to fill up the water bladder and a quick stop at the local sarnie shop on the way past and that was it I was off, there was a small delay at the sarnie shop as it was full of dole Waller’s spending there hard won dole money on egg & bacon butties whilst talking about the latest Jeromy Karl show  still dressed in there onesies or pyjama’s …………..all right for some eh ? I often wonder why I bother getting up and going to work , I am certain that if I took the time and trouble to learn the “welfare” system I could stay at home and still live a contented  life  and get out every day for a walk , then wandering  to the local sarnie shop for ready made hot food in my onesies or pyjama’s when I couldn’t be bothered to cook something  for myself  …………..hang on I sleep in the nude (sorry a bit to much info there) so I would have to splash out on a set of Pyjama’s …………I knew that there was a fault in my thinking .

Anyway by this time I had a very cunning plan and that was to drive up to Thrunton woods and have a wander around there someplace ………….pre haps up onto the Crags who knows? I will see how it goes when I get there.

I have been to Thrunton woods many many times and know the area quite well; in fact I have even “set up” training walks where I can practise my walking ability over different types of surface and even different types of terrine and its quite local so its very handy and it’s a nice place to go .

On arriving at the woods I still didn’t have a clue where I would go or even start and ended up parking next to the Coe burn in a small lay by next to the caravan site. Gear was sorted, a very quick cup of coffee was thrown down my neck then off I went, I decided to follow the Coe Burn rather than stick to the forestry track, due to the dry weather that we have been having the path was surprisingly dry and easy to walk along where as when its wet it can be a bit tricky in places. I really enjoy walking along this path why I don’t really know I suppose its because I can but what ever the reason it always seems to lift my mood , before I knew it I burst out of the trees and linked up with a forestry track where I could look up and see the crags , without even thinking about it something just clicked in my head and I knew that I would head up there , today I would try a different path up there , the woods are full of paths , some man made some made by bikes some by the deer , some well used some forgotten about I would make it up as I went along .

First obstacle was getting across the burn , there was a small footbridge further along the track but I was doing my own thing  and soon found a sort of crossing place , after a bit of balancing on a rather wet slippery rock I launched myself across and ………………I made it just!. From there I linked up with a muddy path that took me all the way to the top, it was tricky in places and very steep, I think that my lungs stopped working on several places so I do what I normally do when I am just about to pass out and that is ……..stop and take a photo or two. Once my lungs started working again and my head returned to its normal colour again it was time to continue once at the top and the views started to open up I knew that it was all worth it.

I had my sarnie at Coe crags and took it easy for a while (I know I’m a bit of a hack at times) then it was time to head back , I had noticed that the area electricity people had been working on the huge 400 kv pylons that run near the woods and had made a track so  there vehicles  could get near them , this opened up a bit of the woods that I haven’t seen before and on a whim I decided to see if I could link up with it and make my back following the pylons . like I have stated I know these woods quite well and very easily made my way to where I hope I could link up with there service route . with a bit of luck and some seriously luck  picking the right paths I burst out of the woods right on there service track and followed it back down to the road, now it might seem strange for most people to walk under these huge pylons that are to be honest a bit of an eye sore but it gave me the opportunity to see the Crags and woods from a different place ……and you know it was well worth it I got some lovley photos and was reminded that this forest is not all miles and miles of Christmas type trees but there are section of natural woodland , sadly I arrived back at the car all to soon but at least I managed to get out even if it was for just a quick walk about 3.5 miles with 750 FT  of the ups and downs  as normal a few photos :-


Just left the car and entering the “riverside err! Burnside path”


Looking down at the Coe burn

Looking back at the dark scary bit


Very easy path to walk along, it can get very wet and boggy in the wetter months


A bit further along the path seems to keep you on the edge of the Christmas type of trees


Looking down towards the burn


Then I burst out of the trees and re-join the forestry track and see this

Taken at max zoom Coe crags I decide that I will have lunch up there.

Crossing over the Coe burn (great fun) and I didn’t get wet


Part way up and a break in the trees


Now cutting across towards the next uphill bit


Looking back down


Still heading up, it gets very wet along here when it rains


A break in the trees and the views start to open up


A bit closer to the “top” and the views get better


The path that will take me to Coe crags (you can’t really miss it)


Nearly there then food time


Getting closer


A good place to have lunch


A few more photos while I am up here

OMG!!!!  (Who let him out?)


Last look

Now heading back looking towards the distant Simonside hills


Ok a couple more photos before I go


Now back in the dark scary woods and a toadstool (don’t know what type)


Now out of the trees and under the pylons looking towards the crags


A few more photos as I walk back under the pylons, not every ones cup of tea but hey we are all different and it gave me the opportunity to see the woods from a different place.

 Thank you .

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